WTF Wednesday – How a Race Course is measured!

Hey Peeps, it’s an update! Surprised? Good.

Mom and I headed off to shop because you aren't born with these kinds of skills, you know, you gotta hone that shit!

Mom and I headed off to shop because you aren’t born with these kinds of skills, you gotta hone that shit, you know?

I was a little worried that my readers would abandon me because I haven’t been updating much. I don’t worry too much about my stats since this blog is not exactly a money-maker but I do like to keep my loyal readers up to date, (and by loyal readers I mean my Mom, my sister-in-law, and possibly a second cousin twice removed.) God Bless it!

Self importance

Since Mom is here with me, inevitably my stats should be pretty low but imagine my surprise when I saw that I had the most page views ever earlier this week!

Before I got all high and mighty on myself I should have checked the source….

The creepy weirdo dance.

The creepy weirdo dance.

Yeah, apparently I’m a pretty good read for some perverted creeps out there…Glad that I was able to entertain you, but it’s not THAT kind of blog and no I will not post pics of my black toenail you little freaks!

Moving on…..

Aside from all the shopping, I’ve been running a lot. I’ve also been reading a lot of great articles about running and training and there is one that I have been dying to share with you for some time.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at my GPS results after a race and wondered just how the heck they come up with the course length. I mean, how do they measure it because according to my God of all Garmins, it was wrong!

Garmin 620

How the heck do I know it’s an accurate course if Garmin says it isn’t? And if it’s accurate, what the heck is wrong with my GPS? Why is there a difference?

I’ve also read a lot of training blogs from some very competitive runners and a few of them have mentioned their strategies for running the course and this only made me more curious. Why would someone run close to the side or diagonal around a curve? Just how is a race measured anyway and what part is measured? Is it the side? The middle? Does it make a difference where you run?

Thankfully, the good folks from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series had the answers and they put them in this easy to read infographic! It’s awesome and I had to share it with you.

Running GPS vs Course Length Infographic

You’re welcome.

Now, how many of you are going to be enjoying a huge turkey dinner tomorrow? I know I will be but after seeing this, I probably wont be eating as much as I normally would….

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That’s some crazy ish right there.

Maybe you can offset the calories with a Turkey Trot race? I’m not sure if I’m running one or not but I am sure that I’ll be spending a wonderful day surrounded by my family and friends and I wish the same for you. We’ll be making the usual feast and I’m making these Turkey Cookies

Turkey Cookies

Hopefully the end result will be less messy….

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

Do you have any family traditions that are dear to you? Tell me about them.

Did you know how they measure race courses? Did you like the infographic?

Black Eye Friday and 15 miles.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I got up early and ran 10 miles to create a calorie deficit, which I later filled with all kinds of good stuff. It was a beautiful day and I was so thankful to spend it at home with the Kid and MacGyver.

After we had a lovely dinner and cleaned everything up…..

Black Friday….I think it should be called Black Eye Friday, because DANG! Some of these people take their shopping to a whole other level, and honey, it’s a level I am NOT planning on visiting, no sir, no how.

Walmart Shoppers

MacGyver, the Kid and I had decided NOT to participate in any of the sales starting on Thanksgiving. It was sort of our silent protest against the corporate giants for forcing their employees to work on a holiday….but then I bought the newspaper….

And at 6PM on thanksgiving night….

Attention Walmart Shoppers!


We bought 3 new TV’s, because….because…because…..oh, I don’t even know why, we just did. There was something about the frenzied rush and $700 “60 Smart TV’s that got MacGyver all crazy and then I got all crazy and then we got 2 more TV’s, and then we got a bluray dvd player… and then it was on. Warp Speed to credit card retrieval, I was in the zone; and then the unthinkable happened, MacGyver jumped ship, he went home.

But I just couldn’t stop. I. just. couldn’t. So, I went rogue.

I have no excuse, but when I get coupons that say 10 dollars off any purchase of 25 dollars well, damn it I have to use those coupons. And if you top those 10 dollars off with 10 dollars in bonus bucks or crazy cash or whatever they’re calling it this week, then you get a 25 dollar item for 5 bucks! It’s a no brainer.

Black Friday Shopping

Except for one fact.

And you know what that is, don’t you?

You can never just spend $25. Especially at this place:

Shopping the mall on Black Friday


But thankfully, even I have limits and after a few hours, I returned home.

I ran 5 more miles on Friday and it felt really good to be outside in the fresh air and honestly I didn’t really miss the shopping…I was kind of glad to be out of the stores at that point. It was getting sort of scary at the end anyway.

Now, I need to go watch a bazillion dollars worth of TV and get some rest because I have absolutely nothing to wear to my race on Sunday and I need to go shopping tomorrow….

Did you participate in Black eye Friday? Did you run on thanksgiving or today?