Thursday things

Good Morning.  But is it really?  I guess maybe if I felt better it would be but I don’t therefore, everything sucks.  The flu is no joke and I’m sure those of you who have had it already know.  For those of you who haven’t, I will describe how it feels in memes.

the fluthe flu part 2the flu part 3Yep, that sums it up.

In his defense, MacGyver did make me lunch for the past two days but he must have forgotten to do the dishes afterward because I found them in the sink a few hours later.

He’s also been walking the dogs in the morning but he claims they don’t want to walk with him and that they just run right back into the house to me.

yeah sureI’m taking the appropriate measures to sterilize everything in my house so that MacGyver doesn’t catch this and we don’t give it back and forth to each other. I’m wiping down everything with lysol cleaner and bleach.  I’m even cleaning the cleaning things.

clean the cleanHopefully I am almost at the end of this thing because we’re expecting a cool down this weekend and the temperatures are going to be perfect for running and I am not going to miss it!

shalane flanaganBesides, Shalane Flanagan liked my comment on her instagram so we’re practically friends now and maybe she will come and run with me.

Anybody got any home remedies that will help knock this out any sooner, you know, in case Shalane calls?

WTF Wednesday, it caught me

Anytime someone tells me they have the flu or they’ve been feeling sick or anything close to that, this is me:

Don't want what you gotNo thank you, I don’t want what you’ve got.  I’ll stay over here in the germ free zone thank you very much.

MacGyver is the very same way.  And this past weekend he and I were somewhere and someone blew their nose and immediately MacGyver and I had the same reaction.

run gurl

Gurl, run!

We were talking about it on Saturday because I had taken Hank to the vet for a bandage change and MacGyver had been watching the news and he told me that he heard them say that the flu cases are starting to decline and that the end could be near.  I told him how happy I was to hear that and then told him how one of the vet techs was sneezing and coughing the entire time we were holding Hank down to change his bandage.

And I’m pretty sure she thought I was hella rude because this was me,

you just sneezedI didn’t actually spray disinfectant but I did pull out my hand sanitizer and slather it all over me and pull my shirt up over my face.  I told MacGyver the entire story and then he got out the lysol and sprayed my car and everywhere I had been and I sprayed the entire house down.

no fluWe can be a little over dramatic.

But on Sunday morning my throat felt a little scratchy.  And it didn’t get any better and then Monday after running my allergies went haywirej so I took allergy medication but when that didn’t help I got concerned.

OH NOOn Tuesday I didn’t run or walk and by 11AM I was exhausted and needed a three hour nap.  When I was ready for bed again at 9PM, I knew something was wrong.  That’s why I got up this morning first thing and went to the doctor.

Despite all the hand sanitizer, the copious amounts of lysol, and all the precautions we took this year I somehow ended up with the flu!

screamingIf you need me I’ll be on the couch watching netflix for the next few days silently cursing the demon who gave me this virus!

WTF it’s Wednesday and I cannot believe I have the flu!

27 miles, a birthday, a boat ride and why I’m avoiding stores and people.

Hello from Nokomis, Florida.  We’ve been here since Thursday night for a long weekend to celebrate MacGyver’s birthday, which was yesterday.  He’s still out fishing today so it looks like we’ll be headed home tonite.  I don’t mind at all because I’ve spent a ton of my time here,

The legacy Trailand here,

Legacy Trail

and here,

Legacy Trail

Seriously, does it get any better than that?  I mean how lucky am I?  Including today I ran 27 miles on that trail including this long run that I did on Saturday.

Long Run

Long Run Done, Boom!

MacGyver and I worked on our house a bit too.  He’s been doing some work around the dock and in the canal and I’ve been trimming up all of the plants in the back.  It’s starting to look good and once we get it to a point where we love it, I’ll take some pictures.

For MacGyver’s birthday his parents took us for a late lunch/early dinner at this place.

Saltwater Cafe

If you’re ever in the Nokomis, Florida area, I highly recommend it.  It’s very, very good.

After we ate we all jumped in the john boat and took a ride down our canal.  It was such a treat to be out on the water after so many cold days.  Apparently everyone had the same idea because there were a lot of people out.  Here are some pics from our day.

dona bay

This is our canal

dona bay

Dona Bay

Snake Island

Snake Island was packed


Of course I had to take a few pictures of the pelicans.

One last pic because it’s probably winter where you are and you really need to see how beautiful it is here.

Venice Inlet

Makes you want to take a vacation doesn’t it?

We’ll be heading home later this afternoon.  I really need to go to the grocery store but I like to wait and go to the 24 hour Walmart around 1am because I’m terrified somebody’s gonna be out with the flu and I’m avoiding it as much as possible.  Every time my mom calls she tells me somebody died from it and MacGyver’s mom tells us the same thing.

Yesterday we made a quick stop at Winn Dixie and the guy collecting carts told us how serious the flu is this year and that tons of people are dying and and he told us how everybody should wear masks and how he thinks it’s a virus created by the government and I just kept thinking, why are there so many carts out here?  I was practically running away from him and he just kept spouting off facts that may or may not have been accurate. It didn’t make me any more fearful because that’s probably not possible anyway

I’m just gonna stay inside with my dogs.  This is a typical day for Hank and me.

Hank on my lap

Ain’t no lap like momma’s lap.

Just in case you don’t think he’s totally comfortable, here’s a better view,

Hanky Poo

This dog has the life

Boomer prefers his own space.  And by own space, I mean his own sofa.

sparkle sparkle boom

How was your weekend?

Did you run?  How many miles and where?