I love a good rain

I have a love/hate relationship with summer.  I mean, I love warm weather, I really do, but warm and hell fire are two different things, entirely.  Also, the feels like temps have been in the triple digits for a few weeks now and shit, the humidity and dew points are both in the mid 70’s so even leaving the house at 6AM to go running, the feels like temperature is over 85.  On a good day.

running in florida

On Monday it was pouring rain and I welcomed the opportunity to run in it.  Not only does it make me feel all kinds of bad ass but it’s also cooler. WINNING!  When I finished my 5 miles, I was soaking wet but I didn’t care, not one bit.  If you’ve never gone running in the pouring rain, you need to do it.  And I don’t mean a little drizzle, I mean pouring so hard you can barely see in front of you. It frees your soul!

A word of caution though, if you’re like me and you live to jump in every puddle you see, make sure you have another pair of running shoes available just in case the ones your wearing aren’t dry by the next day.  Based on our current forecast and my propensity for jumping in all the puddles, mine will be wet for days.  Fortunately, I’ve got 10 or 11 backups just in case.

An accurate representation of what it’s like to run in Florida in the summer.

Running in the rain

And don’t forget, if the rain doesn’t cool us down, eventually we may get some nice wind, it IS also hurricane season you know.

Do you like to run in the rain?

What about puddles?  Are you a jumper or a go around them kind of person?

An inspirational journey of 5K’s

Have y’all heard the Derek Mitchell Story?

The Derek Mithell Story

This is Derek Mitchell

At 34, Derek had reached 570 pounds and decided it was time to make a change. Five years prior he had been diagnosed with a prolactinoma, a benign tumor of the pituitary gland that blocks testosterone production and secretes prolactin. It contributed to his weight gain and also prohibited his body from entering puberty.

While Derek now takes medication to shrink the tumor as well as testosterone replacement, he has also made major life changes by developing healthier eating habits but Derek soon realized that diet alone was not going to get him to his goal.

His sister, a marathon runner, inspired him to finish a 5K every month til the end of the year.  He started in March and to date Derek has completed three 5K’s and he has set a new PR every time!

You can read all about Derek here on his facebook page. I am seriously rooting for this guy. And if you are in a position to help, Derek also has a gofundme page to help with his 5K entry fees and medical expenses.

I’d like to show Derek some support from the running community so if you get the chance, visit his facebook page and give him a shout out.

As for running, I’m continuing my streak on the treadmill. With temperatures nearing the mid 90’s and serious humidity, I’d rather deal with the boredom of the treadmill than a heat stroke.

hot weather
And I don’t know if this is the technical term but I think I get heat stupid when it’s so hot. I just can’t focus and I make more mistakes than usual, if that’s even possible.

Case in point, yesterday I almost chucked my car key into Tampa Bay because no matter how hard I tried, I could not open my car door. The stupid button wasn’t working and not even the key itself would work. Thankfully, the actual owner of the car showed up and saved me from having to take an unnecessary swim. It still took me over 15 minutes to locate MY car but hey, at least I’m consistent and staying true to the shit show.

lost keys
So, who has been an inspiration to you lately?
How often do you lose your car keys? How about your car?
Is it hot where you live right now?