Back in the day I had really cool running clothes…..oh, and balls.

A few days ago MacGyver was on the phone and I heard him reminiscing about a plastic mold souvenir he got as a kid on a trip to Florida.  I came running out of the bathroom yelling, ‘I had those things too!’

plastic mold

All year long I dreamed about going to Florida on vacation and every year we went to all the typical tourist traps, like Silver Springs, Weeki Wachi and Cypress Gardens, and I had molds from all of them.


I wondered if they still have those plastic mold makers so I looked it up and apparently they do although the original company actually went out of business in the 60’s.  If you visit Busch Gardens in Tampa, you’ll find one of the mold makers still working except it cost more like 3 or 4 dollars as opposed to the 25 cents we paid for ours back in the day.


This was my most favorite mold of all. It was from Cypress Gardens.

Some other things I remember from my childhood are a few of my favorite toys.  This was the first doll house I ever had.

doll house

It might have even been a hand me down from an older aunt for all I know but I loved it.  I also had a Barbie camper and a Barbie bike and I absolutely loved them.  I used to set up camp for my barbie’s all the time.

70's barbie

Looks a lot different than the barbie camper of today huh?

barbie bike

Barbie never fit right on this bike, it was a source of real frustration for me.

I also had these two dolls, Hollie and Heather Hobie.


They slept on my bed for years and even had their own bed linens which I carefully made every morning.  OCD for life!

When I got a little bit older like 6th, 7th and 8th grade I was introduced to the wonderful world of lip gloss.  I had these two which were from Avon.  They were cute on the outside but filled with gloss on the inside so it took the teachers a while to figure it out and take them away.


If I remember correctly I stole the lips from my Aunt or maybe someone at school.  Anyway, I was in the 6th grade and I didn’t get to go to camp with my friends that year so I was positive it was because my mom knew I stole those damn lips.

I had forgotten about these but lip lickers were all the rage back in the day.

lip lickers

These were like crack for your lips!

I found this on a vintage pinterest board, it was a bubble bath that I remember all too well.  I remember it because it was about this time we realized I was allergic to bubble bath.  No more squirrel bath, although back in the day for some reason I thought it was a cat.  Yep, you’re dealing with a genius here.

bubble bath

One thing I could use though was Jergens lotion and I remember that for a few years in a row I had an aunt who would buy me a gift set every year at Christmas.  It looked sort of like this:


I still love the original cherry almond smell of Jergen’s lotion!  It will always be one of my favorite smells.

This was one of my favorite games:

ring toss

I played this stupid thing for hours and one day it got a crack in it and the water all drained out.

Does anyone remember that wonderful orange glow you used to get when you used this stuff?


Those were the days! FYI, QT stands for Quick Tan but it was more like quick orange glow

And for shits and giggles, how bout I show you what we used to run in back in the day.  I’m pretty sure when I was in high school this was my standard running attire.

dolphin shorts

I had every color combination imaginable!

dolphin shorts

Doesn’t this outfit just exude coolness?

I also wore these socks on the reg, unfortunately when the ball fell off, the socks were ruined.

pom pom socks

And apart from the white and red and blue and white nikes that we all wore, I also had these shoes:

Except mine were blue and white.

Ah, the good old days.

Don’t worry, all those styles eventually recycle so I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually see some of you in some dolphin shorts, sportin’ some pom pom socks and I’ll just be over here laughing my ass off when your balls fall off.

What’s something you remember from your childhood?  A toy, an article of clothing, anything, just tell me.

Throwback Thursday – Running clothes of the past

I had a lot of fun putting together this post.  I searched for some ads for vintage running clothes and I’ve got some of the best and I also found some pictures of random people sporting those lovely outfits.

Here’s the thing.  If I’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s that fashion repeats itself, it really does…..and people, we are in trouble more specifically, men.

I can almost see junk.  That is not a good thing.

I can almost see junk. That is not a good thing.  I’m pretty sure these shorts are grounds for divorce.

These next two ads are from the Adidas Love Your Body Flash Adidas campaign.


What is around that dude’s neck? I’d say a cooling towel but this is like 1983 or something….

adidas ad

Okay, I will admit, I had a shirt just like this.

Here are a few vintage Nike ads:

nike ad

Do you think the guy in this ad is channeling his inner Pre?

vintage nike 2

This is a vintage nike ad. Does anyone else find it odd that her socks look so white and her shoes look dirty as all hell?

Puma was very popular back in the day.   I always associated them with tennis but apparently they had running clothes as well.

Vintage Puma

Check out that headband! Rad!  I always tuck in my shirt when I run, how about you?

I’m pretty sure those type of shorts are gonna make a huge comeback.

vintage running shorts

You can actually buy these retro and vintage shorts all over etsy.

I don’t remember this ad for adidas but isn’t this Brooke Shields?

It's not really a running ad but I found it interesting.

I don’t remember this farm team campaign, it’s from around 1987.

Check out this vintage Adidas ad.  It’s pretty old.  Adidas has been around a long time.

This ad is fairly old.  Adidas has been around a long time.

Why do all the male models look so cheesy?   Do you think the photographer said, “Okay guys now do your running pose” and what is with the fist?

adidas usa

And last but not least is my favorite of all the pictures I found because I’m pretty sure I sported this look for all of my elementary school years.

I have had a love affair with tube socks my entire life.

I have had a love affair with tube socks my entire life.

I miss my tube socks and track shorts….I think we should bring that look back.  I’d totally wear them both.

What was your favorite article of running clothing from back in the day?
Did you wear tube socks?

Flashback Friday! Running in the 70s and 80s

I can remember some of the running clothes from the 70’s and the 80’s. Let’s just say that some of them were okay, but some of them were atrocious. We’ve definitely come a long way.

Check out this Runner’s World magazine cover from the 70’s

Runners in the 70's

Last week I was looking up some information on a particular company that specializes in running clothing and I was surprised to learn how long the company had been around. I was also very amused by the old advertising, so I thought why not share it with you? But then my OCD brain got all crazy and I went on to find lots of ads from the 70’s and 80’s, and then I came up with the idea for this post….

Running in the 70’s and 80’s a look back at

The Magazines:

Runners World of course.

Runners World, of course. Check out that hat!

Did you ever see this one?  The Runner.  This magazine was a running publication in the 70’s and early 80’s and merged with Runner’s World around 1987.

Did you ever see The Runner? This magazine was a running publication in the 70’s and early 80’s and merged with Runner’s World around 1987.

And how about the clothing?

Adidas, Circa 1970  Not too bad, I could live with it.

Adidas, Circa 1979 Not too bad, I could live with it, in fact, I’m pretty sure I had those shorts at one time and that jacket.

Dolfin shorts....which still make me think of Richard Simmons, every time.

Let me just say, Dolfin shorts were very cool back in the early 80’s and I had a ton of them. Then came Hooter’s, and then Richard Simmons and dolfin shorts were never the same.


Did anyone else know Jogbra had been around this long?

Did anyone else know Jogbra had been around this long?

Treadmills in the 70’s?

How about home treadmills, do you know what the first treadmill looked like? How about this beauty?

May I introduce to you, the PaceMaster 600.  One of the first treadmills designed for home use by William Straub and produced by his company in the late 1960’s.

May I introduce to you, the PaceMaster 600. One of the first treadmills designed for home use by William Straub and produced by his company in the late 1960’s.

And I’ve saved my favorite thing for last. Let’s take a look at the shoes, shall we?

Running Shoes of the 70’s and 80’s


Old nike ad


adidas ad

New Balance

New Balance

Check out that price, 27.95 which included shipping!




Okay, I’m not sure if this ad is actually from the 70’s or 80’s at all but I love the caption, it’s epic.









I had these shoes.

I had these shoes and I loved them. I remember begging my Mom for them. I had them in royal blue with white strips. I called them my Tigers…. but they didn’t exactly make me roar…wasn’t that how they were supposed to work?

And there you go. That’s a little taste of running in the 70’s and 80’s.

Did you like this flashback?

Tell me about any item you remember from the time you first started running? (When I was on the track team in high school we had these ungodly fleece sweatpants and I LOVED them. They were not the least bit flattering either, trust me.)