Fitbit struggles from a healthy junky

So my damn fitbit hasn’t synced since late August.  I’ve tried every suggested fix short of losing all of my data and still nothing.  The next step includes a reset and that’s when I’ll lose all of my data so I’m sort of pissed.  I mean, I just got the damn thing back a few months ago.


Lately I’ve spent more time trying to sync and fix it than I have working out so I’m wondering what the breaking point is….

Ugh, gadgets.

Last week when I had my procedures the nurse had a bit of trouble finding my vein.  It wasn’t too terribly bad and she only missed once but she had to put the IV in my hand and I tend to bruise pretty bad there.


It isn’t painful, it just looks really bad {way worse than the pictures} but I’ve had mad fun with it.  Whenever I’m out and about and someone looks at me or says something, I make comments like, ‘yeah, I know, I need to find another vein’ and then I crack up at the side eye I get.

Do you bruise easy?

Any fitbit struggles for you?

Still waiting…got new shit though so there’s that.

Yesterday I really had had enough.  I just got sick of feeling breathless each and every time I picked up Hank or walked around the house.  It just makes no sense and so I called the doctor’s office.  Of course they could not fit me in until next week but since I told her I was having trouble catching my breath they said they could fit me in with the PA in the urgent care clinic.


So I went over immediately and 15 minutes later I was in the office trying to explain to the PA what the problem is.  Of course he insisted my lungs sound fine and that I am in no immediate danger.  He said I should make sure I follow up with the pulmonologist in August and in the meantime workout when I can and rest when I cant.  He also said my blood pressure was high and I might want to talk to my doctor about it.

Mind you I just saw her 3 weeks ago and it was completely normal.  WTF?

So, still feeling breathless with no answers but I’m no in any immediate danger according to the guy who spent all of  minutes with me.  Thanks.

Fortunately by the afternoon things started to look up.  The mailman dropped off a package I had been waiting on.


Because when your hands are tied and you have to wait for appointments and test and you don’t feel up to running, you can always shop.  Shopping is the cure to all the worlds problems.


So I still have to wait but at least I have some new things to play with.

im satisfied

So when it comes to medical tests, having them and waiting for results, how patient are you?

Tuesday, how this woman faced down stave IV lung cancer, and won.

This morning I woke up early and went to get ready to go run. I wasn’t feeling particularly ambitious and I actually thought about not working out at all but I took Monday off so I really wanted to get a workout in.

The truth is, I’ve been sort of lazy for the last month or so.  Okay, really lazy.  Because sometimes it’s just easier not to work out, not to prepare the healthy food, not to worry so much about keeping the house clean, and not to take care of myself.

im lazy

Anyway, while I was sitting on the sofa pondering whether to go for a run or not I picked up a magazine and started flipping through.  This particular magazine tends to have a few feel good stories in it every issue, you know like the chicken soup for the soul variety.  I never read them.  I don’t know why but I’ve always considered them a bit hokey.

This morning I read the story.  I’m not sure what got my attention, the ‘beating the odds’ headline or the byline that said, ‘after being diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer doctors didn’t have a lot of hope.’  Whatever the reason I read the story.

Rachel Drazan-Malmberg was a 30 year old elite athlete who woke up with a pain in her ribs that wouldn’t go away.  At first her doctors told her it was probably pneumonia because she was such a health minded person and so physically fit but the pain didn’t go away so she pressed the doctors, got an MRI and then heard the news no one ever wants to hear, stage IV lung cancer that had spread to her brain.

Rachel went through an expensive and grueling treatment and miraculously she has beat her cancer.  In fact, she’s currently training for a marathon.  I was so inspired by her story I looked her up online and wanted to share it with you.

I so admire her courage and strength and in the article I read this morning Rachel was quoted as saying, ‘What you believe is what you can achieve.’   We should all live by that motto.

Have you ever had to fight to find a diagnosis before?

On a scale of 1-10 how confident do you feel that your doctor listens to you?