Steps, I just need steps.

Is it just me or is it really hard to start adulting again after a really long weekend?

At least I had a very productive weekend, actually, it was quite productive. When we last spoke I was smack dab in the middle of removing all the Christmas decorations. I spent 3 solid days doing just that and guess what?

No, I’m not finished.

I was almost finished.  I still had a couple of small trees to put away and the lights over the pond.  MacGyver actually wanted to leave those up because he reasoned they are purple and they’d look good all year round….oh, the horror!

So it fell upon me to remove the lights from the Jacaranda tree over the pond. Unfortunately, the branches stretch out over the pond quite far and when I realized there was no way I could safely climb out to the end I decided to jump out of the tree.

falling from tree
Here is a bit of advice: If you think you’re too high to safely jump down, you probably are. I DID land on my feet because I’m all cat-like but then I quickly lost my balance, fell to the ground, and rolled into the freezing and disgusting mucky waters of the pond.

christmas in february

I’m pretty sure my neighbors already know I’m an idiot so no loss there but the Christmas lights are still in the tree and we are now the kind of rednecks my nightmares are made of.  Oh, the joy.

But that was yesterday, let’s talk about Saturday because if I was an idiot on Sunday, I was a rockstar on Saturday. I woke up very early in the morning and while MacGyver was hunting I got my fitness on.  First, with my best plank thus far:



And then I ran 10 miles. TEN! And I didn’t go out and run too fast, I didn’t stop once, I didn’t walk, and most importantly, I didn’t die. I know, it was a miracle but the best part was, I didn’t get a migraine after. There is hope…

ran ten miles

Obviously I’m still conducting scientific experiments by wearing multiple fitness trackers.

On Saturday I racked up over 33,000 steps on my fitbit. And I’m just going to go ahead and throw this out there, I may be a bit obsessed. No, really. I’m all about the steps.

I didn’t run on Sunday but I walked my ass everywhere I could.  I was building a fire in the fire pit and I walked to the edge of our property over 30 times and picked up one stick for the fire each time because, steps!

The need for steps has become all consuming. And did you know they give you little badges? Yes, badges, major awards. Unfortunately every time I get one, I want more.   And let’s not forget the sleep tracking because now I it has become evident that I need to work on my sleep fitness, yes, sleep fitness.  I’ve started to get anxiety when I have to take that damn thing off to charge it.

fitbit obsession
And there are challenges, CHALLENGES! You can sign up for challenges with other fitbit users.  I started with a few just for motivation. Just some friendly competition, but it’s evolved.

Oh, I see you got 22,000 steps already, that’s nothing!

fitbit competition
It’s all consuming…and I love it.

At least fitness is going to be a little bit more enjoyable with some competition and the fact that we are now getting some cooler weather. Check out our 7 day forecast.

weatherIt’s 52 degrees this morning!

The dogs are loving it too. Well, Boomer is loving it, Hank doesn’t like the cold.  He’s still in bed as I write this.

And you know I couldn’t write a weekend recap without some doggie pics and stories, so here are a few scenes from yesterday.

Boomer got up early and got into the toy basket.

you have enough toys

are you kidding

Boomer and his ball

How does he always know which toy is missing? He has hundreds, literally hundreds!

Hank got up early, realized it was cold, refused to go outside in the yard and then proceeded to pee on the lanai. Then, he hid.

Hank hiding
No one ever accused my dogs of being boring.  So much personality!

Happy Monday peeps, I’ve got to get adulting.

Are you addicted to a fitness tracker? Which one? How are you addicted?

When is the last time you…..?

Today I’m posting from Englewood. Yeah, I know, I gets around.

Before I tell you what we did on Monday I wanted to show you our friends home in Nokomis. They have the most spectacular Christmas display and this picture doesn’t even really do it justice but check this out:

christmas lights

I’m all sorts of jealous! I love this shit. 

On Monday morning I got up early and ran 4 miles on the beautiful Legacy Trail. It was a bit cooler than I expected, but nice. I didn’t see any critters or anything extraordinary to note except for a pillow which was laying on a bench on the trail head. We had seen the matching one in the canal the day before and so while I was running I occupied my mind trying to figure out a story behind the two pillows.

I didn’t do a longer plank yesterday. Every few days I take an ‘easier’ day and hold one for 3 minutes. I think after the plankathon ends I’m going to continue to increase my time but 3 minutes will be my standard for most days.

Not a fail, just a rest day.

Not a fail, just a rest day.

So yesterday I played a little hooky and we went boating and fishing. We caught a few fish but nothing noteworthy. After several hours on the boat we docked at Pops Sunset Grill and had a late lunch/early dinner.

The food was good but the Pina Colada was exceptional.

After boating we headed on over to Englewood and I had to do about 4 hours of work while MacGyver did some fishing. He didn’t get any fish but he did catch this guy and it completely mesmerized Hank.

Blue Crabs
Don’t worry, we didn’t let Hank get close to it.

We’re packing in as much as possible since our friends are leaving on Wednesday. Today is a lot cooler, high 50’s, so I’m headed out to run and then we’re taking our friends out to Stump Pass and Manasota Key. I will hopefully have some awesome pictures tomorrow…..

Now I want to hear from you.

When is the last time you played hooky and what did you do?

When your mind fails you

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times before but it bears repeating, sometimes you don’t succeed the first time or even the second or third but you’ve got to keep trying because eventually you’ll get there.

For the month of November I told y’all about the Planksgiving Challenge and how I was doing it and a lot of you jumped on board as well. The goal was to perform a 5 minute plank by the end of November and if the first paragraph of this post didn’t clue you in, my results were not even close to 5 minutes.

Unfortunately the best time for me was 3:47 and that was actually several days before the month ended. Try as I might, I just couldn’t get past 3 minutes in the final days of November. In fact, this was my total plank time this morning.

plank time
So what happened?

I can’t really pinpoint one thing because it was cumulative really but the main issue was my shoulders. As strong as my shoulders are they just gave out on me before any other part of my body and I would just collapse.  Or maybe not, maybe it was something else.

Blaming my body, it sounds good in theory, but then I did make it to 3:47 at one point so there must have been another issue, something more sinister, something evil at play here that prevented me from getting that 5 minute plank.

Was I not trying hard enough? Had I not been preparing my body for the challenge? Was I not strong enough? So many questions….So much doubt.

And then yesterday I was listening to the television and I heard someone say, ‘Your body didn’t fail you. You trained, you prepared, you knew you could do it, and you were ready, but your mind failed you.’

And that was the truth.  That was my truth.  It wasn’t my shoulder, it was my head. I gave up. I threw in the towel.  I let my head win.  But I’m not letting it get to me, I’m not giving up because I’m extending my challenge through December and if it takes me the whole damn month, that’s fine because I’m going to get this. I am.  I’m coming for you 5!

Sometime last week I came across a really interesting article with Bruce Tulloh. In the article he talks about the truth in running and he shares what he’s learned from running the last 70 years.

Bruce TullohFrom the article:
If there is one word that defines the successful runner it is “irrepressibility”. He (or she) always turns up, rain or shine, and always puts 100% into the sessions. If he has a bad race, he looks for the reasons. If he gets an injury, he looks for ways of staying fit. Above all, he loves to run, because that defines the person he is. He will be a runner all his life.

Click here to read the article in its entirety, it’s a really good read.

If you participated in the Planksgiving challenge I want to know how it went. I want to hear from you!  Leave me a comment and tell me how far you got, what motivated you and if you plan to continue for December.  (I’d love to have some company this month!)

Have you ever given into your head games and given up on yourself?  (I think we all know I have.)