Tuesday by the twos

Two miles.  The amount that I walked yesterday morning.  It seems like such a small amount but when you’re having breathing problems and it’s hella humid, two miles is a marathon.

Two minutes.  The amount of time it will take me to put on my running shoes and run a marathon as soon as my doctors figure out what is wrong and then ultimately fix it.

when you cant run

Two Days.  The amount of time until I actually meet with my new pulmonologist.  Also, an eternity.

Two movies.  I told you about one of these months ago but these are two movies that I simply cannot wait to see.

Love, Gilda

Three Identical Strangers

Two for the price of one.  A cassette tape in which I am auditioning to be a teacher, at 8 years old because yes, I thought I needed to audition.  So I reigned in my brother and sister and on that same tape my sister can be heard pretending to be Rosanne Rosanna Danna who stepped in cat poo and my brother, who is playing my student pronounces agent as ag-ant.  AG Ant.  I have that cassette tape in my possession and I am just waiting for the perfect moment to play it again.  Embarrassing two of my siblings at the same time.  Two for the price of one.  Finding a cassette player may prove to be  challenging…… and also I just dated the hell out of myself.

Never mind found it, AMAZON.

Two Dogs.  The amount I have and the little boogers who keep me somewhat in shape by insisting I walk them many times, every. single. day.  And feed them and pet them and give them snacks and take them for car rides and….

Two Birds.  Also the amount I have although I’ve released them countless times because they refuse to leave me.

Too Many.  The amount of peacocks and ducks that I feed daily in my yard.  Also why the two birds may be refusing to leave.  My shopping bill is huge.  HUGE.

Two hours.  The amount of time I slept last night because MacGyver is in Nokomis and it was eerily quiet without the soothing sound of his snoring.

Your turn, tell me something in twos. 

All artwork by Vinny, follow him

Happy Tuesday.  We’re still hangin in Nokomis with the family.  Today is going to be a beach morning if we can handle the red tide.  We’ll have to see how that goes.  Yesterday we didn’t even attempt it.  Instead we went shopping.

I found the best deal of the day.  This scarf was hiding out at the Goodwill store.  I ain’t even lyin.

Louis Vuitton scarf

Yeah, that does say Louis Vuitton Paris and I only paid 9 bucks for it.  Steal.

We shopped for quite a while and by early afternoon we were starving so we decided to hit up the Lucky Dog Cafe which none of us had ever eaten at before.

lucky dog

I highly recommend it.  The ambiance is great and the food is delish.

These two, such hams.

We got home late in the afternoon and since my nephew was a little bored, we put his artistic talents to work.

He painted a grouper for us and y’all, it is AWESOME.

Vinny's art

I promised him I would get him some followers for his instagram account so y’all need to not make a liar out of me and follow him now.

And with that, I’ve got a beach to get to.  See ya tomorrow.

A tangent or three

Remember how I said that MacGyver and I have some issues with our backs?  Well maybe that’s why we’ve just given up on our bed.  I say given up because it’s like the bazillionth one we’ve purchased and the only ones who sleep comfortably in it are our dogs.  I’m sure most of you are laughing right now thinking well, therein lies the problem.

No, really it doesn’t.  It goes way back.  It’s really their world and we merely exist in it.

Hanky Poo

You’re lucky we like you lady.  And who put me in this shirt?  You’re fired!


There’s a house near the peacock farm that must be a rental.  Recently a group of shady looking people have been living there and I only know this because they’re just wrapping up their work day when my workout is beginning, somewhere around the 6am hour.

On more than one occasion I’ve seen a gentleman asleep on the front porch with a ‘rolled cigarette’ pursed in his lips and a beer between his legs.  Sometimes I can smell the familiar “concert smell” wafting through the air as I pass by.  On Monday one of the guys yelled over to me.

Guy:  Hey, why do you exercise every day?

ME:  Why do you do drugs every day?

Guy:  What makes you think I do drugs every day?

ME:  What makes you think I exercise every day?

Guy:  Because I see you!

Me:  Touché my friend Touché.

Drugs make you stupid people.  Don’t do drugs.

Tangent over


Since I have to keep on eating gluten and whatever I decided to have my favorite thing last night, a Wendy’s vanilla Frosty with Reeses peanut butter cup minis because I HAVE to keep on eating gluten and whatever.  Yeah, I know totally bad, but don’t worry because I couldn’t eat it.  Clearly, Topamax and I are going to have a love hate relationship. I love that it squashes my appetite and keeps me from eating stuff that is bad for me and I hate that it keeps me from eating stuff that is bad for me. I just really need to get back to running and work out this rage.  Like yesterday.

What’s your secret go to indulgence?