WTF Wednesday – I’m out of the closet and it feels amazing.

Yesterday was spent in Englewood down around Stump Pass hanging out with our friends who had to leave this morning. We had a really good time fishing, shelling and chillaxing.

It’s hard not to enjoy this…

Stump Pass
Yesterday morning I got up really early so that I could get in a 7 mile run in before we headed out for the last full day with our friends. It wasn’t fast and there was not real purpose to it but the weather was absolutely gorgeous and I had 7 easy miles on my schedule so that’s what I did. I also planked again that morning but God bless it, I just couldn’t get over three and a half minutes.

I think my problem is that most of the floors here aren’t carpeted and I forgot my yoga mat.  And try as I might, planking on my elbows on a hard tile floor is painful after a few minutes. Fortunately we had boating on the agenda so I didn’t have time to dwell on it. I mean how could you when you have this to look at…


Look how clear that water is!

We caught a few fish, picked up a lot of shells and sharks teeth and drank a few beers. Well, I didn’t, I don’t really do beer. I did drink water and I even had a Gatorade which is pretty adventurous for me so I guess you could say I partied a bit….no? Oh well.

I did rock my new shoes and I think they’re pretty fly…

fly shoes
Get it?

So, let’s get to it. This morning I got up early to see our friends off and get ready for a 6 miler and I was determined to rock an awesome plank time for my #plankathon.

The only place I could find with a thicker carpet was the closet, so in I went and I wasn’t coming out until I got at least 4 minutes….Y’all this makes me all kinds of giggly,

plank time
F*ck yeah! Five freakin minutes! I’m still all giggly, even more so than when I saw this photo…

Paper Mag photo
It’s a close second though, very close.

WTF, it’s Wednesday, and I rocked a 5 minute plank and showed you John Stamos’s butt!

Now it’s your turn, brag, tell me something that you did that made you proud, here’s your chance for a shout out….go!