Friday favorites and not so much

I know the Polar Vortex is serious business but I am also glad to see that some people are having fun with it.  Last night the kid called so I could talk to my Grandsnake and we tried to get him to take some hot water outside and throw it in the air to see if it would freeze, but he wasn’t having anything at all to do with the outside.

Thankfully we have twitter and this awesome feed was trending.

I walked three miles this morning.  I am not going to run again until my shins and my left ankle are 100% better, if that ever happens.  Obviously, I know they will get better, it just seems like it’s taking forever and currently whenever I see anyone out running, this is me,

I wish I was running

On the flip side, I’m getting a lot of work done, so there’s that.

I read a few stories this week about how thrift stores are overwhelmed right now because of all the hoopla surrounding Marie Kondo and the KonMari way.  Apparently not many people are getting joy from their things and  they’re donating a shit ton of their stuff to local thrift stores.

I don’t need to tell you that it warms my heart.  I love going to thrift stores and I’m pretty sure when I find all the pyrex it will bring me joy, so you keep donating KonMari followers.

poppin tags

For those of you who don’t know, Marie Kondo tells people that if something no longer brings you joy, throw it away.  Also, if you’d like to read her book, you can find it in my garbage.

Hope your weekend is fabulous.

The real housedogs of Tampa Bay, starring Hank and Boomer

I only ran 5 miles last week and walked 3.  That’s a pretty big difference from the 35-40 miles that I had been running but my shins weren’t getting and after taking a few days off I realized that the pain had actually originated from my Achilles and it was still bothering me.  So, I made the adult decision to take some time off until I feel 100% better no matter how much time that may be.  I’m okay with it but I ain’t gonna lie, I have had a few moments in the past few days.

I have had a little more free time on my hands so I’ve been tackling some projects that I’ve been meaning to get to.  I’d like to say they were my projects but actually they’re MacGyver’s.  I’ve been trying to teach him the wonders of good organization with the JoFlow method, that’s my version of KonMari. 

I would be willing to bet that she never had to deal with anything like this:

That would be buckets and buckets and totes full of screws that I am trying to organize.  It’s a little maddening but I’m determined.  Don’t worry, after I finish with the garage Mahal, I’ll write my book and you can buy it.

And since I’ve had extra time, MacGyver and I have watched a bit more TV that we normally do.  And since I’m prone to little outburst when I’m not running, I’ve been winning the ‘what are we watching  war.’  That may not be such a good thing because over the weekend we watched a documentary called ‘the devil we know’ which is about DuPont and the chemicals used to create Teflon pans.

I urge you to watch it.  After we saw it I pulled out my cast iron pans, oiled them up and told MacGyver those are our new go to pans.  Not that it will matter much.   Apparently the chemical used to make Teflon, Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) also known as C8, has shown up in the blood of almost everyone tested for it.  Testing has shown that it causes birth defects and cancer in lab animals and the incidence of cancer and birth defects is much higher in areas around plants that have used PFOA and tainted the water supply.   If you ever had any doubts about what major corporations are allowed to put into the products we use every day, watch the documentary. 

MacGyver and I went to grocery store yesterday and as we stood in the checkout we saw a calendar with Crusoe the Dachshund on the cover.  I told MacGyver that Crusoe has a YouTube channel and he’s very popular and I wouldn’t be surprised if his owners haven’t made at least a few hundred thousand on that little guy.  And then I said, ‘maybe we should focus on Hank, he could be a star.’

‘Hmmmmm, what will I do with all my millions’

MacGyver said he didn’t think it was possible to make 6 figures off your pet.  Can he not see our dogs?  I’m convinced my dogs are millions of dollars just waiting to happen.  In fact, I think I’ve been doing this all wrong and I need to go set up a few social media accounts and a YouTube channel.

Have you seen the documentary ‘the devil we know’ and did it make you want to stop cooking with Teflon?

Do you have any pets and do they have their own social media accounts?

How many followers do your pets have and do they have more than you?

Garage MaHal

Last week I ran 35 and a half miles in 5 days.  I took Wednesday and Friday off just to be on the safe side since I was having little pains in my shins and ankles, and yet somehow, I still managed to get in 129,652 steps for the week.  I know, it even surprised me.  No weight loss of course because that would just be insane.

The good news is that I am now down to only 5mg of prednisone a day so hopefully I won’t gain any more weight and what I have gained will come off soon.  I have all of my fingers crossed. 

If nothing else works, I might try this workout.

We had a very productive weekend around here although some may not think so.  I say that because MacGyver and I started a project that we are a full two days in to and will probably take us at least a month to complete.  This weekend we took on the colossal task of cleaning MacGyver’s garage.

I did not take a before picture but if you look at the picture below and imagine a garage that is 4 times bigger and has twice as much stuff, that would be accurate.

Yep, it’s pretty bad and I’ve been promising MacGyver forever that I would help him organize.  The problem is as soon as I clear a space and turn around, he’s piling something in the space and it drives me insane.  So this time we’re going about it a bit differently and when a space is cleared, it stays that way or I will quit.  And since MacGyver hates cleaning, he’s fully cooperating.

I don’t know how long it will stay clean once it’s done but the last time I cleaned the garage it stayed that way for exactly 11 days.

It seems a shame to work on it for a month if it’s going to be messy again in 11 days…

After all of hard work over the weekend we decided to watch a movie last night and since we didn’t see anything on Cable or the 3 streaming services we pay for, we went to redbox and rented Crazy Rich Asians.  I liked it but I wish I wouldn’t have heard all the hype first because it didn’t live up to my expectations.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was good, it just wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.  Next time, I think we’ll just leave the house and go see Glass.  That’s a movie I really want to see.

What did you do this weekend?

On a scale of 1-10, how messy is your garage?