I love a good rain

I have a love/hate relationship with summer.  I mean, I love warm weather, I really do, but warm and hell fire are two different things, entirely.  Also, the feels like temps have been in the triple digits for a few weeks now and shit, the humidity and dew points are both in the mid 70’s so even leaving the house at 6AM to go running, the feels like temperature is over 85.  On a good day.

running in florida

On Monday it was pouring rain and I welcomed the opportunity to run in it.  Not only does it make me feel all kinds of bad ass but it’s also cooler. WINNING!  When I finished my 5 miles, I was soaking wet but I didn’t care, not one bit.  If you’ve never gone running in the pouring rain, you need to do it.  And I don’t mean a little drizzle, I mean pouring so hard you can barely see in front of you. It frees your soul!

A word of caution though, if you’re like me and you live to jump in every puddle you see, make sure you have another pair of running shoes available just in case the ones your wearing aren’t dry by the next day.  Based on our current forecast and my propensity for jumping in all the puddles, mine will be wet for days.  Fortunately, I’ve got 10 or 11 backups just in case.

An accurate representation of what it’s like to run in Florida in the summer.

Running in the rain

And don’t forget, if the rain doesn’t cool us down, eventually we may get some nice wind, it IS also hurricane season you know.

Do you like to run in the rain?

What about puddles?  Are you a jumper or a go around them kind of person?

Alexa, when will it get warm again?

Good Morning.  Or is it?


It’s currently raining here and it’s 44 degrees.  While that may not seem all that cold to some of you, I can assure you that here in Florida, it’s freezing.  In fact, in north Florida those poor people have had some snow.  SNOW.  In Florida!  This is insane.

A friend of mine sent me a meme this morning that accurately depicts me.

freezing weather


Typically when I get up in the morning, I take the dogs out to pee and then I go for a run and then, when I return, I take the dogs for a walk.  By the time I come in the door they are crazy.  They even go so far as to pull their leashes off the hook sometimes and throw them at me.  (I wish I was kidding.)

Yesterday morning it was 39 degrees and I had to practically throw Hank outside to pee.  I actually ran 6 miles and when I got back, Hank was in this position,


I aint gonna lie, I joined him later in the day.  It’s the only way I get to use the electric blanket because he owns it.

I was all prepared to run this morning but it happens to be pouring outside and I just couldn’t motivate myself to run in cold, wet weather.  It just didn’t happen.  I might run later.  Maybe.  When it’s this cold yoga and weight training suddenly become completely desirable.

When the kid was here for Christmas he brought a gift for Grandma which I mailed to my mom last week.  She got it yesterday and promptly called to tell me that she loves it.  I wondered why she was calling me to tell me she loved it instead of the kid when she said, ‘how do you use it?’

two pics For the record, it’s a wireless charging station thingy for the iPhone 8 and since I don’t have an iPhone 8 or an iPhone 10 I have no clue how it works.  I’m stuck in the dark ages.  I tried to explain to mom that I don’t use one and so I don’t really know how it works but she kept describing the thing to me.  “It’s square with a little round thingy on it, which way do I put it down”, she asked.

And the questions kept coming and the more I couldn’t answer the more frustrated she got.  Finally I said, ‘you’ll need to call the kid tomorrow.’  And by that time, I was the frustrated one.  Then, this morning I saw this meme.


She’s getting an echo for her birthday.  Welcome to my world Alexa!

How’s your weather?

Do you run when it’s cold and raining or God forbid, in the snow?

Who is tech support in your family?


Will run for pyrex.

Good Morning! The weekend is over and it’s time to for another work week. I hope you had a nice one. I thought I’d tell you all about mine and it was a busy one, so let’s dive right in.

After such a wonderful day going to estate sales with the Kid on Thursday, I wanted to do it all over again so I convinced him to go with me on Friday morning. I don’t think he was as excited the second day…

estate sale sign
He indulged me anyway and we hit up a few sales. Since Friday was a rest day for me we got out nice and early. The first sale had posted pictures on Craig’s list and I was positive I saw some pyrex in a few of the pictures. I might have gotten a bit too excited.

pyrex meme
I didn’t get the pyrex, someone else did and let’s just leave it at that.

pryex smack down

Bitch, give me the pyrex! GIMME!

The Kid and I called it a day around noon because he had a doctors appointment and I had some work to do but since this is a supposed to be a running blog, let’s talk about running for a change, shall we?

On Saturday morning MacGyver went hunting and so I decided to attempt a long run. Unfortunately, on late Friday I found out that one of the communities near me was hosting their annual garage sales and I couldn’t miss it. I went to it last year and scored huge so I had to go. I mean let’s face it, I need to buy your junk and used shit. I need to! I just needed to adjust my schedule to accommodate my long run…

garage sale sign

Yes, we must go to the garage phale….

I decided that I would get up with MacGyver at 3am and after he went hunting I would run….that didn’t work out though because I was tired so I decided to get up at 4am.  Yeah, no.  Then 5am rolled around, still tired. Finally at 5:30am I got up. The plan was to run 8 miles around the neighborhood because the cooler weather had arrived. I figured after running, I would take the dogs for a walk, then shower, then hit up the garage sales by 8am.

And then I walked outside…

Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind rain but I wasn’t prepared for it and I was short on time so I did the next best thing and I ran 6 miles on my treadmill. It was actually a nice run and I liked it.

After running I got ready to take the dogs for a walk but then as always happens in my world, things took a turn.  There was a stray pit bull in my yard!

Regardless of whether or not it was a nice dog, my dogs are crazy and I wasn’t going to attempt a meeting in any way shape or form. So, I took a shower and got ready hoping it would be gone when I was finished. It wasn’t. I was running out of time so I went ahead and hit up the garage sales because, priorities.

buying crap

I should’ve quit while I was ahead.

After I got home I decided that no matter what I would not go to any more garage sales or estate sales for at least a week and I planned a long run for Sunday morning.

I got out on the road in my neighborhood on Sunday around 7am and it was cool and breezy and I was super excited…..until I reached a half mile. At that point the rain came and I was carrying my iPhone and had nowhere to put it. Not wanting to quit I realized I could easily run by my house and drop the phone in my mailbox without having to stop and that’s what I did and then I continued on. The rain just kept coming down, harder and harder but I didn’t really mind.

Well, I didn’t mind until my shoes became water logged. After I tripped for the third time I thought the best idea would be to stop. If I had been running in an area void of all the puddles I probably would’ve kept going because honestly, I felt like a badass and I like running in the rain. I really do.  I did manage 5 miles thought so that’s something.

Last week started off slow but I ended up with 26 miles for the week and an additional 8.5 miles of walking. Not bad but this week, I’ve got a schedule and I’m sticking to it because surprise, I’m going to run some races soon!

Oh, and I should mention, unless the pyrex comes to me, I’m on a self imposed ban of garage and estate sales for the time being.  I can’t promise it will last long but we’ll see.

So, what did you do this weekend?
Did it rain where you are?