Slippo the Hippo

I have literally been working my ass off, as if that were even remotely possible, and it’s not.  Trust me, it isn’t.  I’ve been blessed in that way.

big big booty

I get it from my mama

But seriously y’all I’m so tired and I needed a break and so did MacGyver and even though we did go to our house in Nokomis last weekend it wasn’t exactly the break we were looking for since we had to deal with the whole ‘a friggin tree fell in our backyard and left debris all over the god damn place’.  See that was NOT exactly a break.

And then, I had a slip.  A nip hip slip!

oh the pain

Actually, what had happened wuz….

I was walking the dogs yesterday after my run, and of course the bastards decided to chase a cat, but they had different ideas of how to catch it.  Boomer went left while Hank went forward and I landed on my left butt cheek.  Hard.

So, all day yesterday my left hip which had been a little tweaky now feels like someone is stabbing me every time I sit down which means my piriformis is screaming at me.  And guess how we get that better.  Go ahead, guess!

We Rest!

i need self help

Does anyone know where I can pick up a self help book?

Fortunately, MacGyver and I are headed to our little cabin.  Unfortunately, there’s no electricity, or running water, or cable TV.  I do have a sweet ass personal running trail that was specifically built for me so that I’d have something to do while we’re out there……………

Kill me now.

What are you’re weekend plans?  (I’m going to steal wifi and blog from the cabin, stay tuned.)

I’m back with a pain in the neck.

Last Friday morning I ran 5 miles around my neighborhood.  It wasn’t uncomfortable, it didn’t feel like I pushed too hard and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’m glad that I did because it might have been the last run for a bit.

sad face

Last week I got the results of my last two MRI’s.  My thoracic MRI wasn’t too bad, just a few stressed areas but nothing in the spine that looked too bad.  My cervical MRI results were two pages long.  Two. Flipping. Pages!

I’ve got Cervical Osteophyte Complex and severe foraminal narrowing plus other shit that I don’t even understand.  It’s not pretty.  And to make matters worse I’ve had serious pain (in the neck, literally) all weekend long.  I was able to walk and so I did.  I walked 9 miles total on Saturday and Sunday morning and the Kid and I walked several miles in the evening while playing Pokemon Go.

I see the neurologist again in mid-August and I’ll be able to talk to him about a plan of action.  I’m confident we can get my lower spine back to a manageable level but I’m worried about the upper spine.  There are multiple bone spurs and disc problems as well as the nerve issue.  I’m also really worried about another thing they found that has nothing to do with the spine and I’ll be having a CT scan this week to determine how serious it is.   I don’t know too much about it and I’m not ready to share just yet but I will once I know something.

Anyway, as you can imagine, I’ve been a little stressed over the whole thing.  The good news is, my lawn has never looked so good.


I replaced the old single brick row with this retaining wall.  It’s not really brick but I think it looks pretty cool and it’s much easier to clean and care for.

lawn work

When I’m stressed, I garden, I weed, and I prune.  I like to put my hands in the dirt.

As proof, check out the palms and plants in the front yard with their new border.

front yard decor

And this new little display that I built in the backyard using old stuff that was just laying around.


And I finally found a use for my new bench.  MacGyver and I went to Home Depot and got a few stone pavers and built a little patio for it.


Obviously I was more than a little stressed!  I got a lot done.  I probably did more yard work in two days than I’ve done in six months!

I did walk the dogs quite a bit this weekend too.


I’m always up for a walk and kisses, I love kisses!


I’m perfectly happy here on the sofa but I’ma need some more pillows.

And of course I cant run right now so it makes perfect sense that this would show up:

pink fitbit

The replacement!

I’m also almost to level 9 in Pokemon Go but more importantly the Kid and I are spending a lot of quality time together and seeing things like this.

broken tree

This was a huge tree that had been hit by lightning and was still stuck in the power lines.

And we got to meet this guy, but don’t worry we didn’t get close.


Gator Glen

And that’s what’s going on around here.

I’m wondering for those of you who suffer from neck or  back pain, what types of exercise are you able to do that is effective yet doesn’t cause pain or risk further injury?

WTF Wednesday, observations from an injured runner or crazy person, same thing really.

It’s only been a few days, (actually just two days,) of not running and so far I’ve made the following observations:

In non-running life, I am a sloth. Seriously. My fitbit is proving it to me. Whereas 15,000 plus steps a day was the norm before my heel took a shit, I’m lucky if I get to 5,000 steps a day now.

sloth like

Would it be cheating if I hid my fitbit in the drawer for the week?

My spibelt works incredibly well as a doggie poop bag holder. In fact I can fit a whole roll or two of those little baggies in there. (Not when they’re filled, that would just be gross, although surprisingly even Boomer poop in a bag would fit.) Spibelts are a lot bigger than I thought.

I’ve been using my Garmin to track all the creatures in my yard.  Hank is not all that faster than Boomer, he just runs longer before getting tired.  Peacocks run just as fast as they fly and squirrels are the fastest creatures living in my yard presently.  This may change if I can actually get the rabbits to cooperate in my experiment, which hasn’t happened thus far.

All that extra time I thought I would have to get things done has actually turned into all that extra time to sleep. Turns out when I’m not excited to get up and run first thing in the morning, I’m not all that excited to get up at all.

running therapy
Despite how many times I’ve said it, my running shoes are not lonely and if you say this in front of family and friends they will think you are crazy, or crazier, as in my case.

All of the articles available to read that will teach you how to handle injuries and what to do when you can’t run, work really well as kindling in the fire pit and that is all they work for.  Period.

I’ve also realized that even though I’m not running right now I still have a voracious appetite and in about one week when I am able to start running again I will probably be around 7 pounds heavier, (if my bathroom scale is correct.)

girl scout cookies

I wish I could quit you!

All of the neighborhood runners that I would typically consider part of my ‘community’ and even friends are now my mortal enemies.  Whenever they run anywhere near my house I secretly want to smack them.  The only way they will ever be my friends again is if they stay at home until I am able to run again.

I miss my runner’s high so much I”m considering eating catnip.

catnip lover

It obviously worked for this guy.

Clearly, it is painfully obvious that I haven’t lost my sense of humor, just my flipping mind!

WTF?  It’s Wednesday!  Tell me what drives you crazy when you can’t run.