Tech Tuesday – Smart wearables for you AND your dogs!

It’s time for another edition of Tech Tuesday!

science cat

Japanese tomato company, Kagome developed this little robot as a marketing tactic. An employee wore it while running the Tokyo Marathon. It feeds the runner tomatoes, but at 18 pounds, it seems really heavy to be wearing while running any distance much less a marathon.

Tomato FeederBut wait……….
On second thought…if you put some chocolate in that puppy, I’d wear that thing morning, noon and night. Back problems, pshhhhhhhhhh, who cares!

Japan is on a roll lately. Dole Japan is also the first to come out with the first edible wearable!

Dole Japan

Did you happen to see these bananas at the Tokyo Marathon?

I have so many questions….and I’m really hungry now.

And finally someone is looking out for our four-legged friends! FitBark, the activity monitor designed for dogs of all sizes. Not only does it monitor their activity but also their rest patterns.

I love this thing and I want two of them for my fur babies.

They even have a wi-fi base station. It can turn your wireless router into an open hub for any FitBark nearby. This is great for owners with multiple dogs, like me!

fitbark wifi
Learn more about the FitBark here.

Have you heard about any cool technology lately? Please share!
What do you think of the tomato feeder and the edible banana wearable?
Most importantly, would you buy a wearable fitness device for your dog?