Responsibility is overwhelming sometimes.

I was trying to think about what we did this weekend and what all I wanted to tell you about.  In reality, it wasn’t much and I feel like MacGyver and I are both a little overwhelmed with home owner shit and all the responsibilities.


It must have hit us both at the same time this weekend because we had a minor roof leak that we might have ignored for a bit too long but we couldn’t ignore it any longer, so we had to go get supplies and fix it.  We ended up getting into an argument in the middle of Lowe’s over what type of mulch is better.


That’s when we realized we probably need to get our shit together and take care of some of this stuff, so we each made a list and then we compared the lists to prioritize and that’s when I realized that maybe we don’t even live in the same house.

MacGyver’s list was things like, fix soffit and fascia on west side of house and pump septic for main bathroom, repair stucco on side of garage.  My list was replace carpet in spare bedroom with wood look tile and add a 2nd bathroom in the Nokomis house, rip out extra closets in master bedroom and expand the room, buy new sofa.

not on the same page

Last week I had a total of 35 miles in my workouts.  Only 20 of those were running miles, the other 15 were walking.  I’m okay with that.  Its summer and it’s ridiculously hot so running is not really at the top of my list of fun things to do.  Some days it’s just miserable and walking feels so much better so I play it by ear.

MacGyver and I did manage to do some organizing in the man cave and since the Kid moved out almost a year ago we have decided to put back the home gym.  It’s on the list, somewhere in the middle of re-landscape the front yard and replace the rotten wood on the back deck.

At least we’re eating healthy.  Check out these kabobs that MacGyver made on Saturday.


You’re hungry now, aren’t you?

They were delicious and the best thing about that many kabobs is that you can eat them for days!  If you’ve never grilled chicken with pineapple, try it, it’s so good.  We also added onions and zucchini but we both preferred the pineapple.  It was the best.

Last week another sinkhole opened up about 40 minutes from us.  It swallowed a few houses and boats and has put many other homes in danger.  There is a video of the sinkhole actually swallowing the home.  That is one of my biggest fears.  I never thought about sinkholes when I was younger and I can’t really ever remember thinking about them before I moved to Florida though I’m sure they have them in other states as well, but they scare the hell out of me.

I have a confession to make.  I’m a garbage picker.  It’s true.  It’s MacGyver’s fault although I may have done it once or twice before I met him.  But let’s be real, if you saw something really good and in perfect condition just lying on the side of the road ready to be thrown out with the garbage, wouldn’t you pick it up?

What if you could get something like this?

Okay, I admit, at first I thought they were stupid too but that’s what MacGyver and I got this weekend and apparently those individual cars can be worth hundreds of dollars.  We got four of them in excellent condition and lots of extra parts. Boom!  Now maybe we can pay for some of these home repairs and improvements.

What did you do this weekend?

Summer’s little secret – The Ream Wilson Trail

So yesterday I taught Woody Allen how to come into the house through the doggie door.

Woody and the door

Clearly, I’m winning at life!  Of course, now he goes in and out all day long and it’s starting to work my last nerve so maybe I’m not really winning.  The jury’s still out on that one.

Anyway, yesterday and today I detoured from my normal running route and visited an old favorite, the Ream Wilson Trail.  I used to run there all the time but haven’t in quite a while.  I’m not sure why I stopped because it’s shaded and in the summertime, it’s a godsend.  Trust me.


Anyways, I thought I’d show it to you.  So, without further delay, let me introduce you to one of my favorite trails.

Ream Wilson Trail

The Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail is an off-road trail connecting the Gulf of Mexico at Clearwater Beach to Tampa Bay at Safety Harbor.

I usually run down to Kapok Park which is close to my house, run around Kapok Park and then enter the Ream Wilson Trail from there.

REam Wilson Trail

I couldn’t wait to enter the shade.

Ream Wilson Trail

It may not look like it but that’s a pretty steep hill.

Ream Wilson Trail

It wasn’t dark, it’s just that shady!

Ream Wilson Trail

I swear when you get to the bottom of this hill it’s 10 degrees cooler.

As the sun comes through the trees the next portion of the trail is beautiful.

Ream Wilson TrailReam Wilson TrailReam Wilson Trail

Ream Wilson Trail

The bridge is good practice for hills.

Ream Wilson Trail

At the end of the bridge, I go to the left towards Safety Harbor.  This is the area where I always see bunny rabbits.


Ream Wilson Trail

Can you believe all this shade?

Ream Wilson TrailRunning Trail

Ream Wilson Trail

Ream Wilson Trail

Still Shady!

Ream Wilson Trail

Can you see what’s at the end?

REam Wilson Trail

Just up ahead across the road is Tampa Bay.

Ream Wilson Trail

When I do my long runs I sometimes turn left here and head up towards the Safety Harbor Marina along Bayshore and I cannot even tell you how beautiful it is.  Unfortunately that part of the run is not shady but you do have the pleasure of running along side Tampa Bay so I guess you just have to pick your battles.

Maybe I’ll share that trail with you next time.  You might have t to wait til winter though or at least til it’s a little cooler out.  Until then, I’m sticking with the Ream Wilson Trail.

Ream Wilson Trail


Tell me about your favorite place to run when it’s hot outside.


Poof, weekend gone!

Good Morning!  I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it’s Monday already.  I mean, we hardly did anything this weekend and then poof, it was over.

Weekend gone

I know a lot of people look forward to having weekends off and not having to do anything but I am NOT one of those people.  I like getting shit done.  The weekends are when I do yard work and house projects and if I don’t accomplish something every weekend, I feel like I’ve wasted precious time.


Yes, but I didn’t do anything I really love either…well, except running, I did that.

I ran 14 miles total this weekend, 8 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday.  It was awesome.  I planned on lifting weights too but I never got around to it.  I haven’t gotten around to it in months really and sadly I have a plan all typed up with an excel spreadsheet so I can track my results and it’s empty.

I have youtube videos saved and bookmarked so that I can easily get in an afternoon workout while watching the TV but apparently being prepared is only half the battle because I haven’t gotten around to making a full commitment and it’s starting to show.  You know, in the region I typically sit and the area in which I bend, and other areas.

thigh gap

Yes. This is my life.

I’m gonna get on those weights, stat!  I really need to do some weight training but wouldn’t it be a lot more enjoyable if I could somehow include the dogs?  I mean, Boomer could use it and Hank’s getting a bit of a belly and since his nearly drags the ground as it it, well, we need to get them involved.

dog workout

This is the workout!

Tell me about your weekend, did you run?  Did you do any other workouts?  Did you get projects done around your house?  (Maybe you shouldn’t tell me because I might hate you, purely out of jealousy obviously.)