Monday, time to catch up!

Hey from lovely Englewood, Florida!

Englewood Florida Crane

We’re still down here visiting with the family.  We haven’t decided when we’re heading back to Clearwater but since I can work from anywhere it’s no worry for me.  And I’m pretty sure that MacGyver would rather be fishing so there’s that.

We spent the weekend fishing and beaching and combing the island at Stump Pass for some sharks teeth and shells.  We found a shit ton.

Stump Pass

It looks a little ominous in this pic but it’s actually very pretty.  It just happened to be a little overcast that day which we didn’t mind because it made it much cooler.  It also made the dolphins a bit frisky.

dophin in Englewood

This little guy was swimming around the boat.  He had a fresh prop wound on his back which made me sad.  I wish people would be a little more cautious when out boating especially with all the dolphins and manatees in the water around here.

He swam around for quite a while as we took pictures and then MacGyver was releasing a fish that we caught and he swam right up as if he was going to eat it.

dolphin eating

MacGyver dropped the fish in the water before the dolphin could actually eat it because you never want to feed them, it encourages them to beg which unfortunately can lead to prop wounds such as the one on this dolphin’s back.

We’ve got plenty of animals to feed anyway in the form of these two:

dogs with Vinny

And believe me when I say, they are loving every minute of the attention.

The shopping has been very good too.  This weekend my Sister-In-Law and a I did a bit of garage sale-ing and holy bargains we found some great deals.  Some of those deals are actually projects but I’m sure we’ll have fun turning them into treasures.  I’m looking forward to taking a trip to the craft store after I search pinterest for a few hours 😉  You’ve been there, right?


I’ve been running a bit while we’re down here too.  I ran 6 miles on Saturday, 4 on Sunday and 5 this morning.  I haven’t taken a day off yet because I’m sort of addicted to running  I was afraid it would rain for days due to the tropical storm.

Fortunately, the storm dissipated and so far we haven’t had that much rain at all.  Today should be the worst of it and then it should go back to normal.  And by normal I mean 100% humidity and hotter than the hinges of hell.  Beats rain though.

And while its raining today, I think I may do some research to find some additional running paths.  I like to use map my run to find them.  You can also search runkeeper and there are a few more as well.  I get bored if I run the same path all the time, even the Legacy Trail is boring after a while, no matter how pretty it is.

And with that, I’m off, got some crafting, trail finding and working to do.

How do you find new running trails or paths?
Did you know you’re not supposed to feed wild dolphins?

The police are everywhere these days!

Happy Monday from Nokomis, Florida.  Typically I would say Venice because no one knows where Nokomis is. No one knows where Englewood is either and that’s where the other house is so, we just say Venice. It’s close enough, trust me.

slider turtle

             This is a picture of a random turtle in my backyard.

Anyhow, that’s where we are. Today is my mother-in-law’s birthday and we’ll be going out to an early dinner at a new and really cool-looking barstaurant, I’ll give you the full rundown tomorrow, (my opinion may change).

The flower's in my window box.  I'd love it if someone could tell me what they are....

The flower’s in my window box. I’d love it if someone could tell me what they are….

In the meantime, I want to tell you about two things that happened this weekend. Unfortunately I have no pictures because I left the cord to my camera at home but I have some great shots of the wildlife and flowers I took in my yard last week, so I’m going to just intersperse those throughout the post for your enjoyment. You’re welcome.


                     My spring flowers are just about to bloom!

MacGyver was at the cabin on Thursday and Friday. He got home late Saturday afternoon just as the Kid came home from work so we all sat in the kitchen talking for a few minutes. MacGyver gave us an update on the search for the fugitive who still hasn’t been apprehended.  I have no plans of going out there until he is and I said as much. The kid said he wouldn’t go either, but MacGyver obviously wasn’t too concerned.

After talking for a bit we told the Kid that we were planning on heading down to the other house for a few days and told him we’d see him on Tuesday or Wednesday. I told him my phone was broken and that if he needed anything to call MacGyver’s phone, and then the Kid headed up to his apartment over the garage.

Since MacGyver had driven several hours to get home, he was a bit tired so I offered to pack up the car and run up to the store to get supplies while he rested…… and then he proceeded to fall asleep, for quite a while.

Finally around 7pm he woke up and started to load the car. I told him I wanted to leave by 8 and he said okay but at 8:45pm he was still looking around for things to pack and I had meandered on over to the neighbors to shoot the shit.

We have a new crane!  She showed up a few days ago and already eats from my hand.

We have a new crane! She showed up a few days ago and already eats from my hand.

As I was walking back toward the house I noticed a police cruiser pulling up to my house and I saw an officer get out. I made my way over and asked if he was looking for someone.

Policeman: I’m looking for ——–street.
Me: This is ——-street.
Policeman: Ma’am, we have a report of a burglary in progress at this address. Do you actually live here?
Me: Uh, yes, I do. Who called in a burglary?
At this point MacGyver came over and we both looked at the policeman with complete confusion.
Policeman: Do you have someone living upstairs over the garage?
Me: Yes, my son lives up there.
Policeman: Ma’am, you’re son called in a burglary in progress and said that his parents had left to go out of town. He said he heard someone rooting around in the house and the garage and he called us. We’ve got 4 squad cars on the way. Are you sure you live here?
Me: I’ll call my son.
I didn’t realize it but MacGyver was already going upstairs to check on the kid. I was calling the kid from MacGyver’s phone but he wouldn’t answer. I then told the policeman about the burglary at our property and explained that we were all on high alert and had some frazzled nerves.
Policeman: Ma’am could we just go up and see your son?
MacGyver was making his way back and just coming up behind me.
MacGyver: Sure officer, but you may have a hard time getting him to come out from behind the door.

A short time after that as we were all standing in my backyard, the kid explained that he thought we had left several hours earlier because he heard my car leave and since MacGyver was sleeping he didn’t hear anyone in the house. Later when he heard noises his first thought was that the fugitive had somehow tracked MacGyver home and broken into the house and since my phone was broken and his calls were going straight to voicemail he assumed the worst and called the police.  (This is what happens when they watch scary movies before they turn 30!)

It all worked out in the end and MacGyver, the Kid, Me, and all the policemen had a good laugh, but the moral of the story is: If you think someone is breaking into your house or garage call the authorities, but first look out the window.

Orange lillies growing along the fence in Nokomis.  I have hundreds of them.

Orange lilies growing along the fence in Nokomis. I have hundreds of them.

On Sunday MacGyver and I decided to go spend the day in Englewood with the parents and get in a full day of fishing, so we headed over bright and early.  After breaking the main water line to the house and having to repair that we finally got out on the water……. around 6pm.

This first spot we chose to fish was a bust and after much prodding I convinced MacGyver that we needed to move. We found a good location under a little draw bridge that goes to the beach. After we got the boat tied off a man up on the bridge yelled down, “Can the doggies have a biscuit?” I said, “Sure!” So, the man threw down a few dog biscuits from the bridge.

Apparently MacGyver was oblivious to the whole conversation because when it started raining milk bones he yelled, “What the hell’s going on?” So his mom and I proceeded to tell him what happened and point out the nice man on the bridge throwing down the dog biscuits but then MacGyver said, “Why does a random guy standing on the bridge have dog biscuits in his pocket? Don’t you think that’s weird?” And you’re probably thinking the same thing, right?

Wild pink lilies from my yard.

I interrupt this post to bring you wild pink lilies from my yard.

The random guy was the drawbridge operator and they often hand out dog biscuits to passing cars. It was slow that night and when he heard us under the bridge he looked down and saw the dogs on the boat and wanted to give them a treat and so he threw down the dog biscuits. How cool is that?

You gotta love Florida!

So, tell me about your weekend?
Did you do anything fun?