So tired….

I ran or walked every day last week and then Sunday came and I just decided to sleep in.  And even though I slept in I still managed to take a nap that afternoon.  And even after taking a nap in the afternoon I went to bed early.  I’m still tired.

Literally ever time I felt the slightest bit of energy yesterday, it lasted a second, and then disappeared.

This is an accurate representation of me yesterday..

so tired

I did do some lawn work yesterday so it wasn’t totally a loss and on Saturday, MacGyver and I went to some estate sales and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby.  Did you know that they have Halloween and Christmas items in stock and on the shelves already?  I’m not kidding.  I mean, it’s June people, JUNE!  What the hell?

you must be kidding

Oh and also, it’s over 90 degrees outside so it’s hard to even fathom that Fall is only 4 months away so quit already you silly retail establishments.  Besides, I haven’t even taken a summer vacation yet!

And seriously, I would love to start today and begin by taking another nap.

How was your weekend?

Run, inhale, repeat

I was trying to find the perfect way to sum up exactly how I feel on Mondays and then, I found this meme.


It could be worse I guess, I could actually have to leave my house to go to work and that would really suck so I’m not gonna complain…..anymore.

I ran 22 miles last week in 6 days.  I’m most proud of the fact that I ran 4 miles a day for four of them and 2 miles for the other 2 days.  I’m most proud because after never having breathing problems before in my entire life, until last year, this is what I use every single day…


I feel like that’s a lot of inhalers.  Fortunately I only have to use them twice a day but because it’s never been a part of my normal routine, it’s been rather hard to remember but I’m working on it.

I did go to see my pulmonologist last week and she is running a battery of tests this week and another scan and she also referred me to a cardiologist whom I’ll be seeing in another week.  She thinks she has the answers for me. Without really getting into it too much, I will just tell you that I was already given the diagnosis 10 years ago but there was no biopsy and since I couldn’t get definitive proof I rejected it.  I hope I can get definitive proof this time but since it doesn’t seem all that important now that lungs are involved.  I just want to focus on feeling better, and running.  Running as much as I can.

Did anyone see the Chicago marathon?  Or run it?  I saw this sign that someone made on reddit and it cracked me up.

chi town marathon sign

MacGyver and I had a pretty chill weekend.  I cleaned the hell out of my house and we hit a shit ton of garage sales on Saturday.  I also worked on some more wreaths because apparently, I’ve got issues.  I have turned the man cave into the craft cave.  Don’t tell MacGyver though because he hasn’t figured it out yet.


I think the dogs are ready for fall.  Boomer is especially sick of the heat and they love when I work outside on the lanai because it’s one of their favorite places…besides the sofa.


Such besties.

Even though the lanai is still too hot in the afternoon, I take my coffee out there every morning.  It’s serene and beautiful.

my pond

Do you see the reflection of the heron on the water?  See what I mean?  It’s so pretty.  No matter how I’m feeling or what’s going on in my life, I always feel better when I’m out there looking at the water.

Unfortunately right now I have to take everything off of the dock and store it in the garage because we might actually be getting a little hurricane.  One thing is certain, it’s never boring around here.

How was your weekend? 

Do you use an inhaler and if so, why?

A little update, because it was on my to do list

I never finish my to do list.  It’s an endless diatribe of angry babble reminding me of the things that I have to do, the things I really should do, and things that I want to do if I could just finish the first two things.

For the record my to do list looks nothing like this one but I want this one instead.

to do list

My to do list is a myriad of line items, crossed off, written back in, and sometimes added to.  It’s never ending.  Either my days are getting shorter or I fall down rabbit holes regularly.

I ran 21 miles last week in 6 days.  It wasn’t stellar, it wasn’t long or fast and not one run really stood out above the others but the point is, I’m still running and I’m hoping to get back to where I was, soon.  Hoping.

I met with my gastroenterologist last week and she told me that my biopsies came back and they didn’t show anything.  Then she put me on some medications and told me we have to do another colonoscopy and endoscopy in a few months to see if we can get better samples.

um no

I’m thinking, um, no.  I really don’t want to do that again so we need a better solution.  So far she hasn’t come up with anything.

I’ve been making wreaths like a crazy person.  MacGyver says I have to sell some of them because 1 wreath is enough and 2 is tolerable but 11 is way overboard.


I cannot be stopped.  I need to be creative.  I need projects.

I did put my creative talents to work in other areas over the last week.  I found an old dresser in a neighbors garbage.  I know what you’re thinking but it was a nice wood dresser with good bones, it was just ugly.

So I took it out of the garbage and MacGyver helped me get it back to our house and after 2 full days of working on it, it looks like this now.

new dresser

It looks perfect in the guest room of our Nokomis house and I’m love it.  But now I want another one.  Can you see whey my to do list never ends?

What did you do this weekend?

Are you a crafty or creative person?  What’s your talent?