WTF Wednesday, What if you naturally fidget, then what?

What’s crack-a-lackin?  Only the best thing ever.  Will and Grace is coming back to TV.  I could just die.  I am probably far too excited for this but I just love this show.

And if Will and Grace wasn’t your thing, maybe Roseanne was.  It’s also coming back.  And the best part is, they’re bringing back the original Becky!

Roseanne cast

It was 96 degrees here yesterday.  I’m not sure if that was a record or anything for May but it was crazy hot.  I ran anyway because I’m crazy like that.  I didn’t run when it was 96 degree’s though.  I’m crazy, not stupid.  I don’t know how anyone can run when it’s anywhere near that temperature and the sun is beating down on you.  Not even dogs wanna run in that temperature!

side eye

Bitch, I said ain’t runnin!

When we were out on the boat over the weekend we were cruising past the Venetian walkway and it must have been around three in the afternoon and I looked over and saw a man and woman running out on the trail with no visible water on their person, none.  They looked to be running at a pretty good pace, if I had to guess I’d say at least an 8 minute mile, if not faster.


Maybe they were used to running in this weather but they should’ve had water.  Take a water bottle with you because the water fountains may not always work and an ounce of prevention goes a long way.

Am I the only person in the world who thinks fidget spinners are stupid?

fidget spinner

I’m not changing my mind on this one.  These things are a colossal waste of time.  What if you’re a natural fidgeter?  If you have time to play with these things you need to get a job.  I don’t care if you ARE eight years old.

WTF it’s Wednesday!  Go drink some water and throw down the spinner.

Tuesday tangents

I just got back from walking the dogs and taking a five mile walk myself and now I’m sitting here watching the CSI van roll by.  Nothing tragic to report just another robbery in the neighborhood.  Another vehicle break in.

It’s so annoying to watch helplessly as my little neighborhood just repeatedly gets targeted over and over again and all we can do is just sit here like targets and it’s all because of the way we are zoned.  Just to give you a basic idea, my house is county but the house directly across the street is city and the house next door to it is county and the house directly behind it is city.  It’s a ridiculous mess and when a crime occurs such as a minor break in and the police are called, the 911 operator has no idea who to direct the call to and God forbid we have an emergency.  I’m so afraid that one day I’ll have a need to call for medical services and they won’t know who to dispatch and the outcome will be determined by the mere seconds it takes for them to decide….I shudder to think about it….

On the other hand we sort of have it made because we are zoned county so we can have small farm animals and fires, so there’s that.

fire pit

I ended up with a migraine yesterday but not because I ran.  I know this because I have been keeping really good records and I hate that I have to do this but it’s become necessary, otherwise I wouldn’t know what went wrong because Topamax does help with migraines but for memory, not so much.  Anyhow, I took a peek at Saturday and Sundays diet notes and then I looked over what I drank and I was a little shocked to see that I didn’t drink very much at all.  Bad girl!

Migraine mystery solved.  Also, Topamax and too little water is a no no since it can cause kidney stones so I won’t be making that mistake again.  We learn from our mistakes right?  I wish I would have caught it earlier instead of losing half a day to a migraine but it wasn’t so bad.  I made a fort blanket in the media room with the dogs and we chilled out for a while. I feel all better today.

I’ve got a visitor coming tomorrow and so do the dogs….

How much water do you drink in a day?


Water is vital

One in Ten people lack access to clean water, without it, they risk their health and their safety daily.  Not having access to clean water has created a health crises that claims the lives of thousands of men, women and children, every single year.

When MacGyver and I bought our home in Nokomis we went down on the weekends to work on it and make it habitable as it had been vacant for quite some time.  The worst part of that was the water situation.  Nokomis was originally a well water city and quite a few of the residents were still using well water, including the previous owners of our new home.

Unfortunately the well pump had sat for too long and it was full of sediment so it took a lot of work and a lot of money before we finally had water.  We had to buy all new equipment, a pump, tank and softener, and that was just the beginning.

We finally got everything working but it took several weeks and during those weeks, if we were at the house, we were without running water.  We couldn’t wash our hands, we couldn’t take showers, flush toilets, or wash clothes.  It was utterly miserable and borrowing a water hose from the neighbor was our only viable option although not the most practical.

But at least we had an option because one in ten people do not.

Recently I was contacted by Janji and they offered to send me some samples from their new line, the Mombasa Collection to try out.  I am familiar with Janji.  I love their slogan Run for Another and I love that they donate 10% of the proceeds from every single product they sell to provide clean water to those who don’t have access to it.

JanjiThey also make awesome performance running apparel with vibrant colors and I had the opportunity to try out a few pieces before it officially launched.  I jumped at the chance.

I have to say when it first arrived I was scared.

Janji Mombata

Animal prints are hot right now and I mean really hot.  As in cool.  I had already tried on a pricey brand name pair at Nordstrom Rack from a well-known designer who might be related to a Beatle.  Anyway, they looked horrible on me.  I’m sure they’d look great on someone else but not me.  I was already resigned to the fact that I would not be in fashion this season and I’d made peace with it.

But then the package from Janji arrived and they sent me a pair of Capri’s from their new line and I tried them on.

What do you think?

me in my janji

I love these capri’s but the singlet is my new favorite.  I walked/ran in the outfit this morning and I was afraid the capri’s would be hot but they weren’t at all.  Both the singlet and capri’s are very light.  They also wick the moisture away as well as any other brand of moisture wicking clothing I’ve ever run in.  The shirt might actually be better than most but I’ll have to wait and see how it does over time.   The quality is definitely first rate.

You can view the entire collection on Janji’s site but here are some of the pieces that I love.

janji capris

janji singlet

If you’re looking for some awesome prints and excellent performance in running apparel, Janji’s new Mombasa collection is a great choice.  I’ll be buying many more of the lotus singlets for myself.  If you’re wondering about the size they run pretty true to size in my opinion.

As runners, we are always buying new tanks, shorts, capri’s, shoes, etc but what’s nice about buying from Janji is that they donate 10% of the sale of every item to efforts which provide clean water to those who don’t have access to it.  I can’t think of a better way to shop than to shop with a company who gives back.  Check out their site and take a look at the new collection.

And while we’re on the subject of water, I commented on a post that the Hungry Runner Gifl posted this morning.  I mentioned a water bottle that I run with that I love.  Someone asked about it and a few others emailed me so I just wanted to show you guys which one I use.

Sportline Water Bottle IMG_7025IMG_7021

It’s from Sportline.  I don’t know if the newer models are exactly the same but what I love about this one is that it stays on my hand without me having to actually hold it.  The neoprene band is comfortable yet it keeps the bottle in place.  There is also a great little zipper pocket which is actually much bigger than it seems.  And because my hand slides through the bottle, I can still use my hands to play Pokemon Go and other important stuff.

I found this one which I think is similar and may be the newer model but you could always call and ask them.

How many glasses of water a day do you drink?

Have you ever been in a situation where you were beyond thirsty?