Tuesday Tips, Staying comfortable, even when it’s hot!

It’s no secret that it’s hot in Florida, everyone who’s ever been here knows that but you do tend to get used to it and you adapt.  I’m always giving runners advice on how we stay cool when running in the Florida heat but I often get asked how we stay cool and comfortable in general, especially with the humidity.


As I said, we adapt to the heat and humidity.  We develop ways to stay comfortable and cool and for those of you who wonder how I do it, here are some of my tips.

Keep your head cool.  It’s the number one thing I tell people.  You may think wearing a hat is hot but actually it keeps the sun off of your face and helps to cool you down.  If you don’t like wearing hats, wear a visor.  I wear one every day when I run.  Every. Single. Day.

I have a pretty small head but I live in this one, even when we go out on the boat.

Cool your engine first.  Just like a car, your body needs fluids to keep it cool.  I munch on fruit like watermelon and strawberries throughout the day and I also drink lots of water.  Staying hydrated is key.

Cotton is king.  I love my cotton underwear.  It breathes and its super light.  That’s really important here in Florida.  No one likes to have something sticking to them underneath their clothes.  It’s not only unsightly, it’s really uncomfortable.

Wear Sports Bras under all the things.  I wear sports bras as much as possible.  If you see me in anything other than an evening dress, chances are I probably have on a moisture wicking sports bra underneath.  You can get the same support with a sports bra as you do with a really good bra but a sports bra is much more comfortable in my opinion and the moisture wicking option is a must!

This is one of my personal favorites. Focusing on a comfy, moisture wicking base layer isn’t just for women either. Choosing the right men’s underwear, like these, make all the difference for guys too!

Forego the heavy makeup.  Makeup tends to run down your face when it’s hot and that’s why I stick to a light moisturizer with sunscreen instead of foundation and I use very minimal makeup.

makeup running

This is not pretty.

Dress for comfort.  I love light colors and really thin fabrics.  I don’t like to feel restricted by clothing and being able to move in it is a must and that’s why I prefer clothing that’s light and airy.  Long flowy cotton dresses look just as nice as a tight pencil skirt and it’s much easier to step out of my SUV!

Be mindful of your feet.  High heels sure do look nice, especially with a really nice outfit, but let’s face it, they aren’t the most comfortable.  I recycle my old running shoes and wear them when I’m running errands, garage sale-ing on the weekend, or shopping. When the occasion calls for something other than my running shoes, I wear cute flat sandals as much as possible.  Lately, I’m living in my Sperry Calla Jade sandals in Blue, LOVE!

running in heels

This is a broken ankle waiting to happen.

Misting sprays for your face.  I have a couple of these and I keep one in my purse at all times.  Not only does that mist feel great on your face, it gives you a nice little glow as well.

Lower your temperature with your wrists.  If you find yourself out running around during the day and the heat is getting to you but you certainly cannot take a dip in the pool, just run your wrists under really cool water for 10 – 15 seconds.  This trick actually lowers your whole body temperature and it keeps it cool for up to an hour!

What are your tips for staying cool and comfortable?

It’s Prime day and FREE SLURPEE day!

Happy 7/11 day or as I like to call it, FREE SLURPEE DAY!  Yes, today is 7/11 and if you go to any 7/11 store today, you get a small slurpee for FREE.

free slurpee

Today is also Amazon Prime Day and if you’ve been thinking about the new Garmin Fenix 3 today may be the day to order one.  It’s 36% off if you have a prime account.  The deals actually started last night and there are some pretty good ones for runners, that’s why I probably won’t get anything done today.

The deals come every single hour!



I did get up this morning and walk five miles in Kapok Park, as always, it was beautiful.

Kapok Park

I’m not a very fast walker.  It takes me around 14 minutes to walk a mile, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.  When I walk a lot and I can get it down to around 12 and a half minutes but there is no way in hell I could ever walk as fast as Tom Bosworth.  He walked a 5:31:08 mile at the London Diamond League on July 6th.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, he actually broke the world record!

I watched the video yesterday and when I was walking this morning I thought about speeding up to see how fast I could go but I didn’t, however, there was one point when I looked down at my stats on runkeeper and saw this:

no way

What! WHaaaaaaaaaaaat?  Current pace what?  In my dreams!

That is so not accurate.  I ain’t gonna lie though, it sort of made me feel like Usain Bolt for a hot minute.  So there’s that.

Time’s a wasting, I’ve got some shopping to do.

Are you an Amazon Prime member?  Will you be shopping today?  Will you go out and get a slurpee?

Tuesday Tips! The stuff your Mama forgot to tell you.

Hey peeps, what up? Even though I’m not running right now, I am doing all the things I need to be doing to get myself healthy again and get back out there. Running is still a huge part of my life. I am always looking for ways to improve and new things to help me better my performance which is why today, I am sharing with you in a post I’m calling Tuesday’s Tips! Hope you enjoy.

I get a lot of hits for ‘peed my pants in a race’ and most likely they are because of this post that I wrote over a year ago.

Pee my pantsSince writing that post I’ve learned about a new product invented by a fellow runner and athlete, who also has this very common problem. What I like most is that you can actually request a free sample to try out the product before you buy it and that’s pretty awesome. Ladies, if you suffer from this as well and you’d like an option other than surgery, check out this product and let me know what you think.

Do you want to get fast?

All of us have that one go to blog, the one that we get great tips from. Mine is Tina Muir’s and if you are serious about running in any way whatsoever, you should visit this blog. Tina just ran a half marathon and killed it. She won the damn thing running a 1:18:37 and that’s not even a PR for her! Her PR half is under 1:15, that’s crazy fast. Seriously. She runs for the Saucony Hurricanes and she’ll be running the Chicago Marathon as an Elite. (I’m so stoked to follow along and see how she does.)

Tina offers tips on training as well as nutrition and she knows what she is talking about. Not only is she an elite athlete, she’s been a running coach as well, but that’s not the reason I love this blog. I love this blog because I get great tips and wonderful recipes from someone who is relatable and real. I really like this girl and I like the fact that she’s so down to earth and the next time I go to Tennessee, I will probably drive up to Lexington, Kentucky just to go running with her and learn as much as I can. So go visit her blog, you’ll love it.

These two shirts are my newest favorites. I need them now. Click on the links to find the stores.

etsy running shirt

Oh My God Becky,

Look At Her Butt!

I’m ordering the Becky shirt stat!

Lastly, if you’re trying to decide on a marathon to run, it’s great to know all you can about the ones you’re considering. I like knowing if the course is hilly or flat, what the average temperature is on the day of the marathon and how other runners have liked it in the past. You can find out all of those things and more by visiting this site. You can also find out how big the marathon is and the entry fee, among other things. I love this site. They even offer a search function which allows you to search by location, state, or keyword. Pretty sweet stuff. Check it out. And once you’ve run a marathon, go back to the site and leave a review of your race and any tips you may have. Other runners, like me, will appreciate it. 🙂

Have an awesome Tuesday and if you have any tips you’d like to share, please leave me a comment!