Winners who cheat and lying fitbits, think about it Thursday.

I didn’t run this morning.  I did go for a 5 mile walk but I just didn’t feel like running and that’s okay because sometimes you just don’t feel like running.  I think there’s a part of me that might be a little afraid of running hard or running long because I’ve really become fearful of the migraines.  I just hate them and until I figure out the source of them or how to stop them, I’m erring on the side of caution.

I love to be outside first thing in the morning though so a walk is perfect and it helps me keep those steps up on the fitbit.  Since Mom has been here and we’re on a weight loss kick we’ve been trying to keep our steps way up there.  I’ve been pretty successful or so I thought until I saw this article.

lying fitbitI knew my fitbit wasn’t too terribly accurate because I wore it with my Garmin so I could compare and while the discrepancies weren’t significant, they were definitely noticeable.

Walking, rather than running, is definitely helping me stay hydrated which has been an issue in the past for me.  It’s a lot easier to keep up with fluid intake with walking, for me anyway.  I have been making more of an effort lately after seeing this article.

lack of water

You can click here to read the article.

How many of you do squats on a regular basis?  I love squats.  Last year I did that 1,000 squat challenge and I nailed it but I was sore for days.  I was wondering the other day if I actually have the fitness level to do that now and I was looking for the challenge when I came across this article.


big, big, booty but you got a big booty….

I don’t think I could rock that kind of booty or even a Kardashian booty.  I think it would get in my way but God bless em for being able to.

And the last thing I want you to think about today is this article.  It’s about runners like Lilian Mariita from Kenya who came to this country to win races and help support her family both here and in Kenya, until she was banned for 8 years, for doping.

Lilian Mariita

These are runners who participate in races large enough to offer substantial prize money yet small enough that they don’t have to typically worry about drug testing.  The article is also about the woman who seems to be at the center of this controversy, former elite Russian athlete Larisa Mikhaylova.  I got really pissed reading this article but I’d like to know what you think.

And that’s it, things to think about on Thursday.

Have you read anything recently that made you think about it long after you finished?