Friday five with birds and bat shit crazy people

Yesterday morning when I finished my 5 treadmill miles, I headed off to the shower and noticed a cat sitting on my window sill…..right under my baby birds!

baby doves

               Aw hell no gurl fran, don’t touch my babies!

So I ran outside dripping with sweat and shooed the cat off.  Unfortunately, it came back.  And so did two others.  What the hell?

Yesterday was a close call and I am freaking out about it because we’re leaving to go to Venice today…if anyone has any ideas about how to keep the neiighborhood cats away from the baby birds when we aren’t here, I’d love to hear from you.

I may have made a huge deal out of the situation because when I walked outside with the dogs to go for our walk this morning, there was a cat under the jeep and both dogs freaked out for a solid 5 minutes.  Boomer almost yanked my arm out of the socket but after they calmed down we continued on our walk.

About 10 minutes later we encountered another cat and they both freaked out again but by this time I was over it.  I realized they weren’t freaking out because they saw me do it yesterday, they’re just bad dogs so I marched their little assess right back home.  So, I also need advice on taming unruly and crazy-assed dogs, feel free to leave some.


Don’t be fooled by this sweet face, he’s got the heart of a killer.

One last thing before I head off to the beach.  Do you know who Valeria Lukyanova, the human barbie is?

human barbie

This is a picture she posted to her facebook page this week.  She is very outspoken about her body and what she is trying to accomplish.  I have to admit, I was curious.  I mean, why would you want to look like a Barbie doll?

So I read a few articles in which she addressed what she calls her ‘haters’ and the only thing I could deduce is that….this girl is bat shit crazy.  I think it’s because she’s hungry.

Hope y’all have a fantastic weekend.  I’m going to blog from the beach so be sure to check in for some awesome pics….;)

What are doing this weekend?  I need details…

Random Trip Pics

This morning I ran 6 Miles in the neighborhood. Yesterday I took the day off from all exercise because I was traveling all day from Tennessee back to Florida.

We were supposed to leave around 9ish in the morning so that I could be home before it got too late but that didn’t happen. No, first Mom locked herself under the pool deck and it took me almost an hour to find her and free her and then she ran over my suitcase requiring a bit of, ahem, repacking if you will. I’m home now and in case you were wondering how Mom is gonna fare now that I’m gone….I brought her home with me! All is well.

Here are some random pics from my trip:

Me and Mom's Dog Shakespeare

Me and Mom’s Dog Shakespeare


Kaitlin's adorable Jezebel

Kaitlin’s adorable Jezebel


Me and my Sister in front of the Caves at Carter Mill.

The Mill at Carter Mill

The Mill at Carter Mill

I love this picture of my sister hiking the trail at Carter Mill.  So beautiful.

I love this picture of my sister hiking the trail at Carter Mill. So beautiful.

The best barbeque and banana pudding….EVER! No, Really.

Dead End Barbeque

Dead End Barbeque


Banana Pudding to die for!

Banana Pudding to die for!

What’s the last trip you went on and why?