WTF Wednesday, I can’t leave my house, like, ever!

How is it Wednesday already?  Jeez Louise has this week flown by.  What’s been going on you ask?  Well a few things.

First, last week when I walked out my back door from the lanai, I was staring straight at this:


That’s not two snakes having sex as I originally thought. No, there were 5 of them just all intertwined like big ass snake weirdos.

Obviously I can never leave my house again.

Last week I told you about the 2nd washer that we got but that it had spring a leak and we had to move it out to the garage for repairs.  Well, it was actually in front of the garage and MacGyver fixed it, but just to make sure it didn’t leak again he wanted me to wash a few loads before moving it back to the laundry room.  That’s how we became known as ‘the house with the washer in the front of the garage smack dab in the middle of the driveway’ people.

The neighbors love us.

Those people

In order to prevent any fines from the city I convinced MacGyver that it was working just fine and he moved it back into the laundry room/ spare bathroom yesterday, and so far it’s working with no issues.  I know this because I’ve already used it 4 times.  Yes, I know, it’s a problem.

Last week I met with my immunologist regarding the antibody tests results.  He confirmed what I thought, that they were definitely low.  And actually, 7 out of 14 were basically non-existent, which means if I were to get sick with that type of illness my body would have a hard time fighting it.

So, the immunologist has ordered a pneumovax vaccine and then I have to go back in 4 and 6 weeks and have more antibody testing to see if my body develops antibodies.  Hopefully then I’ll know if the low IGG Subclasses are an issue or not.  In the meantime, the immunologist wanted to re-check my allergies.

allergy tests

Number 26 looks like a problem, what could it be??


Hmm, that’s a lot of numbers, I’m just glad they wash it all off.

I’m not sure if you can see it but the bright red spot on my back is for mold.  Apparently, I am allergic to mold, good to know.  Fortunately, I can avoid that easily.  Now, the big red spot on my arm, number 26, that’s going to be a hard one.  Because my worst nightmare was realized right there in the doctor’s office.  Guess who is allergic to her most favorite thing on the planet?


People, I’m extremely allergic to………………


oh god know

There’s always the option of allergy shots.  Because getting rid of the offending allergy is NOT an option.

Besides, my dogs protect me.  Just yesterday one of the snakes that live outside the lanai managed to find a way into the lanai and was just slithering around like he owned the place.  Little Hank saw it and grabbed it by the tail and shook it until it turned around and hissed at him.  I screamed and MacGyver came out and tried to get it out from behind the hurricane shutters with a grabber thingy.  It ran out the other side and then Hank chased it out the door.  It was all very scary but now I really can’t ever leave my house again.  EVER.

At least I have two washers to keep me busy and wtf, it’s Wednesday!  Something interesting is bound to happen, right?

When is the last time you saw a snake?

Do you have allergies?  To what?

Don’t throw out my snake!

So I mentioned yesterday that I was going to tell you all about a couple of books that I’m super excited about and I am, really, I am.  I’ll get to that in a few minutes.  But first, I have to tell you about the coolest thing I found last night when I was working in my yard.


And yes, it’s sitting on my dining room table.  I don’t care.  I put it there and I yelled at MacGyver as I was heading out to go for a run this morning.

“Hey Babe, I’m going running, don’t throw out my snake skin!’

He said he wouldn’t and then he proceeded to tell me that when his parents come to dog sit later in the week I better hide it because his Mother is going to be thoroughly disgusted as most women are.


And then I ran and came home and planned on spending a few minutes to find out what kind of snake it came from but I fell down the rabbit hole.

snake imagesMacGyver and I were looking at the shape of the head and we thought it was a viper but we were obviously basing our findings on the wrong research.

head of snakeYou have to look for a facial pit and a single row of scales.

single row of scalesYes kids, like that!

Boom!  Now I was hooked.  I spend another two hours taking pictures and looking up snake skins.

snake skinSingle row under belly.

Side View

It’s hard to make out any facial  pits from this view.

snake skin

Hmmmmm, this view isn’t much better.

cool snake skin

So, I’m no closer than were I started but I will find out what kind of snake it is.  I think it’s probably a copperhead.  And even if it isn’t that’s what I’ll probably tell people.

Now, on to the books.

hillbilly elegy

I have wanted to read this book since it came out.  I pre-ordered it forever ago and forgot about it and then I got busy with projects and finally I was able to start it this week.  I had hoped to really be half way through by now but then the whole snake thing happened but I’m going on vacation at the end of the week so my review is coming soon.  Click on the link above if you want to read a preview.

The second book is one of those juicy stories that is so good you want to  wait to read it because you want to savor it and enjoy every second of it.  It’s a story I’m familiar with but I want the book to be as good as what I already know.  I imagine it to be like Grey Gardens reversed.  From butt poor normal to mega wealthy crazy and I can’t wait to read it.  Click on the image below for a preview.

sweet and low Unfortunately, I haven’t read either of them completely yet.  Only a few chapters of the first one.  I promise to give you a full review once I do.

So long as I don’t get distracted by anymore snake skins.


It’s a good thing I got my run in first thing. At least I got something done.

Do you get easily distracted by nature?  How bout by snake skins?

WTF Wednesday – Frogs and Snakes and Whoomp there it is!

In Florida it rains often. In fact, in the summer months, it could rain at any moment, last for 15 minutes, and then the sun comes out again, bright and hot. It’s humid and tropical and the perfect climate for all sorts of critters. Like this one…

pond frog
That was taken beside the small pond in my yard, the one beside my back door. It’s loaded with frogs, even tree frogs. When we first put the pond in I planted all kinds of elephant ears, plumeria, crotons and some potho’s for ground cover. I wanted it to look tropical. It does. It also grows like crazy and is a constant pain in my ass. I am forever trimming something but I love that pond and the tropical lush forest I’ve created.

Know who else loves it? I mean besides my frog friends….

Black Racer Snake
Black Racers.

Black Racers are non-poisonous and actually helpful because they eat rats, other snakes, insects, and unfortunately, they also eat frogs. I’ve been told they are not really aggressive and run away if you come near them. Well, that’s not true. I tried to move one of those boogers away from the door with a rake and it sort of reared back and lunged toward me. It scared the bejesus out of me.

Know what else?

They do bite. And I know this for sure. Because I googled it. Google knows everything. I love you Google, I really do. If you ever want to find out about someone, the best place to look would be their Google searches.

Say what you want but this show trumps the Real Fake Housewives anyday!

Say what you want but this show trumps the Real Fake Housewives any day!

I’m just sayin.

For the past year, my favorite shorts have been the Brooks Pure Project 3.5” Shorts. They’re very comfortable, and I seriously love any running shorts with pockets in them, that’s a major bonus. I also have a Brooks running skirt that I love, but for running, it’s these shorts.

Brooks Pure Project shortsI even wear them when we go to garage sales because, again pockets!

But at 75 bucks a pair, I only had one pair for a really long time. Too rich for my cheap blood. I got a second pair on sale for around 50 bucks last month but just this week the best thing ever happened, the value God’s smiled down upon me.

I got the 3 pairs you see above for $26.99 each!

That's totally my happy dance...except Cameron does it a little better than I do.

That’s totally my happy dance…except Cameron does it a little better than I do.

I love you!

There is nothing better than finding your favorite running gear on sale! You know what would be better though? If I could actually run right now!

In other news, MacGyver and I went to the weigh and pay last week. We wanted to show my BIL what it’s all about. Everyone found some decent things but MacGyver had perhaps the best find of all time because MacGyver found…..

An iPod! A classic iPod loaded with music.

Ipod with music

We brought it home and charged it and I put it in my computer and pulled up the files and opened up the pictures on it. I really, really wanted to save them and show them to you but MacGyver said it wouldn’t be a good thing to post pictures of actual surgeries and open wounds on a public blog. How did he know those were the ones I wanted to share?

So, he basically ruined it for you and now I have no pictures of actual intestines to show you. But I’ve seen them and they’re pretty awesome. Who knew surgeons actually took pictures for their iPods? Interesting.

Anyway, because the screen doesn’t light up, we put the iPod in my car so that we could see the names of the songs as we listened to them and I have been forever damaged.

Remember how I said you can find out a lot about people based on their Google searches? Well, the same can be said about their choices in music! I will never in my life be able to have surgery without the imagery of my surgeon singing the absolute worst of Nickelback followed by the 1993 Billboard Hot 100 song by Tag Team, “Whoomp, there it is”.

EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I will never be the same.

That’s it. That’s all I got. I need to get to work and I’ve got to do some Google Searches research.

Bye FeliciaHave you ever looked at anyone’s music and completely changed your opinion about them?