Tech Tuesday, Every runner needs this! Every. Single. One.

When I got back from my walk this morning I went out back to get the dogs leashes and this mom came running up to me.  She said she heard I was really generous with the food.


It’s a good thing because poor girl has 10 kids!  TEN!  I’m so glad I’m not a duck.

Since its Tuesday, why don’t we talk tech cause y’all know I love my tech gadgets!

Have you ever thought about things that would make your run a little more convenient?  You know,  something that could help when you go running?  Like for instance, having a spi-belt to hold all your pertinents or a water bottle that allows you to still use your hand yet carry it effortlessly?

I love it when I hear about products that I can use that are helpful and I also love it when I think about something I could use and then I google it and find out that it’s available and all I have to do is buy it. Unfortunately there are sometimes when you have an idea for something that would really be helpful but you can’t find it because it isn’t available.  This has happened to me.

Because I mostly run alone, there have been a few occasions when someone has approached me and scared the hell out of me.  Most recently it was in Nokomis when the homeless bicycle guy sporting the Not guilty tattoo rolled up on me and told me I was hard to catch.  Um, yeah, scary.

not guilty


And it’s not just the scary people I worry about, it’s also dogs and other animals.  Many times I’ve been approached by stray or off leash dogs, and a few random animals as well.  Girl does not need rabies people!  Just no.

For a few years now I’ve thought wouldn’t it be great to have an amplified set of earphones so that you could hear someone approaching?  And wouldn’t it be even better if they could work with music so that you didn’t have to run in complete silence only hearing the annoying sound of your breathing?  Well, I searched high and low and nothing.  There wasn’t a single product out there.

As luck would have it, a few weeks ago I got an email from a company that answered the call,  Defend Six.  They’ve developed a product that actually alerts you if someone or something is approaching and, you can even use it with music!  What I really like about this product though is that the concept was conceived by a runner who often runs alone and likes to listen to music.

defend six

From the Defend Six website:

In the news report, law enforcement advised runners to not wear headphones and always go out with a partner. Although the advice was sound, these measures didn’t seem like an acceptable solution. After all, I enjoy my music—it allows me to clear my head, and provides a sense of escape. In a split second, I begin to wonder…Does a device exist that alerts me of someone approaching from behind so that I can still listen to music and run solo? I searched far and wide, but didn’t find a thing. Unwilling to sacrifice, I determined I’d better create a solution. And DefendSix was born.

Instantly, I wanted this product so I emailed them back.  There was just one problem.  It’s not available yet.



I know, I know, you wanted one too, didn’t you?  Fortunately, we can help them get this thing out there.  In six days, they’re launching a kickstarter campaign and I’m determined to help.  Yes, I have ulterior motives, I want one, but this is a necessary thing for any runner who runs alone, and if you want one too you can also help.  If you want to know more, visit the Defend Six website and help me spread the word.

Let’s get this thing out there.  What could be more important?

What’s the one product you don’t have but wish you did?   (I want the defend six and also a Not Today Motherfucker T shirt.)

Tech Tuesday, keep stats in your sight line.

It’s Tuesday, let’s talk Tech shall we?

How many of you are wearing fitness watches or smart watches?  Maybe you wear a Garmin or a Polar watch.  You might even be one of those lucky people who have the new Apple watch or the Samsung Gear S2. Whatever watch you have chances are, you wear it when you workout.

The best thing about these watches is all the metrics and data you can obtain. It’s invaluable, but not if it slows you down, causes you to trip and fall, or it can’t be seen.

Maybe this is a bigger issue for someone like me, I have a hard enough time not tripping just trying to run….

running fail

Oh gurl, I feel your pain!

Let’s face it the problem with traditional watches is you have to adjust your wrist to look at them. You literally have to bend your arm toward you or you can’t see all the data. And if you’re running in cooler temperatures, (as I was this morning), your sleeve may fall down over the watch rendering it useless in real time because you can’t see it!

the switch watch band
Recently I heard about a new product called the Switch watch band.

This new band from Edge Gear puts the data from your watch directly in your sight line.

data in your sight line
I could have definitely used it this morning for sure. It was cold and windy and my arm sleeve kept blowing down over my Garmin which made it impossible to see unless I raised my arm sleeve but raising my arm sleeve also resulted in me accidentally pausing my watch, twice!

At less than 35 bucks with shipping this one is a no-brainer for me. Whether I stick with the Garmin or I end up with an apple watch or another one, it works with many different models. I pre-ordered one this morning as part of their kickstarter campaign.

watch band

It looks pretty comfortable too.

I’m pretty excited about it so I wanted to tell you about it but I’ll do a full review once I receive it.  If you can’t wait and you want to pre-order one too, click here.

Do you find it annoying to have to look down at your wrists to see your stats?

What type of fitness or smart watch do you use?