WTF Wednesday, hot as hell o’clock

Yesterday I had to run a quick errand.  After not being in my car for almost a week it seemed like it was riding weird.  Turns out MacGyver had adjusted the seat but I didn’t know that at the time so as I pulled up to particularly long red light in my neighborhood I figured I had a few minutes to assess the situation.

I did so in about 2 seconds.  I spent the next two and a half minutes explaining to the newly anointed 16 year old driver beside me that no, I did not know Kiki and no, I was not doing a challenge and actually, I was just doing this thing where you jump out of your car real quick to check to see if your tire might be a little low.  It was all the rage back in the day.

big eye roll

About 2 hours after my run this morning when I was walking the dogs at hot as hell o’clock, I noticed this little petite woman up ahead of me running.  In long black running tights and a white hoodie.  Seriously.


She was serious.

I was floored.  I mean I was barely dressed and I was pouring sweat.  Did I mention it was hot as hell o’clock?  Anyway, it reminded me of a video I saw on facebook this week that asked what kind of runner are you?   They had a woman running in all kinds of layers and she was the ‘eskimo’, which is exactly what that woman was.

Another one was running with a garmin, a fitbit, and an iPhone and she was the cyborg, which is totally me, except add a motiv ring and sometimes the lumo run because data people, data.


Awe, c’mon, you know that was funny.

My sister will be here tomorrow for the annual fishing trip.  With the current red tide situation we may have to rename it the annual binge drinking and binge shopping trip.  Actually, that doesn’t sound half bad.

WTF, it’s Wednesday.  How hot is it were you are?