WTF Wednesday, What if?

I need to run to the post office today to mail my nephew his mouse for his computer, which unfortunately will not work in Virginia from my home in Florida.  I  also need to mail my sister in laws’ bible, which is code for the constantly growing, never ending, to do list.  I know how important those are because I have one too.

Anyway, they left them at my house by mistake and I need to go to the post office to mail them back and I wasn’t sure what time I should go and all I can think about is this video.

If you haven’t watched Whoa Susannah, you need to, she’s hilarious and I’m convinced that in real life, we’d be besties.  I mean what if, right?

You know who I’m glad I’m not besties with?

This girl.

WTF?  That girl needs a new friend because the one in the video is a jerk.  I mean, what if she died for Christ’s Sake?

Last weekend my brother in law posted this meme on his facebook page and it asked to keep it going in the comments.  It was hilarious.  So I wanted to post it here to see just what you guys can come up with.

What if the Grove is really in the butt?

Extra bonus points if you crack me up and that’s hard to do y’all.  Take the challenge, go ahead, you know you want to.

WTF, it’s Wednesday, what have you got to lose?

WTF Wednesday, challenges, spray tans and spiders

People please, stop jumping out of moving cars for the kiki challenge.  For Christ sake the fact that I would even find myself writing that is in itself disturbing.  What’s wrong with you people?


THIS, is stupid.

I have a challenge for you, how about read a new book every month or take a class and learn something new, like pottery or painting, or take a dance class.  Inside.  Jeez.

So, MacGyver is still in Nokomis and I’m in Clearwater partying like a rock star.  And by partying like a rock star I mean like this,

my desk

Yeah, glamorous, I know.

Yesterday was garbage day.  They usually come to our house pretty late in the day which means if I forget to put the trash out on Monday night I can still usually get it all out there before they come.  I said usually.  I’ve been a little preoccupied with work and the whole breathing thing so I forgot yesterday, until they were on my street.

I ran out there as quickly as I could with two large garbage bags and caught them just in time.  I threw them in the garbage truck myself as they emptied the cans.  When they emptied the third on, and yes we have three, I grabbed the can to start bringing them up by the garage and that’s when something ran over my hand.

I didn’t see what it was at first but the big burly garbage man screamed like a bitch.  So I looked under the lid and that’s when I saw it.


We don’t appreciate spiders around here.  And this one was huge.  HUGE.  And now the garbage man thinks I’m pretty badass because I slayed that sucker.  Slayed him.

Has anyone seen these booths on the beach or around the pool?

sunscreen booth

From someone who always ends up with a hand print or an unusual spot on her body after applying her own sunscreen, this thing is genius.  It can also dispense bug spray.  Seriously.  I want one of these in my house.

WTF it’s Wednesday

WTF Wednesday, pillows

MacGyver had to work today.  I did too but I work from home.  I can work all day and night if I have to when I need to finish a project and he can only work when it’s daylight and the earlier the better because, Florida.  i.e. it’s seriously hot.

A typically day in Florida in the summer looks like this,

Florida heat

So, it became all too clear this morning that I would have to be the one to make our appointment with the accountant to handle our quarterly taxes.  Not that it takes a really long time, it just adds about two hours to my work day.

oh great

But I ain’t mad about it.  No really, I’m not.  To prove it I decorated MacGyver’s man cave and his garage with the loveliest of throw pillows.

WTF it’s Wednesday and nothing says I love you like bitchin up his personal space.