Lasso that Yasso, 800’s that is.

Good Morning!  I hope your weather is as nice as ours is today because I am in heaven.  It was 71 degrees this morning when I left to run at 6:30 but the humidity and the dew point were in the low 60’s so it actually felt like 71 instead of 90, crazy isn’t it?  I would give up chocolate if we could have weather like this every day.

chocolate, yes please

Okay maybe not chocolate but broccoli, I’d give up broccoli.

Anyway, my point is it was really nice this morning and so I decided to practice some 800’s.  I’m not training for anything right now but when I am, I love incorporating Yasso 800’s into my routine.  This morning I ran them while listening to Lewis Del Mar’s Loud(y).

The weather coupled with that song make anything seem easy.

In honor of track Tuesday let’s talk about Yasso 800’s for a minute and what they are exactly.  For newbie’s or those of you who don’t run, an 800 is roughly a half mile or two laps around the track.

The premise behind the yasso 800’s is that if you want to run a 3:30 marathon then you would need to train by running 800’s in 3:30 each and jogging the same amount of time in between.  If you want to run a 4:20 marathon then you run your 800’s in 4:20 and so on.  You get the point.

You should start doing Yasso 800’s when you begin marathon training.  You start by running four 800’s and then increasing each week until you reach ten of them.

Yep, we are

Now, in my experience Yasso 800’s have not been 100% accurate for me, but that’s my experience.  I’m not a running coach or a scientist but I do like numbers and analytics and I like the theory behind the 800’s but I use them mainly for speed work because they do help me with speed.  I personally feel like for the theory to work for me I’d have to run a lot more of them for a much longer distance.

Adversely, I think it’s also really important that you don’t forget your weekly long run as well as some tempo training and a few easy runs.  With all of those things in your arsenal you should be able to nail your next race.  With that being said, I’m interested in knowing about your own experiences.

Have you run Yasso 800’s in your training and if so were they accurate for you?

What’s your weather like today?

Do you have a favorite speed work song?  What is it?

WTF Wednesday, I ain’t going back to prison man!

This morning I ran 6.25 miles with a 1 mile warm up followed by 5 yasso 800’s with a ½ mile recovery in between, and I finished up with ¾ mile cool down. I haven’t done any kind of speed work at all since I killed my butt, (see: dead butt syndrome), so I was a bit nervous about today.

I started thinking about it last night and how when I was injured it was like being in a runner’s prison. Suddenly, I started seeing people running all the time. It seemed like everyone in my neighborhood became a runner overnight. Even the chain-smoking lady down the way started running while puffing on her camels, and the old man with the oxygen tank sped up to a slight jog. And of course there were all the regular runners out there every day….

I was forced to watch from the sidelines because, injury. And it sucked.


I couldn’t wait to start running again but I was nervous about pushing myself too hard and too fast, which is what I had done before, and it set me back and caused me to miss a lot of races I really wanted to run. It also got me more prison time….runner’s prison that is. (Relax Mom, I haven’t been to real prison, or jail, not yet.)

In order to keep from ramping up too fast this time around, I constantly reminded myself that I’m on probation. If I don’t follow the rules and the terms of my probation, it’s inevitable that eventually I’ll go back to runner’s jail and I don’t wanna go back there y’all because it’s hard core.

My average speed today during the 800’s was the mid to high 8’s and my max speed was 7:21. It wasn’t fast and it wasn’t slow but I had no pain at all whatsoever, which means I can safely say, I’m nearing the end of my probation!

Bring on the races! Prisoner number 0823 is ready to run!

One last thing, I need to say Happy Birthday to my sweet MacGyver, the most amazing man on the planet and a pure angel for putting up with me! I love you and I look forward to sharing each and every one of your birthdays with you! Aren’t you a lucky duck :p

Have you had a running injury that prevented you from running?
What steps did you take to get back out there?

Watermelon, Zombie Humor and My new BFF, Bart…as in Yasso!

This morning I went out for my run which I intended to be a 10 miler but I ended it at 6. I was a little stressed because I had to get home and mow the grass. Okay, that’s a lie, I did need to mow the grass but it wasn’t urgent or pressing, it just sounded like a pretty good excuse.

I'm so lazy

The truth is I wanted to clean my house and put up Christmas decorations and since MacGyver went hunting today, it was the perfect opportunity for me to get some things done. And it took me almost all day long but look how awesome my lights look:

The Festive Treadmill

Please tell me you decorate your treadmill too. You do right? No?

I actually did put up my tree and a few other decorations. If you remember, I already put up a tree in my vacation house. I also put up a tree on my lanai but that’s as far as I got because I had to run some errands. And while I was out running errands, I stopped at Walmart and check out this beauty:


I wish I could invite you over for some but it’s almost gone. Yes, I know, I’ve got watermelon issues.

Can I tell you about the coolest thing ever that happened late yesterday? Bart Yasso responded to one of my tweets! THE Bart Yasso, seriously, I die! Yeah, so we’re BFF’s now and I imagine, he’s probably going to invite me over for the holidays.

Tweeting with Bart YassoI got so excited when he responded that I sort of shrieked a little. I think I scared the kid. I was going to respond but the kid said that would be creepy. Thanks kid, I’m not up on social media procedure.

So, I copied the tweet and posted it on all my social media accounts and then retweeted it. I’m so cool.

And we all know how much I love The Walking Dead (and Daryl):

Daryl Dixon

Right back atcha Mr. Dixon.

Anyhow, I was reading some comments about the season finale on Facebook today and someone posted this and it cracked me up:

Zombie humorYou’re Welcome.

Did you run today? Did you work out? Did you get everything accomplished that you wanted to? Now tell me, are you a Daryl Dixon fan?