I won the lottery, sort of.

The mini vacation is over and we are back to the grind over here.  I don’t mind it so much except that, okay, I do, I mind it.  I mind it a lot.  I hate being behind on anything but especially work because let’s face it, work generally sucks anyway regardless of whether you’re ahead or behind but behind is worse because then it just takes forever to get through the day.

man returns to work

Thankfully I’m not too far behind because we were only away for four days.  We left Wednesday evening after my appointment with the cardiologist, which, by the way, went okay.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was an ironman but not thrilled when he told me that endurance running was not really good for the heart according to recent studies.

back up hater

I told him that I had read many recent studies that contradicted some of those theories and we agreed to disagree and then I told him about my favorite trail in Venice and suggested he try it out sometime.  He told me endurance running is not good for the heart and that he should really listen to his own advice because neither are triathlons but he said he understood the endorphin high.

Then he scheduled an echocardiogram for a later date and we parted ways.

cash me ousside

On Thursday I had a blast taking my Mom and my Mother in law shopping at University Town Center.  It was my mother in law’s birthday and mom and I wanted to take her out all day and shop til we couldn’t shop anymore and that’s exactly what we did.  I may have even gotten a few new things from lululemon because, LULULEMON!


On Friday we had some friends down from Vermont and we all went out to celebrate at the Casey Key fish house.

Casey Key Fish House

Casey Key Fish House

After dinner, we showed our friends how the better half lives and drove down Casey Key.  The wind was blowing really hard and the waves were crashing over the road but I got some great pictures.

Casey Key Beach

Mom went to Fort Meyer’s to visit with a cousin on Saturday and MacGyver and I took our friends down the Shakett Creek canal.  It was cold as shit and I froze my ass off for most of it but the pictures were totally worth it.  Take a look at a few of them.

Shakett Creek

Shakett Creek

up the creek

On Sunday we went over to the in-laws and MacGyver took us out on the boat.  It was chilly but there were a lot of people out on the water, more that I expected.

Goin boatin

The hat lasted about 2 seconds!

boats on the water

Boats on the Water, Fire in the sky….

We drove down towards Venice since the wind was still pretty bad but instead of heading the way we typically do we went in to an alcove and headed toward a beach area.  It looked like this,

Hidden Beach

We got out of the boat and and walked up the beach and there were trails everywhere.

Beach Trails

So we decided to follow them.  I took pictures of course, for scientific reasons, you know, to share with you on the blog.  And also in case we got lost at sea and someone found the phone they could possibly locate us.

hidden beach trail

It seemed to go on forever but it got more and more interesting.

trail hill

And then it opened up to this scene.

Hidden Beach

paradise beach


Paradise! Who knew?

It was waiting there all this time and we had no idea!  It was breathtaking.  Apparently it’s a well-kept secret but people do know about it because there were people with tents camping all over the island and lots of people with lounge chairs hanging out.  It was stunning though.

Paradise Beach

And just in case you’re wondering, I did run quite a bit this weekend as well.  I ran a total of 26 miles on the legacy trail.  As always, it was wonderful but my long run on Saturday was epic.  I was plugging along around mile 3 or 4 when a bicyclist came rolling up and I looked over and saw an ironman logo on the shorts and at first I thought it was a friend of mine whom I always see when I’m running there and I got ready to say hi but even though the face was familiar it wasn’t my friend.

It took a minute to sink in but then it hit me.  It was my cardiologist!

I sped up to get right beside him and then I said, ‘I’m glad to see that one of us listen to the others advice!’  He laughed and said that it was an awesome trail.

That it is, and running is good for you too!

On more thing that happened this weekend.  Mom and I had bought lottery tickets on the way to Nokomis and I totally forgot about them because I almost never play.  On Sunday morning I checked them and of course they were losers, except for one.  I picked the powerball number.  Did you know that you win money when you pick the powerball number?  You do!  I won 4 bucks!  I’m a winner!  Winner winner, chicken dinner.

How was your weekend?

MacGyver left me

Yesterday MacGyver left me. He went down to Englewood to replace the boat lift and I stayed here to work and because I had a conference call this morning.  Oh you thought I meant he left me, left me! No, he knows where the bread is buttered, and besides only I know which channels are the high def ones, so he’s stuck with me.

Anyway, the conference call is done, which is a good thing because my computer is acting up and the keys are sticking, and it’s driving me crazy.

So, the dogs have been walked and fed, my run is complete, the car is packed and I’m ready to go. Nokomis, here we come! And not a minute to freakin soon.

Boomer and his bear

Apparently Boomer will be taking along his bear even though he has one at the other house, because he is insisting on bringing this one. He wont put it down!

And doesn’t Hank look smashing in his new jacket?

Hank in his jacket

I swear it’s Hank, even though the little shit refuses to pose for the camera.

I can tell this is gonna be a fun ride down.  I’m so glad they’re on their best behavior already.  Oh joy. I am in need of a weekend. Adios sticky keys!

What are you’re plans for the weekend?

WTF Wednesday, damn that wall, gotta catch em all!

MacGyver and I had to head down to Venice early yesterday morning because I had an appointment with the imaging center to have another MRI.  The second and third of the total 5 I’ll be having.

so lucky

Yeah, I know, right?

Anywho we should have actually made the trek down on Monday night but we didn’t because, well, let’s be honest, we were feeling lazy and decided to wait until Tuesday morning.  No worries because my appointment wasn’t until 12:30 and it only takes an hour and 15 minutes to get down to Venice from our house.   That’s why we promptly left at 10:00AM.  And we made it to the skyway bridge by about 10:50 just in time for this:

fire on bridge

stuck on a bridge

That’s a diesel truck on fire with 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel.  That’s a sign.  A big fat sign that says “Sister, you should have dragged your ass down there yesterday!”

So, I wasn’t going to make it because to detour around that bridge takes another hour at least and that’s when they actually let us off the bridge because we were stuck there.  We didn’t even arrive at our house in Nokomis until a few minutes before 2:00PM.  Fortunately the MRI place was open late and they agreed to see me at 5:00PM, see lucky. (That’s sarcasm kids.)

I arrived 30 minutes early as instructed but they had hit a few snags that day and were running a bit behind which meant I had to wait.  Normally I would have been annoyed because I’ve never been good at sitting still but that was before Pokemon Go.

my tweet


After the MRI I convinced MacGyver to take me to dinner at my favorite restaurant and then we made a random trip to Big Lots because we wanted to get some supplies and some things to drink for our stay down here.  (We will only be here a day but we need our Gatorade, obviously.)  I bought a bunch of junk while we were in there because that’s what you do when it’s on sale and it’s a random trip and you just consumed a bowl of heavenly fish chowder and the best damn pasta dish ever.

Up until yesterday I would have told you that I’ve followed my diet very closely and eaten extremely healthy for the last week and that I deserved a little treat but then I went too far.  I came home from Big Lots and had one of those mini vanilla ice cream bars coated in chocolate.  Apparently it wasn’t enough and I had a half gallon of vanilla ice cream drenched in root beer.  I called it a root beer float but it was more like a root beer barge.  And then because I take gluttony to whole new heights I ate 6 vanilla cream cookies before calling it a night.

And here’s a piece of advice….if you decide to run off all those calories the next day, be careful and pay attention just in case the massive amount of sugar the night before causes a big crash while you’re running and you feel a bit weak and out of it.  You might also want to put down the phone and watch where you’re running because you may not be at the top of your game.  I’m just sayin.


I guess it’s a good thing I’m having a few more MRI’s today.  WTF, it must be Wednesday!

When is the last time you walked, ran or drove into a wall?
Ever had an MRI?  What for? 
(Mine isn’t because I walk into walls, I swear.)