From your gum to your bum….

So obviously the surgery went okay, otherwise I would probably not be updating today, right?

medical humor

For the record I don’t usually mind medical humor, in fact, I sort of appreciate it but here’s the thing, when there are several patients and they are all within earshot, don’t use the same joke over and over again.  It’s horrible.  “Oh, you’re having the gum to your bum today….yada yada yada….”

MacGyver and I arrived at the surgery center around 8:30 in the morning.  My surgery was scheduled for 8:45.  The surgery center is just like a big ER and all the patients are in the rooms beside each other before they go into surgery.  That’s why I kept hearing the nurses tell the same joke over and over and by the time they got to me I was over it.

I had asked MacGyver the night before if he would take a sharpie and write ‘don’t amputate anything’ on my back in case they got confused as to which patient I was but apparently they only had colonoscopies and endoscopies on the schedule so no worries there.

My surgery didn’t start until nearly 10AM and I’ve had both a colonoscopy and an endoscopy many times, so I knew what to expect.   I just wanted them to knock me out and get it over with, sans jokes.

Finally they woke me up around 11:15 and told me that I have a hiatal hernia and an ulcer, some diverticulosis and several small white patchy areas which they’ve biopsied.  Too much info for you?  Well, how about a picture.


Sorry, I had to.

I guess I will have to wait until my follow up to find out what they learn from the biopsies.  I tried to pick the doctors brain so I’d have some idea of what she thought but she had the worst bedside manner and was not very friendly or informative.  She just told me to take a prilosec every day and avoid aspirin until the biopsy results come in.

I’m pretty sure she’s fired after the follow up regardless of the outcome.  I have never had good luck with gastroenterologist.  I have hated almost every one I’ve seen and maybe she was just having a bad day but so far she hasn’t won me over or even made me think twice about giving her a second chance.

Once MacGyver and I got home I slept for the rest of the day.  On Saturday we went to a ton of garage sales and estate sales and on Sunday I decorated for fall, because I can.



And that was my weekend.

How was yours?

A new cream, peacocks, and a little surgery, it must be Tuesday

In case you weren’t aware, today is the second day of Palindrome Week.  A palindrome means the numbers read the same forward as backward.  It’s not really as rare as you would think but still, it’s pretty cool.

Palindrome week

I mentioned yesterday that I have a jacked up Rhombus muscle.  Well, the doctor told me to use ice and heat and try not to spend so much time on the computer.


Oh sure, no problem.  I’ll just stop working. But seriously, since I work on a computer for most of the day I needed to find something that would alleviate the pain and I found the best thing ever.

I went to Wal-Mart to look around and I was just about to pick up some more biofreeze when I found this new version of it.


Y’all this version is by far the best ever.  It’s a cream instead of gel but more importantly it is twice as strong.  It lasts for hours and I am so happy with it.

I would like to mention that as a precaution if your husband applies this for you make sure he washes his hands thoroughly, and maybe even twice, before going to pee….otherwise his junk might be on fire for an hour or two.  I’m not sayin how I know this but just trust me on this one.

And while we’re on the subject of all my ailments, I got the results of an ultrasound that my doctor ordered for what she thought was an enlarged lymph node on the back of my neck.  Turns out it’s actually a subcutaneous nodule and now she would like to remove it and biopsy it in the hopes that it may help us figure out, or at least give us clues, as to what is going on with my body systemically.  So yeah, big fun.  I am currently awaiting a call from the surgeon.

I’m running this week.  Just three miles a day but it feels sooooo good.  And this morning, this guy flirted with me……


He’s a looker but I’m not taking him home.  I think we have enough pets for now.

Do you use biofreeze?

Have you tried the new cream biofreeze?

Emergency surgery for Hank and spiders suck y’all

Last night was rough, really rough.  It’s heartbreaking to know that your baby is suffering and there is nothing you can do about it.  I had to crate him because we have to keep him as still as possible.  He doesn’t like the crate.  That’s why I stayed with him for most of the night, sitting there and talking to him.

He did sleep for a little while and I slept on the sofa beside him.  It wasn’t a long sleep.

sleep time

I took Hank back to the vet yesterday at 4:30.  The vet was still in surgery but she asked her assistant to shave Hank’s leg so she could see what was going on.  Once they started shaving I knew instantly that I had been right, it was a spider bite and there was already some necrotic tissue.

Warning:  If you have a weak stomach, don’t go any further.  I am purposely posting smaller pics that you can click to enlarge in order to spare those of you who are squeamish.  I debated posting any at all but I want this to be a wake up call about the dangers of spider bites and why it is so important to get to the vet immediately.

I took Hank into the vet within a day or two of him acting not so much ill but a bit off.  There were no visible signs of injury at all at the site, only swelling.  That was Wednesday.  By Thursday afternoon when the vet shaved the area, this is what we saw:

necrotic skin from spider biteThat is necrotic tissue, where the spider toxin has killed the skin cells.  I didn’t know what the treatment would be since he was acting almost normal again but I expected the vet to come in and recommend high dose antibiotics and to keep him on the steroids but instead she recommended surgery, and immediately.

Hank before surgery

It’s okay Momma, I got this.

I had to leave my baby with the vet and trust that they could get all of the dead tissue out and prevent it from spreading.  It was so hard to leave him there but I knew we had to get it out or he could get very sick.

An hour after I left the vet assistant called to let me know that they had completely prepared the area and that they had found additional injuries.  She texted me a picture so that I would not be shocked at how much tissue had to be removed.

Necrotic tissue on a dogJust so you know, those are not additional bites, those are areas in which the skin is dying from the spider toxin.

I was expecting to see a big area removed but I had no idea.  No flippin clue.  The surgery ended up taking much longer than the hour they initially told me.  He wasn’t ready for pickup until around 10PM.

I anxiously drove up there and ran in and when they brought him out to me he was groggy and covered in blankets.  The vet explained that they needed to keep the would uncovered but that he needed blankets to keep him him warm after surgery.  She said I may even need to use a heating pad but stressed that he needed to warm up.

She also gave me lots of warning about how bad the wound would look but as much as she tried, I was still shocked and MacGyver even more so.

This one is bad so don’t enlarge it if you are squeamish.

Hanks spider bite post surgeryI cannot believe how much tissue was lost.  I did everything I could to get him to the vet as soon as I knew he was hurting and I followed up immediately when I realized the initial diagnosis was incorrect but I’m here to tell you firsthand, it didn’t matter.  The toxins were already in his little body and the vet assured me there was nothing more I could have done.  She also said they have another dog currently undergoing treatment for a brown recluse bite and he has already had 3 surgeries and lost most of the skin on his back.

These spiders are horribly dangerous.  They  hide in dark places and are so small that you may not see them.  They are often called fiddle back spiders because of the violin shape on their back.

Brown RecluseMacGyver and I are researching the most effective and pet safe treatments that can be used in our home and we will be spraying both houses and the cabin but the most important thing you can do is to be aware that these spiders are out there and if you notice that your pet is acting off or not feeling well, see your vet immediately.  The vet said because I got Hank in so quickly and because I had given him benadryl in the days leading up to his visit, it may have stopped the toxin from spreading any further.  It’s the only time I’ve ever been happy my dog has allergies!

Let’s hope this is the end of the surgeries because Hank is a little dog and he doesn’t have a ton of skin to lose.  They stretched the area as much as possible to close the wound but it may not hold so we are being diligent about keeping him still for as long as we need to.

He seems to be feeling a bit better this morning but any prayers are certainly welcome as the vet has informed us this will be a very long road to recovery.

Hanky Poo after surgery I will do my best to label this post with warnings when I include any pics and also to tag posts regarding the bite in case you don’t want to read them.  I am going to document this journey though because when I suspected a spider bite, I couldn’t find a lot of information pertaining to bites on dogs and I hope this will help anyone who experiences this type of injury in the future.

Hank wanted me to make sure everyone knows, spiders suck but just in case you should really know about them so you can go here to learn more.