Two double digit days and the workout that killed my legs.

On Friday afternoon MacGyver called me from the bar where he was having a drink with our friend Scott.  That never happens, but since it did, when he asked me to come meet them, I did.


I’m there!

After a few drinks and no dinner I had the brilliant idea that we should all go to the races.  So, we went home to get ready and MacGyver called to see when they started.  Only they didn’t because there were no races that night.

Anyway, one thing led to another and by the end of the night it was decided that we would go to the races in Bradenton on Saturday.  Then Saturday happened and I said nah.  Instead I did this,

Running ten miles

I had planned on doing 15 miles but it was supposed to rain all day Sunday according to the weather forecast and my lawn has been seriously neglected.  That’s why I spent the next six hours raking leaves and pulling out dead plants and I’d love to show you pictures of how beautiful everything looks except it doesn’t.  I have at least 10 or 11 more days before it looks even decent!

raking leaves

Pretty much my life right now….

In my life the kid swinging into the leaves is actually just the wind from the bajillion cold fronts we get every week.  It’s nice for running but hella annoying when it comes to the lawn.

Anywho, raking leaves and squatting down for six hours to pull weeds is apparently a work out because the next morning my legs were SORE!  Does that count for strength training because it should.  Did I mention how sore I am?

I didn’t let that stop me though because on Sunday morning, I did this,

run another 10 miles


Two days of double digits.  Not bad.  That brought my total running miles for the week to 40.  Walking miles 4, biking 3.  Strength training, 0, yoga, 0.  Leave raking and pulling weeds, 6 hours.  I’m counting it!

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out at home avoiding all forms of infected human life and by that I mean prolonging the days until MacGyver and I eventually catch the dreaded flu.

Me and Hank

Not if I can help it.  I’m hiding out with Hank.  I’ll catch up with you after flu season is over.

How was your weekend? 

Did you run?

Do you like yard work?

Workouts and the Weekend

Hey all, how’s it going?

I know I’ve been MIA for a bit but here’s an update…


Saturday, 10 miles on the Treadmill

Sunday, 5 miles on the Legacy Trail

Tuesday, morning 6 miles on the treadmill

Last week, I managed to get in 5 weight workouts. This week, weight workout FAIL! Nada so far, I know, I suck.

We went to our other house on Saturday and stayed through Monday. We hadn’t been down in a while and had to do some much needed yard work and stuff….this is one of the results:

blood blister

I love how my dogs photo bomb every single picture I take. It’s classic.

A while back I wrote a post about housecleaning as a workout and how many calories you burn and by my calculations I burned off like 3 pounds in two days. For real. We worked our butts off.

This is the only part of the yard that really matters because it’s the access to the Gulf of Mexico and Venice Inlet…the dock:

The dock

The sad part is that I was so busy I didn’t even have a chance to get a good paddleboard workout but Hank did. He went with daddy and he loved it.

I also worked on the inside of the house. Look at these cute bears I found at a garage sale for the Nautical room:

Nautical Bears

I also changed the cottage room a bit, I think I like it way better but I need some new curtains, the blue doesn’t work for me…

Cottage Room

Cottage Room 2

I took a Selfie on Sunday Morning while still in Pajamas:

Sunday Selfie

And then I went for a run on the Legacy Trail,

Legacy Trail

Nice view, huh? I love running the Legacy Trail. Except that it’s June and it’s Florida, and the humidity is ridic and I was sweating so badly that I was a drenched mess in like 2 minutes. But you won’t hear me bitchin in February, never!

And then I came home and took a nap, here:

The Hammock

We got home on Monday afternoon.

What did you do this weekend? Did you work in your yard? Do you like it? Wanna come and work in my yard?