Running hills to increase speed, it works!

If you’ve read my blog recently, you may know that MacGyver and I have been on a few vacations over the last few weeks. We had a wedding in Virginia and then spent a week in Venice, FL with my Sister and her family.

During those vacations, I still managed to get in some running, though I had slightly fewer miles the week we were in Virginia I ran some seriously nice hills and running all those hills have been very beneficial and I mean besides tightening up my backside up a bit ;).

Rolling hills in Virginia:

Hills in Virginia

When I was running in Venice last week, I was surprised to notice that during a 4 mile run, I ran 1 of those miles in under 8 minutes, 7:49 to be exact, yeah, I know! And I actually ran 3 miles in 25 minutes.

And since I’ve been home I’ve had a few 5k practice runs with an average pace of around 8:48 and this is dead summer people. It’s ridiculously hot and humid outside and I never run less than a 9 minute mile in the summer, and I mean never, ever!

I’m totally giving credit where credit is due because I run speed drills, 400 repeats, 800 repeats and fartleks religiously, but I never get results like I have seen in the last week. I know it has to do with all the hills! Without a doubt.

Unfortunately, I live in Florida and what few hills we do have I think I may be allergic to and I tend to avoid them at all cost but that may all be changing soon. Based on the results I’ve seen this week, I think I may have to put a few hill runs into the rotation and I’m going to be starting that real soon.

Do you run a lot of hills? Do you think it helps with your overall