Whiny Wednesday, Chased by dogs and O.C.D.

This is my whiny Wednesday post. Whiny Wednesday may or may not become a regular thing because it’s my blog and I’ll whine if I want to…or not..just sayin.

So, this morning I ran a nice and easy 8 miles. I started with a mile around my neighborhood, and then I ran through Kapok Park and down the Ream Wilson Trail to the Safety Harbor Marina and then back. It was a nice run until….

commence with the whining….

Damn it people, please control your dogs.

Dogs who chase runners

Lady number 1, I realize your dog is sweet and just wants to play but when it’s running under my feet for almost a half a mile I could trip over it and break something, something on my body, and then I’d be pissed and inclined to break something of yours, something on your body. So lock the little bastard up next time, PLEASE.

Lady number 2, I hate your nasty Chihuahua. It’s a mean little shit and you shouldn’t let it run in the street and bite at my feet. Tomorrow I will bring pebbles on my run with me but I won’t throw them at the nasty little dog, instead, I will throw them at you because you are a bad dog owner.

Doesn’t crap like that just piss you off? UGH!

All morning long I was trying to get some work done but I just couldn’t focus. I kept glancing toward the media room and at MacGyver’s desk, and it was killing me. It’s my O.C.D. nightmare, no, for real. I try real hard to ignore it but it makes my head hurt. I can’t help it. It’s how I’m made and it’s not just me, my brother has it too.

Once, MacGyver and I hosted a little party in a cabin we had rented. MacGyver and my brother’s partner threw popcorn on the ground in front of me and my brother, laughing as we picked it up. We found out later they had made bets on who would pick it up first and how long it would take us. Assholes. The sad part of that story is that we continued to pick up popcorn even after they told us, in a rented cabin, while on vacation and having a party for God’s sake. Yeah, so, that’s what I’m made of, whatever.

But this is my desk

my desk

And this is MacGyver’s

MacGyvers Desk

My head is hurting again.

Why don’t people understand that organization is the key to World peace? *sigh*

Don’t you hate it when dogs chase you? Are you organized?