Throwback Thursday, It’s not just four walls, it’s memories

Good Morning and hello from Englewood.


I tried to get this picture just as the sun rose because it’s an absolutely beautiful morning but I was just having my morning coffee and well, priorities.

Anywho, we are still moving.  Yes, still.  I think we only have about one more truck load and then I can begin the process of cleaning the old place and we can relax until tomorrow when we close on the new one.  Then we have to move all of our things from the one room and the garage into the house but I’m pretty sure we’ll be saving all that fun stuff til next weekend.

I’m exhausted.  Oh and also, this is my arm.


It’s a nice arm, and it has served me well.  Hank loves it, especially when I use it to pet him.  However, after moving for the past few days, dropping a sofa, a china hutch and two boxes on it, this is what my arm looks like now.

mangled arm

It’s a mangled mess.

I have to admit, I’m struggling this morning.  Not physically but mentally.  It’s hard to let go of something that brought you so much joy, even if the new place is bigger, has more water behind it and room to grow.  I’m sure we’ll make some wonderful memories in the new place too but I will always be fond of this one.

backyard nokomis

So long Frances street, hello Dona Drive.


If you know me, you know I can’t wait to decorate.  My pinterest boards are jammin right now.

In honor of throw back Thursday, tell me something you miss and why.

Throwback Thursday, the ballerina

When I was a little girl there was really only ever one thing in my parents house that I wanted for my very own.  Just one thing.

My Mother always promised it to me and I always dreamed that one day it would be mine.

I guess you would call it an heirloom as it’s not really an antique. It’s probably vintage though.  I was so happy when my Mother gifted it to me because it was really the only thing I really wanted from the house that we grew up in.

I wasn’t concerned with china and antiques and things like that. I know it looks like just a ballerina in a glass but you need to see the full version.

Yes friends, it’s a ballerina, in a shot glass, IN a bottle of apricot liqueur! Sweet Lord, is she not majestic? Oddly, it’s the one thing the kid always ask me for as well.  The drunk ballerina.  The drallarina!

I’m just one big weirdo who likes ballerina’s, liquor bottles and running.


Shine on chickens!  Shine on!

Throwback Thursday, the future is stupid

I remember once I was talking to the kid about music and I said something about a record that I used to loved to listen to until it started skipping and he said, a what?  So, I had to explain what a record was.  *Big sigh and then mumble and groan about how old I feel*

When I was a kid, when we wanted to read a book we went to the book store, or the library, and we got an actual book.

1983 book

And when we wanted to make a phone call we picked up the phone from the wall and dialed all the numbers by sticking our finger in the number and turning each one.  Do you remember?

70's phone

And then you would try to stretch the cord all the way into your bedroom and close the door without ripping the cord out of the wall.  A feat I mastered quite well, I might add.

And I can even remember when TV stars used to show up in ads for things like shampoo:

brooke sheilds

And even cigarettes:

Tom Selleck


If you would have told me back in the day that in the future people would come to my house and ask to use my USB ports to charge their phones, books and cigarettes, I’d have told you the future was stupid!

Obviously, I am not a visionary.  It’s a good thing I have learned to embrace my technical gadgets and my inner geek!