WTF Wednesday, Cults, Dogs, Eagle Cams and 7 minute miles.

I am addicted to Leah Remini’s new series on A & E about Scientology.  When I first moved to Clearwater several years ago I thought that there was a Navy base nearby because of all the people walking around downtown in white or blue uniforms except they seemed brainwashed.  It was about a year or so before I figured out they belonged to the Church of Scientology, and what the church actually was, or what I thought it was.  Who really knows anything about it unless you’ve actually been a scientologist?

It's a cult right?

Anyway, one of the company’s that I used to work for was owned by practicing Scientologist’s and they used to try to impart some of the Church’s teachings on us in some of our meetings and sometimes they would offer to take us over to the church and let us take a course or two.  It wasn’t met with great enthusiasm on my part or anyone elses from what I remember.


Actually, I don’t think it was met with any enthusiasm at all from anyone and from what I remember they pretty much gave up on it eventually but I did learn quite a bit about scientology and what I learned was enough to know that it did not appeal to me at all and it was weird as shit.  If you haven’t seen the show, watch it, it’s riveting.

After we got home from Nokomis last week MacGyver and I were watching the local news and we saw a story about a dog that attacked the entire family because they tried to put him in an ugly Christmas Sweater.

Scarface the dog attacks family

Click on the image to read the story

Y’all that really happened.   And I was hoping it would be a funny story and we’d be able to get a laugh out of it.  You know like, hey, if you thought that ugly Christmas sweater was ugly, Fido really thought so and that’s why you should have thought twice before you made him wear it, but no, it wasn’t a funny story.  No, that dog really went nuts and seriously attacked the family.  And even worse, we heard later that they had to euthanize the dog.  It was very sad.

I wouldn’t leave you with a sad animal story though because you know that’s not me, check out this awesome eagle cam from Fort Myers.  It is so cute.  I literally have this in the corner of my computer screen all day long and I watched the first eaglet hatch. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

I had some training to do yesterday and as luck would have it my 4 month project came to head and everything that could go wrong did, and it did not launch.  It was not my fault, of course, the client doesn’t care about that, but I spent the entire day and night on the damn computer so that meant I got less than 3,000 steps yesterday.

I looked at my fitbit last night expecting to see at least 5 or 6,000 steps and when I saw the actual amount I almost died.

Holy Mother of God

I still have to get this project sorted out but I refuse to give up my morning run and sit at a desk for another 20 hours because of someone else’s ignorance so I got up this morning and blew out 6 miles.  And I guess I really needed to run because I was fast.

Basically around this pace once I got going…



But I was faster




And a little faster still….


Because sometimes you just really need to feel like you can fly.

Wtf it’s Wednesday and I sort of feel like a badass.

Tell me about your badass moment today!