Stinking Creek was not stinky.

Good morning from Columbus, Ohio.   We arrived yesterday around 2:30.  We had to meet with the apartment leasing office so the Kid could sign the lease and acquire all of the keys and holy key factory, there are keys for EVERYTHING.

Here are a few pictures from our journey, (mostly taken from the car so pardon the bad skills).


Tennessee sunris

The sunrise in Tennessee

Tennessee crosses

I’m not sure if all states have crosses like you see in Tennessee and Kentucky but I like it.


There is a reason they’re called the Smokey Mountains.


The kid is ahead of me in the moving truck somewhere in Kentucky.

Cincy skyline

Arriving in Ohio and straight into Cincinnati!

And now back to the keys.  There are keys for the front entrance, keys for the storage area, keys for indoor pool area, keys for the outdoor pool gate, keys for the fitness center, keys for the mailbox and finally, if you are so inclined to lock anything at this point, keys for the front door.  My mom had a great idea that we should mark the keys because they all mostly look alike.  At first we balked but then the kid and I spent 10 minutes trying to open the front door to the building and we decided to go buy a sharpie.  Best. Decision. Ever.

We arrived with a truck full of furnishings and such so the kid had hired a guy who owns a hauling and moving service to help unload all of the heavy things like the sofas and dresser and things like that.  We had called him on the way to Columbus to tell him that we were a bit behind because when you are traveling by car, you never get there when you think you will and that six and a half hour trip turns into 8 hours.  Map quest, garmin and all the other gps gadgets do not account for pee breaks, gas stops and the occasional quest for a restroom which takes you off the main interstate down into Pleasant Valley and into the town of Stinking Creek, but I digress.

Stinking Creek

We got here and called the moving and hauling guy who finally arrived just before 5PM.  Apparently traffic is also horribly bad in Columbus.  For the next two hours the Kid, my mom, and mostly I unloaded the truck with occasional help from said mover.  He mostly checked his phone and sat down telling us how he thinks he has adrenal exhaustion.    Let this be a lesson, hiring a mover from a craigslist ad may not be the best of ideas.


Once we got the truck unloaded we worked until 2AM sorting and moving boxes around so the next two days will involve lots of unpacking, placing and constructing.  It should be a shit ton of fun.  If you didn’t sense the sarcasm in that well, something is wrong with you…or maybe you like this sort of thing and in that case come on over and help.  Well just be over at Starbucks fueling up for the excellent shopping we discovered last night.

One last thing.  Last night I told MacGyver that I was missing Hank and Boomer and this morning I woke up to the most classic Hank ever.

Hank the Dachshund

Best. Picture. Ever. Classic Hank with a face that begs to be nuzzled up to.  and rather large nuts.

Y’all have a fabulous day, I’ll catch up with you soon.

How often have you moved in your adult life?

Do you like moving or hate it?