Super human steroid stupid strength

Happy Monday friends.  We’re down in Nokomis because I’m seeing the neurologist today.  I’ve finished my run of steroids and I have to see him before starting the Topamax.  I’m hoping he still gives it to me because at first the office said he was and then they said he wasn’t and then they said, ‘after you finish the dose of steroids and then come into the office’.  I am so sick of listening to doctors.  I might be better off doing the opposite of what they say….

Doctors suck

Despite the fact that I had terrible insomnia steroids definitely gave me a lot of energy.  I tackled a ton of projects.

First, I was finally able to finish something I’ve been wanting to finish since I bought it weeks ago.  MacGyver and I had gone to an estate sale and I found an old cabinet in the garage.  It was in really bad shape but it had good bones so I offered them 5 bucks and they took it.  When I brought it home it looked like this:


MacGyver wanted to rip the front door off and all of the sides and just refinish the top but I was having none of that because let me tell you something people, I have dreams and I had a vision.

And my vision is now a kitchen island for the Nokomis house and it looks like this:


This is the front, I painted it with chalk paint in ‘celery’ and then I refinished the hardware with a bronze hammered paint.

side of island

This is one side. I wanted a rack to hang a dish towel so I bought a cheap little stainless steel one and painted it with a bronze hammered paint.

butcher block island

And I have to give him credit because MacGyver did one hell of a job on the butcher block top.

The inside was tricky because I wanted to store bowls and plates and such and just painting it white wasn’t giving me the look I wanted.  Luckily I had this stick on shelf paper I bought at the dollar tree a year ago.

inside of the island

Voila! The inside is complete.

The other project I really wanted to tackle was some lawn work and that required purchasing a shit ton of retaining wall blocks and them placing them.  I was able to lift and place those suckers like a boss.  Clearly I overestimated the thickness of my skin because this is what my legs look like currently:


Nice big bruises.

What?  You don’t think that looks too bad?  How bout this?

my legs


I also finished a crap load of work projects and dove into several more that I’ve been meaning to start, but the best part about a week of steroids is that I not only maintained my workouts, I killed em.

I  walked 35 miles last week, five miles every day.  I didn’t overdo it and even though I still get the migraines, I got my walks in and that felt pretty good.  I also got in the most amount of steps I’ve gotten in a while at 138,900+ and lastly, I did a weight routine five out of seven days last week.  Go Steroids Me.


Fitbit this!

All kidding aside, I’m really hoping the new prescription helps with the migraines because I have every bit of faith that without headaches I will be able to do all of that and more.   Of course, ultimately, I’d really like to know what is wrong with me and then get that fixed but hey, baby steps, am I right?

Tell me about your week.

Did you get all your workouts in?

What did you do this weekend?

Thursday things to share

It’s Thursday, time to talk about things I’ve read and other stuff.  Things that I think might interest you, make you think, or make you move.

Rest Day

This first article really caught my attention because I do have a hard time taking rest days. That sounds  crazy to some people but for me, I like to be doing something all the time.  If I don’t exercise I just don’t feel complete but I know that everyone needs rest days but how many and how often?

Read all about Exercise Recovery and how long you should rest between workouts here.

As a runner, I know that strength training and weight workouts are good for me, in fact I would consider them necessary.  I just never know what exactly to do and whether it’s better to do more reps with lighter weights or less reps and heavier weights and for that reason this article from Shape Magazine caught my eye.

What do a condom company and athletes have in common?


SKYN is a condom company who has developed a line of athletic wear.called SKYNFEEL.

skynfeelCheck it out here.

I’m not sure how I feel about the clothing but it doesn’t look like he’s wearing a condom…

Warning:  The next article I wanted to tell you about has information regarding eating disorders, if this is a trigger for you, you may want to skip this.

This next article appeared in the NY Post and I found it interesting.  I’m always reading articles about women with eating disorders but the twist here is that the person in this article is a man.  I found it interesting to read about anorexia from a man’s point of view.

men with anorexiaRead the full article here.

That’s all of the articles that I have to share this week but I did want to share one more thing with you.

Karina Vetrano went out for a run on Tuesday around 5PM as she had done many times before, only this time she didn’t return.  Sadly, her father found her body later that night.  A victim of a sexual assault, Vetrano had been strangled.  I cannot even begin to imagine the pain her family must feel.  My prayers go out to her family and friends.

If you live in the Howard Beach, NY area please be careful out running alone.  You should always exercise caution regardless of where you live but especially in the area where the perpetrator has not yet been caught.

Stay safe.

Mayday Melee.

Around 6:30PM last night the silver Jetta pulled into my driveway and out popped Shakespeare and my Mom.  The guest that we were expecting…they’re here!  By the time we unpacked the car and took the dogs for a short walk and got everyone settled in it was too late to do much else but mom’ll be here for around 3 weeks and we’ve got a lot planned.  A lot!

vacationing again

Mom also brought me my Christmas presents from my sister and I’ll be sending my sister’s presents back with her.  Yes, I realize it’s May but we’re both post office challenged.  No matter, it’s obvious that my sister knows me well:

Addicted to running

Guess what I wore on my morning run.  Yep.

After three days of serious determination and unwavering discipline I completely caved last night and ate everything I could get my hands on, and all after 10PM because when I go, I go big!  Actually I go huge.  Oversized, supersized, ginormous.

eating like a boss

Sonofabitch, this is me.

I’m glad my mom is here because we’re going to be helping each other get back on track.  We both want to work on doing more weight training and our ultimate goal is to lose 10 pounds.  We’re calling it the Mayday Melee.  Okay, I’m calling it that.  Mom is calling it the, ‘help me lose 10 pounds because I said so’ diet.  Same thing though.

And with that we’re off to do this arm workout.  It’s simple but quite effective and one of my regulars.  Regulars, ha.

Have a great Tuesday.

How many times a week do you lift weights?