WTF Wednesday, Smarty Pants

I wish my parents would have never told me to eat all my food on my plate because there are starving children in Africa when I was little.  I was impressionable and it left me with a lifelong obsession about wasting food.

Eat until your stuffed

Instead I wish they would have made me very small amounts of food that I would have obviously eaten very quickly.  Then they could have said, “There are starving kids in Africa who would kill to have that amount of food and they hardly ever get that amount and when they do they have to work for it.  Now, if you want more you can have it but you need to cook it for yourself”’

And then they could have made me actually cook myself some more dinner, (if I actually wanted more), all by myself.  Right?  So then. I would’ve learned not to waste and also how to work for my dinner and if I didn’t want to cook then portion control!

Dayum, I am smart.

Okay, I can tell myself that but then sometimes I try to get out of my car and realize I’m trapped by my own seat belt.   Or I spend 15 minutes looking for my cell phone, while I’m talking on it.  So there’s that.

WTF, it’s Wednesday

WTF Wednesday, running in the 7’s

This morning I went out for a run and I decided not to look at my phone but just to run intuitively to see where I’m at physically.  I ran a five mile progression run gradually upping my speed with each mile based on how I felt without looking at my phone or Garmin and I nailed it!  The best part of the entire run was how comfortable it felt because at the very end I kicked it up a bit and I hit the 7’s, the high 7’s of course, but the 7’s.



When I got back, MacGyver asked me how my run was and I said,  “great, I ran a five mile progression run, intuitively, and I hit a high 7:50ish pace in the last mile, and it felt totally comfortable!’  I was a little excited.

And then MacGyver said, ”Well if it was so easy, why didn’t you push a little harder, maybe you would’ve hit the 6’s”


MacGyver obviously doesn’t run and I need to try a little harder all right, just not at running!

WTF?  It’s Wednesday….

WTF Wednesday, we’re back to normal.

Hey y’all!  We’re back!  Actually we’ve been back since very late Monday night but because it’s MacGyver and I, it was a bit of a shit show.  Our plane was delayed because some people on the flight previous to ours felt they deserved preferential treatment so we had to wait for over an hour which may not seem like a big deal except that the hour we had to wait meant that we had to fly through a thunderstorm.  Hello turbulence!


And because I’m cheap and I booked the absolute cheapest flights possible I didn’t bother to pay extra to make sure we sat together which meant that MacGyver and I sat rows apart.  On the way down, he sat beside the chatty Cathy and I got the silent farter.  I was not happy.  On the way back it was the opposite but the chatty Cathy was also drunk so by the time the plane landed and I’m (almost) embarrassed to say I was seconds away from punching her in the face.

cash me ousside

We got in pretty late but fortunately all was well at the house because my in laws stayed here and took care of everything.  The only casualty was Turd Butt.  They found him floating in his tank Friday morning.  We’re not sure what happened but I suspect he may have had too much water in the tank.

Tur Butt Turtle

Turd Butt RIP

RIP Turd Butt, We didn’t have you long, but we’ll miss you little buddy!

The next morning I slept in but I woke up to Hank puking all over me and after I got all that cleaned up, I finally went out for a run.  I was really looking forward to it sine I only ran 3 miles the whole time I was gone but it was already 80 degrees and humid as hell.  Welcome home, right?

MacGyver and I had lunch with his parents and took a drive over to Phillipe Park before they left and then just as I sat down to try to get some work done, I got that familiar pain in the side of my temple.


I tried to ignore it.  I took some of my pills, I did everything I know how to do.  And then I started to stress.  People are counting on me.  I have billing to do.  A website to finish, a quote to finish.  I have an exciting new product to tell y’all about AND I have an amazing discount for you that is good for the whole month, and I have the entire trip to tell you about, but all of that will have to wait.

And then Hank got stung by a bee and Boomer stepped in his own dog doo and walked through the living room.  This is not turning out to be a good homecoming.

WTF, it’s Wednesday, and I’m home, and at least things are back to normal!

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything special?