Snakes, birds, fireworks, wasps and thumbs.

Good morning to you.  It feels so great to get back to work after a 4-day weekend, doesn’t it?


MacGyver and I got back from Nokomis last night.  We went down Wednesday night to celebrate the 4th on the water with his parents and to get a few things done around the house.  We also did a little shopping and had hoped to get in some fishing but I have to be honest, other than heading out to the inlet to watch the fireworks, I want absolutely nothing to do with the water right now and it makes me sad, but that’s how I feel.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of bacteria in the water at Nokomis, Venice and other area beaches and recently someone died from flesh eating bacteria that she got from wading in the water here.  There have been other recent cases as well, though not as severe but I’m not taking any chances.  Period.

Fortunately, we have a wonderful trail down there called the Legacy trail and I was able to run on it quite a bit.  It was wonderful and I enjoyed every single minute of it expect for 4 minutes and 32 seconds.  That would be the exact time I froze because I ran into this guy and completely freaked out.


MacGyver said he’s a Red Rat Snake or Eastern Corn Snake and that they actually make pretty cool pets.

funny sarcastic

Pets are dogs.  Period.

At one point this weekend, MacGyver and I were driving around and we spotted a guy walking his dogs.  He had 4 doxie’s and 2 corgi’s and they were so cute that we pulled over to take a picture.

man with dogs

And yes, he thought we were weird but is that not the cutest thing ever? Those faces!

On the 4th of July I took MacGyver to Yoder’s for lunch.  He had never been there and I was super excited to take him.  Besides the fact that it’s located at a little Amish and Mennonite village smack dab in the heart of Sarasota, Yoder’s has excellent food.  I never noticed before but on the shelves they have little knickknacks and they had the Amish Butterprint Pyrex bowls.


I don’t know why I got so excited about the pyrex bowls but I did and I thought it was great that they had the Amish print.  MacGyver was not at all excited about it and thought I was weird for mentioning it.  He was more interested in whether or not the waitress had participated in Rumspringa back in the day because he thought she looked like she might have had a wild streak many years ago.  I was just very glad he didn’t ask her and made a mental note to cancel the network that airs Return to Amish.

After lunch MacGyver and I headed back to the house so we could clean up the boat and get it ready to go see the fireworks and that’s when it happened.  The dreaded fourth of July curse, and it got me this time.

wasp sting

That picture was only 5 minutes after the incident.

I got attacked and stung by another damn wasp!  Can you believe it?  I immediately took Benadryl to try to keep the swelling down but it didn’t work.  And a few hours later while we were watching the fireworks, I forgot I had taken the Benadryl and that’s probably why I got drunk on only one glass of wine and took 73 pictures of my thumb.

I did manage to get these shots though.

fireworks on the fourth

The rest of the weekend was spent going to garage sales and doing a ton of work around the house.  It was busy but also relaxing if that makes sense.

Oh, and one last thing, there’s a pond at the end of our street in Nokomis and lately there’s this single wood stork who’s been hanging out there.  The last day we were there he let me get really close and I got a few pictures of him.  I call him Mork.  Mork the Stork.

Mork the Stork

Isn’t he adorable?  I hope he sticks around.  He brightens up the mucky pond.

How was your fourth of July?

Did you have a four day weekend?

A scientific running experiment

Because I wasn’t feeling very well last week and mostly because it’s ridiculously hot here, I’ve been mixing my running in with some power walking.  I am still averaging 5-6 miles a day, it’s just not all running and I’m okay with that.

I run mostly in Kapok park which is close to my house.  I usually walk or run about a mile or two before I get to the park and then run around the park for 3 or 4 more miles.  I see a lot of the same people every day and I always say hello or good morning.

Good Morning

I’ve mentioned it before but since it really irks me, I decided to conduct my own little experiment which I started on Sunday.  In this experiment I continue my normal routine and say hello to everyone that I pass and determine just how many I pass in total and how many of them actually say hello back.  In all fairness, I’m a super happy person in the morning and I realize that some people do not feel the same.

I conducted my experiment over three days, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  In that time, I covered a total of 16 and a half miles and I passed 41 people.  Of the 41 people that I passed the total amount of the people who actually waved or said hello was exactly, TWO!  Or possibly three if you count the grunt that I got from one girl but I can’t be sure because it sounded sort of like a snarl.

Now the interesting thing is that both of the people who said hello back to me were older.  None of the younger people, and by younger, I mean mid-twenties to forties, none of them said anything.  In fact, most of them didn’t even bother to look at me.  I mean, how hard is it to just nod? I see you every single day.  I reasoned with myself that maybe they’re running so hard they can’t even manage to speak but then I’m out there running with a lung disease for Christ’s sake and I still say hello!

In order to get the most scientific results I’ll need to continue my testing.  I think I need to try some new trails and I’ll have to run in all seasons as well to make sure I get the most accurate data.  I think I’m up for the task.

What are the people like where you run?  Are they nice?  Do they speak to you? 

So tired….

I ran or walked every day last week and then Sunday came and I just decided to sleep in.  And even though I slept in I still managed to take a nap that afternoon.  And even after taking a nap in the afternoon I went to bed early.  I’m still tired.

Literally ever time I felt the slightest bit of energy yesterday, it lasted a second, and then disappeared.

This is an accurate representation of me yesterday..

so tired

I did do some lawn work yesterday so it wasn’t totally a loss and on Saturday, MacGyver and I went to some estate sales and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby.  Did you know that they have Halloween and Christmas items in stock and on the shelves already?  I’m not kidding.  I mean, it’s June people, JUNE!  What the hell?

you must be kidding

Oh and also, it’s over 90 degrees outside so it’s hard to even fathom that Fall is only 4 months away so quit already you silly retail establishments.  Besides, I haven’t even taken a summer vacation yet!

And seriously, I would love to start today and begin by taking another nap.

How was your weekend?