Random things and a Ca-nine one one

Yesterday I was craving spaghetti all day, seriously.  And for once in my life, I had all the ingredients, including the gluten free noodles.


Hallelujah!  Clearly Jesus loves me.

So, I laid out all the things I needed for later when I would actually make the spaghetti and then went back to work.  MacGyver got home around 5:30 or 6:00 and as luck would have it, he was craving something all day too.

beer and wings

We made a compromise and I cooked the spaghetti and we ate a very small amount and then we went to Smokey Bones so MacGyver could have all you can eat wings.  I had a baked potato and broccoli because wings, uh, no thank you.  Especially at 9PM!


Afterward, we came home and little Hank was trembling.  He wouldn’t stop and we couldn’t figure out why.  After we went to bed he made the most horrible sound and then threw up all over the place.  It was horrific.  I felt so bad for the little guy and we were worried sick.  He didn’t throw up anymore but I stayed up with him until 3am just to make sure he was okay.  He seems fine this morning but if he seems at all sick at any time today, I’m taking him in.

Baby Hank

I can’t have my baby sick.

Because I didn’t want to leave Hank alone for too long, I went for a fairly short run this morning.  I ran down by the park where we located Baby P’s mom and reunited them and I was so happy to see the family this morning.  Look how big Baby P is getting.

Baby P

I also thought I got really lucky because I saw something sparkly on the ground so I picked it up, put it in my spibelt and then kept running.  When I got home I took a closer look.


Nope, not the hope diamond, it’s a piece of glass.  Son of a bitch.

Our weather here has been pretty hot and we’ve had a ton of rain lately.  It seems to come every day around 11 or 12am and since I didn’t get to lay my mulch this weekend, I had to do it this morning before the rain came hence the delayed post.

What do you think?



And now, even the gnomes are happy.

That counts as a workout right?

Is there a particular food that you crave more than any other?

Do you have any pets?

WTF Wednesday, fitbittin’ like a boss.

Everyone keeps asking me how I am managing to log so many steps on my fitbit.  I can assure you it’s not because I’m running all the miles because I’m only running an average of five a day.  The reason I’m logging up to 20,000 steps a day is my lawn.

no, really

I’ve been working in the yard in my free time for weeks.  If you remember last week I filled every single one of my trash cans with limbs I cut from my trees.  Well, last night I went outside just to see if I needed to trim them back again.

what the hell

Where did all the trees come from????

Those freakin limbs have already grown back into full size trees!  God bless it!

One more thing….

Have you heard about this couple?


I could totally see me and MacGyver doing that.  No, really.  I would be running the race just like the lady in the picture.  And MacGyver would be there too just like the man except that he would be behind me on a bike…


Have you seen my socks?  Come home, I cant find my socks.  Where are my sooooocks?

I’ll just be over here loggin steps like a champ today because WTF, it’s Wednesday.

Besides running or walking, how do you get all your steps in?