Could you run 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents? The World Marathon Challenge!

The World Marathon Challenge is set to start on January 23rd at Union Glacier in Antarctica.  It is the first of seven marathons which are run in seven days on seven continents.  Not only is it a physical challenge but a logistical challenge as well.

world marathon challenge

They have to run a marathon in all these places in 7 days!


Ain’t nobody gettin any sleep!

Starting in Antarctica runners will then move on to South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and finish in Australia.  In. Seven. Days. (I know, I said that already but it still amazes me.)

Still a relatively new race at only three years old, it garners quite a bit of attention.  The first two years most of the runners seemed to be more from the ultra running community but this year Ryan Hall is participating.

As exciting as it would be to compete in this challenge it’s also going to be downright brutal.  Imaging how tired, sore and stiff you generally feel after you run a marathon, add to that some serious jet lag, time changes, plus a little sleep deprivation, and some major temperature changes and you have yourself some grueling conditions.  (Now I want you to remember all that okay.)  I mean yeah, you get to run in Union Glacier, Punta Arenas, Miami, Madrid, Marrakech, Dubai, and Sydney but could you actually finish?  And at what cost?  Will you lose some toes in Antarctica?

BethAnn Telford

This is BethAnn Telford


BethAnn Telford will be running in the World Marathon Challenge for the United States.  She’s an accomplished runner having completed many marathons, and an accomplished triathlete having completed many ironman competitions.

BethAnn Telford is remarkable.  She completes tirelessly and she is fearless.  She competes while living with brain cancer.

During the World Marathon Challenge  BethAnn will be wearing hand-designed New Balance shoes dedicated to 14 brain cancer survivors living in different areas around the world.  By pledging a donation towards every mile BethAnn accomplishes you will be helping to support ABC² (Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure), a Washington DC-based venture philanthropy nonprofit organization that drives cutting-edge research and treatments for brain cancer & brain tumors.

To date she has raised over 800,000 dollars for brain cancer research and her goal is to raise over one million dollars.  If anyone can do it, she can.

You can read more about BethAnn Telford here and then remember how grueling the World Marathon Challenge actually is and if your situation allows it, visit BethAnn Telford’s site and donate.  I think she deserves to hit that million dollar mark, don’t you?

Had brain cancer affected your family?

Has cancer affected your family?