Cold Fronts, Speedwork and Lucy

I turned on the news first thing this morning and immediately heard the weather anchor say “With the cold front that blew in overnight, temperatures in the bay area are much cooler and a lot more comfortable.”

cold front?

Bitch please!


It didn’t feel all that cool to me but I had to get in a quick run because I had to take the Kid in for a minor medical procedure at 8:30AM and since it was only 5:30AM and pitch black dark outside, I decided my only option was a 3 miler on the treadmill.

And since time was limited, I thought I would try a little speed. I finished in 25:56. My splits were:

mile 1   9:01
mile 2   8:44
mile 3   8:11

Note to self: Speed work is best on days when I have little time to spare.

Unfortunately I don’t have much time to update here either because I’ve got to hit up the apple store. Don’t ask!  Just don’t.

But, before I go, one more thing, today is National I love Lucy Day!

lucy quotes

Lucille Ball

Well said Lucy!

Be good to yourself and have a fantastic day, I’ll be back tomorrow morning….

How often do you do speedwork?
Do you make speedwork a priority? Why or why not?
Have you ever watched “I love Lucy”? It was one of my favorite shows when I was younger.

Lumo Smart Shorts, I want them!

This week I started getting serious about my training again and I’ve been researching and choosing some races to run.  As always, I’ve been keeping up to date on the latest in running news and I found some interesting articles and a sweet new product I wanted to share with you.

I always knew that running made me happy and I don’t need any proof, it definitely makes me feel good and I’m positive of that. As it turns out running does make you happy and now there is scientific proof. This article explains the science behind why running makes you happy.

Running makes you happy
Click here to read the article

Ever wondered what an elite marathon runner eats in a day? How many calories they consume? If they eat ice cream? Well you don’t have to wonder anymore because this article is all about what Meb Keflezighi eats as he consumes 3,000 calories in a day.

What Meb eats

Click here to read the article

I am constantly trying to improve my form. I find that when I start running I tend to have pretty decent form but as I get tired and especially during long runs, my form suffers and that can and has led to injuries for me.

I was researching some info about perfecting form when I stumbled upon this, and holy shit y’all this is the best thing I’ve heard about all week! Seriously, if these things work like they say, my Garmin will get very dusty pretty quick.

Let me tell you about the Lumo Run Shorts! Actually the shorts are for men and for women they offer capris but that’s not the important part, the important part is that these shorts are ridiculously smart!

lumo run
The lumo shorts measure your cadence, bounce, ground contact time, braking, pelvic rotation, and your stride length. Seriously! And unlike the Garmin you don’t have to wait til you get home to evaluate your run because these shorts have auditory coaching through your headphones so you can correct your form WHILE YOUR RUNNING!

And all of this is accomplished through a small device located in the waistband of the shorts.  And in case you’re like me and you’ve washed at least, or more, than 7 iPods, the sensor is waterproof and machine washable!  Oh, and a single charge lasts up to a month.  Hollah!  (My Garmin is getting worried..)

The capris are available for pre-order right now and very affordable at $119, the shorts can be pre-ordered for $99.  And you also get the sensor with the charging unit.  For $149, women can get 2 pairs of capris with the sensor and charging unit and for $129 men can get 2 pairs of shorts with the sensor and charging unit.  They also offer a his and her’s option and additional options for multi pairs of shorts or capris.

This offer is good until the 21st of October and the product is expected to ship on March 31st. I pre-ordered a pair this morning and I am so excited about them but you’ll have to wait until April of next year for my review.  This is one product I can hardly wait to get!

What do you think about the new Lumo run Shorts?
Would you order a pair?
Have you heard any running news lately that you’d like to share?

My best tip for running in fall weather

I finally feel like my running is getting back on track. I’ve heard people say that fall PR’s are built on summer sweat and I really hope that’s true because I sweated my ass off this summer. I ran a lot less but I feel like I perspired much more than I normally do.

sweating like crazy

I hope you’re right miss housewife who’s name I do not know.

I don’t know about you but once the temp goes above 75 and it gets humid, I’m toast. I still run but it’s uncomfortable as all hell. And it seems like it gets worse every year. I mean, I live in Florida so I expect it to be hot and humid but the older I get, the worse it gets. But obviously I love to run because I keep doing it.

Exactly, that's exactly how it feels.

Exactly, that’s exactly accurate.

That’s why when I got up to run on Monday morning and realized it was 69 degrees, I cried little tears of joy. Do you wanna know my number one tip for running in fall weather? Ask someone who lives somewhere that actually has fall. Because the honest truth is we don’t really have a fall and when it gets cool here I lose all sense of reason and just run like a crazy person.

crazy running

It’s cool outside, It’s cool outside, did you hear me? IT’S COOL OUTSIDE!!! Runnnnnnnnnnnnnn

On Monday I had 5 miles on my schedule and I nailed it. The plan was to run 5 miles at around a 9:50 pace. My splits were 9:53, 9:49, 9:54, 9:54 and 9:49. I wanted to run all out and kill it but I stuck to the plan and I was pretty proud of myself.

After I got home I didn’t really feel like sitting on the sofa, or at the table, and working on the computer but I still had to work so I decided to move it outdoors to the lanai.


Hank is never far from mommy.

Not a bad place to work, right?

Last night I spent some time looking at races that I’d like to run in the next 4 months. I plan on making the final choices this week. I’m not completely sure which ones I want to run in October and December but I am running the 10K Turkey Trot in November and a ‘big’ one in January….how’s that for suspense?

So, I’m really curious to know, tell me what your weather is like right now.

Is it cool where you are?  Yep, still cool here…83 will be the high today.
Do you prefer running in hot or cold weather? cool, definitely cool!
Would you rather run in snow or 80 degrees with high humidity?  I’ll take snow, seriously, but I reserve the right to change my mind…