The post office is closed, in case like me, you forgot.

I woke up this morning and for a moment I thought that MacGyver and I had the day off but then I remember that we don’t work for the bank or the post office and reality slapped me right in the face!

Columbus Day

Let’s be honest though, don’t you love the Columbus Day sales?  I mean if you need some new running shoes, right now might really be a good time to go shopping.  I found Brooks Launch 4’s and Six02 for 79.99!  That’s a pretty good deal.

What I maybe should have been shopping for is a new fitbit because this happened:

fit bit fail

Wouldn’t you know, it still works!  I just can’t wear it because it’s broken in half and it falls off.

But instead I have something else in mind and I’ll have to keep you guessing for now.  Details will be coming soon.

MacGyver and I spent a few days at the end of the week last week in Nokomis getting some things ready and having the home inspections for the new buyers.  It was all a whirlwind and then we headed back home.  Of course once we got back home we were just exhausted and ready to relax but we had a ton of stuff that needed to get done.

Sometimes however, things happen and you have to slow down and prioritize.

boomer and bear

Let’s stay in bed and cuddle momma!

We decided to take it easy this weekend and relax.  We hit a few garage sales on Saturday morning and then watched a few movies on Saturday night.  On Sunday I picked up around the house and then we cooked out on the grill and chilled in front of the TV.  It was a nice, relaxing weekend.

The one thing I did watch this weekend was the Chicago Marathon!  Galen Rupp is just awesome and he deserves all the accolades in the world but oh my God, does Jordan Hasay have all the promise of being the greatest distance female runner ever.

Jordan Hasay

I am so excited to follow her career and see what exciting things she does.  Congratulations to the both of those two.  I am just in awe.

How was your weekend, did you do anything exciting?

Did you watch the marathon?

There’s a lot of jumping in this post

When I don’t write a blog post on Monday it’s usually because of two things, either nothing happened and I have absolutely nothing to write about, and I don’t want to bore you on an already depressing Monday or, something crazy or extraordinary happened, and I am still recovering on Monday because my head is still spinning.

head spin

It would be the later in this case.

You probably think we sold the house or something but what we did do was celebrate a birthday with our one and only little Hanky Panky Poo.

Hanks presents

He was spoiled all day on Saturday.    I may have spent a bit too much money at Woof Gang Bakery but it was so worth it.  He is still wearing that party animal shirt.


He was the sweetest little thing all day long and even let MacGyver and I leave for a few hours to make a quick trip over to an estate sale and to the grocery store.  He returned the favor by peeing in MacGyver’s shoe and on my planter.  I was just happy he went out to the lanai.  It’s the little things.

Boomer and Woody also enjoyed the party.  Poor Boomer thought it was a costume party and was a little embarrassed that no one told him otherwise.

Fishing Boomer

Let me tell you about the best thing that happened this weekend and by the best, I mean the absolute best thing ever.

I ran!

Did you hear me?


I ran

It was only 3 miles on Sunday and 3 miles on Monday but dammit I ran.  It felt so freaking good.  Funnily enough, I hadn’t planned on going back until October but my hands are still giving me some trouble or particularly my right hand and so I thought that running might help me because it helps when I get up and walk around and get the circulation going.  And guess what?  Running did help!

I’m taking it slow though.  I didn’t run today.

Also, I should mention that I had a near death experience on Monday.

I ran my typical route on Sunday and there’s a bit of a hill so I decided to run the flatter route closer to my house on Monday.  It’s an out and back.  I ran the first half and then headed back.  Just before I made it to my house I was on a sidewalk on a main street and I heard a loud crack behind me and when I turned around I realized a huge tree had fallen all the way across the sidewalk and into part of the road.

Tree Down

I’m pretty sure that would have hurt.

Anyhow, I had a lot of things on my plate yesterday and a blog post was not going to happen but we can now return to our regularly scheduled posting.

I’ve been meaning to ask, does anyone know how to force sync the fitbit HR?  I haven’t synced mine since August 18th and now the stupid thing won’t sync at all and I can’t find my  dingle or dongle thingy so if it involves that thing that ain’t gonna happen.

Oh and also, did I I mention we got an offer on the house for the full asking price?

jumping up and down

It is currently under contract and if all goes well we should close sometime at the end of October, first of November, cross your fingers!

Do you find it hard to get back to normal after a busy weekend?

Which do you think is more stressful buying or selling a home? 

Back to our normal, but what is normal anyway?

So, we have power and internet and cable at both houses.  Well, we don’t have cable at Nokomis but then we never did so that wasn’t a loss.  What we don’t have are three and a half of our former trees and a bazillion tiny limbs and palm fronds.

I wonder is snap peas grow on snap trees?

Anywho, this will be a really short post because apparently my body is not meant to do the things it used to do when I was, ahem, younger.

I am broken.

After 7 days of constantly lifting 100+ pound logs from cut trees I was not able to sleep for the past two nights.  I had a very severe pain in my right arm that radiated down to my fingers.  So, early this morning MacGyver insisted I go to the urgent care.

My hand is badly swollen and I can’t grip anything.  Fortunately it is not broken or fractured but I have some nerve pain and very bad inflammation and the doctor noticed some bone spurs on the xray as well as a little arthritis.  He also mentioned some other underlying issues involving my spine and and asked me to follow up with my regular physician.

And then he prescribed some pain medication and told me above all, do not use that hand for at least 5 days, so here I am, typing out a blog post.

How was your weekend?  Your week?  I can’t type so you better fill me in on your weekend.