123, Happy Birfday to me!

In case you’re wondering how I’m feeling today, it’s sort of like this,


I’m pretty sure my nephew feels the same way because it’s his birthday too.  Happy birthday Vinny!  🙂

MacGyver is taking me to do a little shopping.  He’s already given me a few gifts which I’ll share with you later but he’s taking me to pick out some more because, well let’s face it, I deserve more.

my birthday


This year I broke down and bought myself a practical gift.  I always have a hard time finding the right buttons on the remote control and since the TV in our bedroom at the Nokomis house doesn’t have a remote, I bought myself a Universal one.


I thought it said I’m Hip but the Kid said it really said I need a hip.

If you have any doubt at how large that remote control is, let me put it into context for you.  It is laying upon my oversized King bed.

remote control

Sort of looks like an iPad doesn’t it?  Except it’s a lot bigger.

You see, that’s what happens when you get old.

i'm old

Yeah, all that good stuff happens too.

But while I still feel young, I intend to act like it.


Happy Birthday

Aren’t birthdays just the best?

When is your birthday, what’s your sign and do you prefer cake, cookie, or cupcakes?


It’s Genetic, I come by it naturally.

Today is Mom’s last full day here, she has to head home early Friday morning.  There is no time to be sad however because we have to fit about a weeks worth of shopping into one day.


Not that we haven’t been shopping since she got here it’s just that when Mom realizes it’s down to the wire, she kicks it up a notch.  Some people may call that power shopping but I call it ultra shopping and let me just state for the record, the Queen of ultra shopping is my Mother, bar none.

She wears me out.   Seriously.  It’s a good thing she’s retired because it takes a hell of a lot of time to get and clip all of the coupons and savings passes and such.  Oh, and then there’s the math.


Um, yeah, shopaholic logic.

Lucky for me, I usually have an idea of what I want and I can pretty much stick with the plan.


This is me, at Target!

I do want everything but only if I feel like I’m getting a good deal because I’m all about saving money.

Yeah, um, sure.


I’m pretty sure this will be on my tombstone

On a serious note, I’m going to spend some quality time in the mall with my Mom.  I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.  (It is possible to spend quality time in the mall, really.)

When is the last time you went shopping?

What did you buy?

Another long run, another, yeah migraine.

I seriously meant to update this weekend but then, well, I didn’t.

After posting Friday morning I went out for a run.  I planned on six miles but y’all, I could have run forever.  It was one of those magical mornings where everything felt great and effortless.  I seriously loved it but I did the smart thing and stopped at 7 miles because I had a long run planned for Saturday.

But it was seriously one of those runs that makes you fall in love with running and  I wish that I could give that run and a name and tell it  how much I loved it.

love running

Hence the reason I’m running in the first place…..

The kid did a super sweet thing for me and took my iPhone to the Apple Store.  It has never worked perfectly and since the warranty is about to expire he insisted on getting a replacement for me.  It was the sweetest gesture ever but of course I am an idiot and never remember passwords to any of my apps so it took me most of the afternoon and evening to get everything back up.


So while I was playing around with my iPhone I remembered that I had a gift card from the jewelry store I shop at frequently for some absolutely free pearl earrings.  Yes, free!  So the kid and I headed off to the mall where I got my beautiful earrings and maybe some other stuff…

gifts for me

I am loved!  In fact, I love myself so much that I bought myself a ruby necklace too.  Don’t judge.  I couldn’t leave the store with just a pair of free earrings could I?  No, I couldn’t.

After the jewelry buying and iPhone setting upping I was hungry so the kid and I decided to hit up chick-Fil-A.  A little back story here.  Two years ago, I convinced MacGyver to go to Chick-Fil-A with me because he thinks they’re way too expensive for a chain restaurant and he doesn’t think the food is all that great.  No, really.

Chick-fil-a is my jam sir!

Chick-fil-a is my jam sir!  MY JAM!

Anyway, we went there a few years ago and son-of-a-bitch, MacGyver found a hair in his sandwich!  It was disgusting.  The manager apologized, gave him another sandwich, and coupons for a free meal because you know, after finding a hair in your food, you definitely want to come back for a free meal.  Those coupons turned to dust they sat in my purse for so long.

Anyway, I knew it would take hell fire and a miracle to get him back to chick-fil-a but when the kid and I called him and said we were going to stop there he actually said he’d like a sandwich too.  Too bad when he started to take his first bite he spotted a thick black hair!

I wish I was kidding.

Son-of-a-bitch chick-fil-a!  WTF?  So, MacGyver will never eat there again, ever.  The kid and I took the food back, got a refund, and went to Wendy’s because, Frosty’s.   Unfortunately, I will have nightmares about Chick-Fil-A for weeks as I try to detox from the sweet tea, or as I like to call it, the nectar of the Gods.

Anywho, on Saturday morning I got up bright and early ready to nail my 10 miles.

new headband

It was chilly so I got the chance to wear my headband I bought last year, finally.

Wouldn’t you know by 4 in the afternoon the raging migraine set in.  I don’t know y’all, I’m trying so hard not to get upset but nothing I do seems to work.  And to make matters worse, I think I probably exacerbate them due to my stress over getting one.  It just plain sucks and I sound like a broken record but I just don’t know what else to try.  I’m not giving up, just venting.  Anyway, based on Saturday I decided not to run on Sunday and instead I did a simulated hike on my treadmill.  It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t running….

On Sunday I finally made it over to the salon and got my janky eyebrows waxed.  Just in time for the super bowl, (is superbowl one word or two)?  I didn’t really watch too much of the game but my girl Bey killed it at half time with formation, I got chills.  She just killed it.

I spent much of the super bowl setting up the new computer I got two months ago, you know, because I love remembering passwords so much….

And that was pretty much the gist of my weekend.

What did you do? Did you watch the Superbowl?
Did you run?
Are you a migraine sufferer?