Garmin failed me for my scientific experiment

Y’all this morning I went back to the treadmill.  Can I just say that currently I am in love with it.  When it comes to 100% humidity and temps in the mid 90’s the treadmill becomes your best friend.  I ran 5 miles at a 1% incline.  The first mile was the slowest at 9:57, the second was 9:31 and then I went down from there and I ran the last mile in 8:40.  I finished in 46:20 with an average pace of 9:16.

Currently I’m sporting this look.

crazy hair

Don’t hate, it took months to nail this style.

I always try to run at a 1% incline or higher to simulate running outside as closely as I can.  In case you’re wondering how the treadmill compares to running outside, here’s a great treadmill pace conversion chart that tells you.

Because I’m a bit analytical and somewhat of a geek, I wanted to find out how accurate the treadmill and the treadmill conversion chart are as compared to my Garmin 620.  The Garmin 620 is supposed to also work with the treadmill and since I’ve never tried it, I decided to test it out on Sunday.

I ran 4 miles and then checked the Garmin…..

garmin fail

And it looked almost like this…..

Except my Garmin said that I ran .33 miles in 39:10 minutes.   POINT 33, Bastard!

So I went to the Garmin website which for some reason always confuses me.  I seem to have more luck in the forums.  Anyway, from what I could surmise, you have to wear the heart rate monitor for the Garmin to work on the treadmill.

Since I haven’t worn the HRM in a while I decided to test it out.  Yesterday when I went for a three mile run in the neighborhood, I wore it.  It still works, and quite well I might add.

So, this morning, I ran those 5 miles on the treadmill with the garmin and the HRM so that I could determine how accurate the treadmill and the pace conversion chart are.  As soon as I finished my run I hit the button to stop the watch and after getting off the treadmill I checked to see what it said.


                            .38 WTF?

So this entire post that was supposed to be a scientific finding based on the measurements of the treadmill versus the pace conversion chart and the measurements of the Garmin  is a total and complete wash!

If anyone has any idea how to make the Garmin 620 work while running on the treadmill please feel free to leave me a comment or email me.

Until then I guess will just have to leave the scientific experiments up to the experts.


How often do you run on the treadmill as compared to outside?
Which do you like better?