In a short time….I’ll be on my personal running trail.

By the time you read this I’ll probably already be on my way to Holopaw because we are headed to the cabin and it’s about a 3 hour drive.  And if it’s longer than that before you read this, I’ll probably be here:

Dog Town Trail

Dog Town Trail, here I come!

Because when you have your very own running trail, you go run on it whenever you can.  I am so excited to run with the pups on my trail.  It is named after them for goodness sake.

By the way before I get angry thinking about what they did again, here are the two cutest pics of my baby’s from my phone right now…

Hank the Dachshund

Hank celebrates Mardi Gras, doggie style!

Boomer the lab

Somebody has to keep the bear warm!

Yesterday was hectic as all hell.  Not only did I have to finish up work early but I needed to pack for the weekend and we had early dinner plans with our good friends.  I thought about cancelling but they’ll be in Mexico for the next two months so we really wanted to see them.

We went to Nauti Nancy’s.

Nauti Nancy's

Doesn’t it look fun?

As always, it was delicious and we stayed out much longer than we planned.

The dogs were not as stoked about dinner as we were especially since we didn’t feed them before we left.  Well there’s that and Boomer hates his diet so he looks for opportunity wherever he can find it.  When we walked in the house last night, it looked like this….

trash can mishap

Boomer didn’t even have to turn the can over. He just jumped up on the can and picked out all the garbage. ALL of the garbage…

Now I”m pissed again!  Dammit.

Add an hour of clean up to a few hours of work and packing and I didn’t get to bed until after midnight.  I got up early this morning to get a six mile run in and now guess what I’m going to do on the way to Holopaw…

I’ll be sleeping!

I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.

What are your plans for the weekend?

The rest of the cabin trip

Happy Monday from beautiful Clearwater. Yep, we’re home. Actually we got home on Saturday night and then MacGyver pulled a surprise out of his hat because he had some plans for us all on Sunday so it was a very, fun-filled, jam packed weekend which I’ll probably split into two posts rather than one long one like this sentence.

I have tons of pictures and things to share with you so I’ll just dive right in.

In case you aren’t familiar or haven’t seen the cabin, this is what it looks like:

Cabin in Suburban Estates Cabin in Holopaw
There’s a lot of land surrounding it.  I know because I’ve mowed it. a lot.
It’s pretty desolate in the area where it’s located. It’s all recreational land and most of the people come out to go mudding or to shoot.

We built our own shooting range on the property but there is a community area to shoot at too.

Our shooting range

We prefer our range.

We go to the public range occasionally but mostly when we leave our camp, it’s to go driving around in the jeep or on the motorcycle or the ATV’s. We usually go visit friends or go riding with them. Hank is known as the four wheelin weenie because he loves it more than anyone.  Jeep or ATV, he doesn’t care as long as he’s on wheels.

Hank the dachshund

Hank be ridin dirty…

4 x 4 muddin
In spite of all the mud, I manage to get a little bit of glam on. We’ve got an outdoor shower and I’ve got a battery powered make up mirror and all the essentials. MacGyver and kid ridicule me constantly. I don’t care, I will tweeze my eyebrows while you play in mud!


I don’t care, I’m glampin’ bitches.

When we woke up on Saturday morning it was beautiful and cool. I couldn’t wait to go running.

cool weather

I died and went to weather heaven!

That may seem a bit chilly considering that when I woke up the day before it was in the low 70’s and humid, but it wasn’t chilly it felt awesome. And as usual, regardless of the temperature, I almost always wear shorts and Saturday morning was no exception.

shorts in cold weather
Apparently there were two other runners who wanted to go running with me.

Hank my dachshund

Boomer my lab

Boomer was so excited he bolted out of the door. Hank was a bit cold so we had to put his jacket on first but once he was dressed he bolted out too.

me and the dogs running

Y’all this was heaven for me!

One of the best things about the cabin and my own trail is that dogs are always welcome and I don’t have to worry about traffic or other people or off leash dogs.  It’s what my dreams are made of. (P.S. Don’t tell MacGyver I said that because he’ll try to move us out here permanently and I’m not sure I have the self-control to deal with limited television and internet. Um, yeah No, I’m sure I don’t have the self-control.)

When the internet goes down, I be like

internet down

WHAT?  For the love of God, I will pull my hair out, watch me!

I managed to run 8.1 miles on Saturday morning and considering the trail is a little uneven and mostly grass dirt and some muddy hills, that’s not too shabby.

garmin time
Boomer got in 1.2 miles and Hank rallied for 2.4. Over the course of the day they put in an additional 3 to 4 miles what with all the chasing frogs, lizards, flies and the quick moving food that passed by their noses. By the end of the day we were all exhausted.

On the way out we headed over to the mud hole to check out the late Saturday action. I have to say, unspoiled Florida landscapes are beautiful. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mud hole in the middle of a swamp or a hollowed out stump in a sea of grass and blackberry thorns. It’s just beautiful.

mud hole muddin

tree stump

mud heaven

We got home late Saturday night and pretty much passed out.

On Sunday morning I headed out for a quick 3 miles and then somehow convinced MacGyver to go shopping with me. That was a mistake because he wanted to come home after 20 minutes. I wanted to stay out all night because it was cool outside and I got the chance to wear winter clothes and a new outfit that I’ve been dying to wear since I bought it in September.

new clothes

It’s cute right?

After only two stores MacGyver lost his shit and refused to shop anymore so we had to go home. It was still early and MacGyver had some other ideas about what to do for the day but I’ll share that with you tomorrow.

So now it’s your turn:
When was the last time that you went camping?
Do you prefer camping or glamping?

Cabin life, part two.

Yesterday I told you all about my new running trail because I was so excited I just couldn’t wait.  Today I want to tell you about the rest of our weekend and I promise it was equally cool, but first a little history lesson.

Back in the 60’s and early 70’s the real estate industry wasn’t regulated in Florida and some land developers were able to sell lots that were divided on paper but never accepted as subdivisions by the county commission.

suburban estates brochure

An ad from the 60’s for Suburban Estates Land.

Some of these lots were located in areas that were completely covered in water and some were located in thick cypress swamps rendering them useless to anyone who hoped to build on them. These subdivisions became known as ‘paper subdivisions’ and Suburban Estates, at 10,000 acres, was the largest.

suburban estates ad from 60s

Suburban Estates in the 1960’s

Fast forward to today and Suburban Estates has become a favorite of ATV riders, motorcycle riders, hunters and many other sportsmen. If you own property in Suburban Estates, you can pretty much explore most of the 10,000 acres. We have a club, SEPA (Suburban Estates Preservation Association), and they maintain the security gate, the security cameras, the trails, and the drainage ditches plus a few other things.

riding trails in suburban estates

But what I love most about Suburban Estates is that is looks pretty much exactly like it did in the 60’s and 70’s.

trees and palms

When we go out we do a lot of ATV riding and muddin’.


4 x 4 Florida

The jeep before we gave it a mud bath!

4 x 4

A typical mud hill

We also have our very own shooting range and there is one located just around the corner from our property so we can shoot whenever we feel like it.

There are 2 areas that you can swim in. We call them South Beach and North Beach. In fact we have names for a lot of the areas within Suburban Estates such as ‘the drunk tree’, ‘big sandy’, ‘North Swamp’, ‘mud hole’, you get the picture.  Anyway, here we are at South beach.

me in holopaw

Nature lover for life!

south beach suburban estates

Little Aubrey swinging from a tree.

Here is what the tree looks like when you drive up to it.  It’s rather large.

South Beach Suburban Estates

The tree blocks off an entire area of South Beach.

There are also tons of riding trails regardless of the type of vehicle you are in but
I happen to be quite fond of all the plants, berries and trees.

florida wildflowers

Wild Flowers are all over the trail and I always pick a few. I can’t help myself.


Wild Berries. We actually have blueberry bushes at our cabin. They are hella thorny though.

shaded trails

It’s so serene here. I could run or walk this trail for days.

dogs running

The dogs love it here!  Here they are on my new running trail with Aubrey.


Sunsets are beautiful here. #UnspoiledFlorida

And that my friends is our beloved Suburban Estates.  I wish you all could experience it and hopefully my pictures are an accurate representation.

Are you a nature lover?  (I am, for life!)
Do you have a place that you love to go to that is unspoiled?  (Please tell me about it, I love learning about places that have been untouched by technology and industry.)