Running, Training and Self-Doubts

Hey, how are you today?

I’m feeling pretty good, but I must admit that I’m stressing out over my training and another half marathon I have coming up on Saturday. My training actually started off pretty good this week. I ran 3 easy miles on Monday and then 8 easy miles on Tuesday. I had 5 tempo miles planned for Wednesday and then 8 easy miles today and 5 easy miles again on Friday.

Do you see a pattern here? Running Easy…..maybe?

Running Easy

I re-evaluated my training plan and realized that far too many of my runs are too fast and I need to slow it down a bit during training and I’m hoping it makes a difference.

Unfortunately, there was a snag in my training this week because it rained practically all day yesterday and it was cold and windy and no matter how much I really wanted to, I just could not go running and I had to pass on my tempo run.

No time for runnin

So, that’s a major screw up on my part because it’s the only run on my schedule that even remotely resembles speedwork, so yeah, that’s not good. When I don’t have that one speed workout to help boost my confidence I start to suffer with self-doubt and that can be debilitating. I tried not to think about it and to just move forward and I got up early this morning and prepared to go out for an 8 mile run.

When I stepped out the back door all I could see was rain and dark skies….

Disapproving dog

Now, this was a conundrum, because while I needed to get those 8 miles in, it was freakin raining, hard, and it was balls-out cold and I just didn’t think I had it in me.

I went back in the house and started cleaning, (because that’s what weirdo’s with OCD like me do when we’re stressed out), and it helped me think about and rationalize the situation, which I did. After about 45 minutes, I grabbed my rain gear and headed out at 8am.

I wasn’t sure if I could do it but I planned on getting those 8 miles. Afterall, it was just 8 easy, slower miles. I made up my mind, I went out there, and I got it done.

Jonah Hill loves me

Thank you Jonah Hill. I knew you believed in me!

I felt like such a badass when I finished. I really did. Well, until I went to take a shower. My toes and my fingers were literally frozen. I forgot gloves and I wore the thinnest socks I own; plus I had to run through about 900 puddles so my feet were wet and cold. I needed to get out of those wet clothes and into the shower fast. Does it take everyone else an eternity to peel off their running clothes or is it just me?

Peeling off running clothes

It took me 20 minutes to peel off my clothes and 10 more to get the feeling back in my hands. Those capris that fit perfectly when I left this morning are two sizes too small when their soaking wet! How does that happen?

Anyhow, I feel much better now. I am still a little stressed that I didn’t get any speedwork in, but I’ve decided to practice positive self talk from now on, starting right now….

show that turtle whos boss!

So, how do you handle self-doubt or are you one of those amazing people who doesn’t ever have self-doubt?

Do you stress when you miss a day of training?