Throw back Thursday, Disney World

Over the weekend MacGyver and I found this great estate sale.  One of those rare ones where you can actually pick through boxes and shit.  It was amazing and I bought a green hall water pitcher.  When I brought the pitcher home and put it in the sink to wash it, I realized there was something inside.

Disney Tickets!

disney tickets

And there were 4 of them.

From 2001

disney 2001

In July of 2001 a Disney ticket sold for 48 dollars plus tax.

Seventeen years later, a Disney World ticket will cost you $116.09!  I wonder if they’ll let me use these tickets today?  Probably not.

Tell me something you bought in 2001 and what you paid for it.

Rockin the mullet way before Billy Ray

Last Monday my mom sent me this picture with a message that said ‘here’s a pic for throwback Thursday.’

throwback thursday

I showed it to MacGyver who immediately said, ‘does she know today is Monday?’ and I said, ‘that’s just how we do things.’

That’s me on the left, sporting the almost mullet before mullet’s were even a thing because I’m cool like that.  I’m not sure what my mom was thinking with my hair, or my sister and brother’s bowl cut’s, but dayum our bangs were on point.  Also, as an fyi, my brother and I are not wearing lip gloss, we just have some seriously moist lips.

My hair is much lighter now due to chemical intervention but it’s still bone straight and fine.  It’s usually pretty easy to style my hair, I just blow dry it and go, except, I live in Florida.  Here’s one word for you, humidity.  I walk out with straight styled hair and end up looking like a chia pet in 60 seconds flat and that’s on a good day.  Every. Damn. Day.


Happy Thursday.

The pooping perp that pooped a poop

My heart breaks for the people of Puerto Rico right now.  The entire Island is without power and the reports are saying that it could take six months before it is completely restored. There is complete devastation with over 80% of the homes being damaged.  It’s just heartbreaking.

If you’d like to donate, you can do so here.

Today is Throwback Thursday.  Here’s a fun game to play.  It’s a slide of TV commercials and you get to see the slogan and you have to guess the product.  Play it and see how many you get.  I got most of them but not all, but the main thing is, it was fun.  So play it!

One last thing today because you know, I’m not supposed to be using my hand, hehe, did you hear about the pooping perp?  The crazy chick in Colorado who runs in the neighborhood and just randomly poops on people’s sidewalks?  Well, at first I just thought, hey, maybe it was a one time thing, one of those, I have to go NOW kind of deals.  We’ve all been there, right?  But then, I watched the actual news video and apparently this lady is a pooping pro.  Check it out.

Feel free to spread the word, maybe we can catch this pooping perp before it gets worse and she actually enters someone’s house and uses their bathroom!  On a serious note, if you do find her could you ask her what she’s eating for fiber?  I mean she could have the cure for constipation for all we know!

What’s the funniest running poop story you’ve ever heard?