Throwback Thursday – Weeki Wachee

Here’s a little Throwback Thursday for you. This was me at Weeki Wachee about 6 years ago.

on the river at Weeki Wachee

I look back at that picture now and I think about all the things we did that day. It was August of 2010 and MacGyver and I, along with some friends, went up to Weeki Wachee to swim in the springs and visit the manatees.

It was August and it was really hot in Florida but it was cool up there at the spring. This was a few years before MacGyver and I bought our vacation house so at that time we were still looking. We were taking pictures of houses for sale on the river and I remember imagining myself living there and getting to see manatees all day every day. I would still love to have a house there one day.

weeki wachee

Wouldn’t this be an awesome summer place?

I also remember playing with our friends children and wishing that the kid was there but he was off with friends of his own.


Me, MacGyver, little Aubrey and MacGyver’s Johnson.  (See what I did there?)

Between MacGyver and I and our friends we had three boats and we all followed each other down the river to the spring. At one point there was a ladder made of wooden boards nailed to a tree. There were quite a few people climbing the ladder and then using a rope to swing out into the river.

tree ladder

This did not look safe to me, I opted out.

We played at the springs for a while and we saw a ton of manatees. The water there is so cool that it’s one of the best places to be in the ridiculously hot summer months and it’s clear. You can see everything in the water. I was told that in the 1940’s Tarzan was filmed there.

Weeki Wachee

It’s beautiful here.


Can you see the manatee?

I don’t remember when it happened exactly but at some point on our way back to the entrance we heard someone yelling for help. We were behind the boat with the paramedics that carried the man to the waiting ambulance. He had swung from the rope hanging from the tree with the ladder made of boards. He didn’t land properly and he was badly injured. A little while later we made it back to the dock and I was speaking to a policemen who told me that the man had most likely broken his neck. I felt so sorry for his family.

boating on the river

The end of a long day.

We had been on the river for around 7 hours and it was around 5 or 6 in the evening as we were driving home. MacGyver and our friend Frank were in the front and I feel asleep in the back seat of our truck with Frank’s dog Sarah. It was the perfect ending to the day.

Later that night as I was posting the pictures to facebook I didn’t want to post any pictures of me. MacGyver said that I should and that they looked fine but I remember thinking that my stomach looked fat and my hair was a mess.

Weeki Wachee

Just riding down the river…

If only my stomach looked that good six years later and what I wouldn’t give to still have all that hair….

Tell me about something you did six years ago.