WTF Wednesday, Poop Pounds and Pee Pics because I’m really 12.

You know what time it is so let’s dive right in and talk about those things that had me scratching my head this week.  I must warn you though, I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old so if that’s not your thing, you probably won’t think I’m very funny and that’s okay.  Just head on over to, there’s lots of adulting going on over there.

First, how exactly do you accidentally run a half marathon?  No really.  I mean, if you trained for a 5K, and you started your race and then maybe you looked down at your Garmin and realized you’ve gone over that by a few miles, you’d probably realize your mistake and quit right?

Yeah, this girl didn’t quit either and she’s only 12 years old!

girl runs half marathon

She’s literally 12 years old!

Read the story here.

I need to figure out how to accidentally run the Barkley Marathons!

Every morning MacGyver comes into my bathroom steps on the scale and then goes to his bathroom.  After 20 minutes or so he comes back into my bathroom and weighs himself again.  I have always thought it was odd that he would do this and especially when I realized he was weighing himself pre-poop and post-poop because really, how much could poop weigh?  And who would care how much poop weighs?

poop scale

Apparently, this is a thing and it turns out MacGyver is completely normal.

Yesterday I had to go have blood work done.  If you’ve ever had to have a lot of blood drawn then you may know that typically they want you to fast beforehand.  I figured as much when I got the call with the instructions for the appointment but I wasn’t counting on the appointment being at 2:45, in the PM!


Anyway, by the time I got there I was half out of it and that was before they took 7 vials of blood.  You would think they would have asked me to do the urinalysis first but no, because fist rate healthcare here in America, who cares if you pass out in the bathroom?  (Total sarcasm.)

After the blood draw I stumbled over to the restroom but in my stupor I forgot to lock the door.  Literally two seconds after I went in, a gentleman walked through the door.

I was doing this:

urine sampleI just looked up and said, ‘Doesn’t everyone take a picture of their urine sample?’  He practically ran out of there at which point I locked the door.  In hindsight, who doesn’t knock before entering a bathroom with a closed door?

It took me another 10 minutes to actually give them a sample because like I said, I was in a stupor.  I was so hungry and out of it when I left there that I immediately went to MacDonald’s.

Oh God, there is something wrong with my brain!

No wait, wtf?  It’s just Wednesday!

Have you ever weighed before and after poop?

Do you take pictures of your urine samples?

Ever accidentally ran a longer race?