Baking Amish

We’re still down in Nokomis and I’m still loving my morning runs on the Legacy Trail. It’s even nicer when my sister-in-law comes along as she did on Wednesday.  This morning when I approached my 2nd mile, I saw a rabbit and an otter! It was crazy.

We’ve been having all kinds of fun down here. On Tuesday after running, mom and I went over to the beach and picked up some shells for my landscaping. I also found a ton of shark’s teeth.

shells for milesfeet in the sand
On Tuesday night we finally got the chance to go to Curry Creek Café and I cannot even begin to describe how much I loved this place. Besides Left Coast Seafood Co, Curry Creek Café is one of the best choices of restaurants in the area. The food is out of this world. We had a party of 7 and not one person was even the tiniest bit disappointed.

me, lynne and mom

My Mom, me and my Sister-in-law getting ready to go to Curry Creek Cafe, yum.

The food is a mix of Indonesian and American with a lot of seafood.  They do close early so if you go, be aware they close at 8pm through the week and at 9pm on weekends but definitely check it out.

On Wednesday the guys decided to go fishing and it’s really a shame that you can’t keep a 41” snook because that is exactly what MacGyver caught! He was beyond excited. I am pretty sure I have never in my life seen him smile like that.
All of the ladies in the house, (including me, my sister-in-law, my mom, and my mother-in-law), opted out of fishing and instead we decided to visit an Amish community. So we went to the first place one would think of when you think of an Amish community, Sarasota, Florida, because where else?

PinecraftNestled right in the heart of Sarasota at the corner of Bahia Vista and Beneva is a little place called Pinecraft, an Amish and Mennonite community of about 3,000. I’m not kidding, trust me, it’s there.

amish community
First, we went to the gift store where we bought a few little things, and then we went over to Yoder’s restaurant and it was great. We had a sneaking suspicion that it would be good when we saw a line out the door and we were right. Oh, and our waitress was awesome.

Pinecraft waitress
After lunch we headed on over to the Amish gift store and I may have spent a few paychecks but it was totally worth it. They even have a bakery and we bought a peanut butter cream pie and believe it or not, sherbet fudge that was out of this World.  The Amish and Mennonite’s are excellent baker’s.  I could have stayed there and ate pies, fudge, cinnamon rolls and desserts for days!

Pinecraft giftshopPinecraft chairs

We hung out in Pinecraft for several hours but we had one more stop to make before heading home.

I took everyone down to see “Unconditional Surrender” which is one of my favorite things in Sarasota and I think it was one of the main highlights of the day.

"Unconditional Surrender"And I think I’ll go ahead and end here for today. I’ve got a ton of other things to tell you about but I’ll save a few for tomorrow and the weekend.  Here’s hoping there’s another 42″ snook out there!

Do you run when you go on vacation?

Running in Venice Florida over the Weekend

Running Workouts

Saturday I ran 11 miles on the Legacy Trail toward Sarasota. Sunday I ran 4 easy miles on the Legacy Trail toward Venice. I took Monday off and today I ran 4 miles on the Ream Wilson Trail.

Running with my hydration belt.

We spent the weekend in Venice and I had an awesome time. The kid built me a sweet cake and it was very good, too good actually, I’ve almost eaten the entire thing, by myself!

Because we were in Venice, I got to run the Legacy Trail which I love to run. I still haven’t explored the entire thing yet but I’m looking forward to eventually doing so. If you live anywhere near Venice Florida you should check out this trail.

Totaling more than 10 miles in length the trail runs from just south of the city of Sarasota to Venice following the former CSX railroad corridor. Here are some of my pics from the weekend.

Legacy Trail Nokomis Florida

This is close to where I start running on the trail which is in Nokomis, Florida. You have to run over Shakett Creek which is where my house is located. On this particular day I ran the trail toward Sarasota.

Shakett Creek

Shakett CreekShakett Creek Bridge

It’s almost painful to have to run over the water and see all those beautiful views…don;t hate!

Legacy Trail

old railway

legacy trail

Unfortunately the first visible water station doesn’t come up until around mile 7 🙁

Legacy Trail Porta Potty and Water Fountain

I’ve seen everything from cranes to alligators, gopher tortoises, and bats, but on this particular day it was a little bunny.

A Bunny on the Legacy Trail

Legacy Park near Laurel Rd.

The next day I ran the trail toward Venice. It’s a short run from my house but when you get to the end of the trail you can run the Venetian Waterway.

running in venice florida

This is the portion of the trail that runs over Hwy 41.

Legacy Trail Venice

This is the Old Venice Train Depot

Venice Train Depot

Legacy Trail Venice

On this day there was a bird that stayed right with me for about 2 miles.

Florida Bird

At the end of the trail you run into the Venetian Waterway.

Venetian Waterway


I only ran a small portion of the Venetian Waterway. The trail is 10 miles with five miles of bicycle or walking trails on either side of the Intracoastal Waterway, It’s quite scenic and the next time we go to our house in Venice I plan on running it completely.

Do you have a favorite trail that you like to run?