Hiking Hocking Hills

One of the places the kid often raves about it Hocking Hills.  He’s been there quite a few times since moving to Columbus and he always has a great time.  With more than 10,000 acres of state parks there are a ton of things to see.

I was super excited when he took the day off of work on Friday and we headed there.

Hocking Hills

I didn’t bring trail shoes with me so I just wore a pair of regular running shoes.  It wasn’t too cold that day so a sweatshirt was all I needed.  Luckily I had brought my Columbia backpack on the plane with me and also, luckily, the kid offered to carry it after about 15 minutes.  Bonus!

Hocking Hills State Park has five separate sections: Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls, Ash Cave, Cantwell Cliffs, and Rock House.  The only part we didn’t visit is Whispering Caves which is located on the Hemlock Bridge Trail and we didn’t have the time to do that one.

Old Mans Cave Old Man’s Cave is named for a hermit, Richard Rowe, who used to live there.  His family moved to the Ohio River Valley around 1796 from the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee.  Richard and his two hound dogs traveled through Ohio along the Scioto River in search of game. On one side trip up Salt Creek, he found the Hocking Region and he lived out his life in the area.  He is buried beneath the ledge of the main recess cave.

Old Man's Cave

We hiked through all of the trails in just over five hours.  In all I believe we walked a little over 12 miles.

hiking hocking hills

Some of the trails were a bit steep and the kid said that people die here almost every year.  We researched the park before heading out and were very careful while hiking and I cannot stress to you how important it is to pay attention.  We were extremely careful and still managed to trip a few times.

Hocking Hills Hocking HIlls

The trail markers were easy to follow and we never got lost which was a big fear of mine because typically I can’t find my way out of a hole.

top of the mountains

hocking hills


It got fairly warm later in the day and I switched into a lighter jacket.  The kid went with short sleeves but I was not that brave.  It’s still Ohio and this Florida girl was cold.

lake at hocking hills

The kid and I hiked around this entire lake, and I am here to tell you it was a lot longer than it said on the marker!  We didn’t mind but I don’t think anyone had hiked around it in a while.  There were some parts that were particularly muddy but we rallied.  The had stocked the lake with over a thousand rainbow trout the week before so there were some guys out fishing.  I was a little jealous when I saw two of them with a stringer of 9 fish!

hocking hills

hocking hills suspension bridge hocking hills gorge

It was so beautiful and I couldn’t help but take a thousand pictures.  Unfortunately, we had to take a break and delete some apps on my phone because I kept running out of space!

waterfall in hocking hills


The water in Hocking Hills State Park is the most beautiful color you’ve ever seen due to the minerals in it.  You can’t swim at the waterfalls but they sure are spectacular to look at.

Hocking HIlls Waterfall


The kid said that he has never gotten his friends to hike the entire thing so he was pretty stoked that I wanted to.  I wish we could have seen the last part but it was already 5:30 in the afternoon and we had to drive back to Columbus.  I told the kid the next time I visit we have to go back so I can cross it off my list.

I know, I know, I’m killing you with all the pictures but I couldn’t help myself.  It was just such an incredible place.

Here’s one last one because I just can’t help myself.

hocking hils water

There is a lot of walking up and down so if you’re not used to that it might be a bit hard to see all of the parks on your first visit.  The kid and I love to hike and we’re in pretty decent shape but we had some very sore calves the next day.

If you’re ever in Southeastern Ohio I highly recommend this place and in case you are a proud owner of a four legged friend, the park is pet friendly.  The next time I come, I’m bringing Hank.

When is the last time you went hiking and where did you go?

Tuesday, We’re back and it’s a long post, you’ve been warned.

We’re Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

We need sunglassees here

Back in Sunny Florida!

Well actually, we’ve been back since 2 AM on On Monday morning but I was so tired yesterday and I had sooooo much catching up to do that I had not a moment to spare so updating was totally out of the question.  Also, MacGyver is sick and the gas tank for the truck was laying in our driveway so there was that to deal with so yeah, you could say it was quite hectic but before I get into all that, let me back up to Friday.  All the way back to Veteran’s Day.

Mom and I were in Columbus with the Kid.

Veterans day memorial at the State capitol Building in Columbus Ohio

This is a memorial wall of letters at the Capitol building in Columbus, we spent time there on Veterans Day reading the letters and I posted some on Instagram. By the time we left not mom, the Kid or I had a dry eye.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of the letters, but if you don’t here’s a sample.

kia letter

And another

Veteran's letter

Most of these soldiers were killed in action. If you aren’t affected by these letters, you have no heart.

The State Capitol building is really a beautiful building as well.  In front are flags for all the counties of Ohio.

Ohio State Capitol building

The State Capitol Building

And here I am getting ready to go in for a meeting…

Posing for pictures obviously

Or not….because it’s Veteran’s day and the Government offices were closed.  Well, there’s that and the fact that I don’t work in Government.  But if you’d like to vote for me in the next election feel free to use the write in area of your ballot.  I’d be happy to represent.  Runners make excellent leaders or so I’ve heard 🙂

Directly across from the State Capitol Building is Ohio’s oldest newspaper, the Dispatch.  Check out the building.

The Ohio Dispatch

I love the way the headlines run around the top of the first floor of the building.

This was one of my favorite pictures and one of my favorite places to see.  I wish we would have been able to go inside.  I loved this building.  Loved it.

After a quick tour of this area we headed toward the Scioto River and it was my favorite part of the day.  The clouds began to break up and it was lovely.

Scioto River

The only thing that would have made this better would have been if I could have run alongside the River. I would have LOVED that. Damn you bronchitis, U can’t wait to quit you!

I’m just gonna go ahead and throw this out there that I totally posed for this picture.  It was the Kid’s fault though, he made me do it.

Scioto River

I’m not sure what I’m doing with my foot thought….probably trying to run in my head…

Take a look at another view……

Contemplating marathons

Wouldn’t that be an awesome place to run? I would love to run the Columbus Marathon, I’m pretty sure it’s going on my list.

We couldn’t leave Ohio without seeing a big buck because I’m trying to convince MacGyver to go hunting here as well.  I think I might have accomplished my mission.

Big bucks

I just need to improve my photoshop skills…before I show it to him…

We took a thousand more photos before heading back to the Kids place and then we hit up the Polaris Grill for dinner.  I highly recommend it, it was very good, albeit a bit pricey.

On the way back to my Sister’s house my Mom and I had to drive through the fire on the mountains.  It was horrible.  The smell was bad and breathing it was worse.


It got too close for comfort in a few areas.

We got back to my sisters house late Saturday afternoon and Saturday night MacGyver and I went to dinner with my sister and her husband and my niece and her fiance at Angelo’s at the point in Dandridge also a great place although I’d rather go in the summer because when I eat at places on the water I like to eat outside but that’s just me.


In case you don’t know, I hate cold weather.  Hate it!  And I was hoping that fireplace would have been ablaze but at least they had alcohol.

Anyway, MacGyver wasn’t going to hunt again on Sunday morning but then someone mentioned seeing a deer, I believe it was my sister…oh yeah, she actually brought in her binoculars as she was mentioning seeing a deer.  😉

Anyway, we left after MacGyver got back.  We were all set to get home around 9:30 or 10ish and the dogs were traveling like pros.

Hank and the Buddy

Hank was traveling with his ‘Buddy’ from The Secret Life of Pets

We stopped at the rest area near Ocala around 7:30 PM just to stretch a bit and walk the pups.  When we got back in the truck MacGyver turn the key over but it wouldn’t start.  He tried again, nothing.  Again.  Nothing.  This went on for several minutes and then he did his MacGyver thing and basically rebuilt the entire fuel filter from scratch in the damn parking lot with a few tools and substitutes for such things.


One flat bed tow truck and a 110 mile tow later and we made it home much poorer.  But safe.

MacGyver thought it was the fuel filter because he mentioned he thought it might have had a slow leak and he had purchased a new one but had neglected to bring it with us or change it prior to leaving.  At first I was mad because he didn’t tell me that it had been leaking but I have a policy that if your honest with me I forgive and so I did.  Anyway, turns out it might have been bad gas anyway and that’s why our gas tank is now in the driveway.

So, this post has turned quite long and I now have a ton of work to get to and I’d like to get a little walk in today so, I’ll try and post some more pictures later in the week and tell you a little more about the trip as the week goes on.  Hope you have a fabulousTtuesday!

Tell me about your last vacation…


Tuesday, travels have come to an end. For Now.

Pardon yesterdays dust.  It was a travel day and quite frankly I was just dead tired and when I’m that tired, I don’t trust myself to write anything but let’s recap why I was so tired because I want to tell you about the rest of my trip.

Kids place

Above is the Kid’s apartment after Mom and I helped him get it all set up and organized.  Take a close look because I’m pretty sure it will never be that clean or organized again but I believe in miracles so you never know.  (Also, that’s my Mom in the picture and it’s her birthday today so Happy Birthday Mom!)

After all the working on the apartment I was craving some Go and I wanted to see the city and the kid really wanted to show us around so he took us to German Village.

German Village Columbus

German Village

home in German village

The homes were beautiful, unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to try out any of the local businesses.  I really wanted to try out this one:

Beer Garten

Plank’s Bier Garten

We also visited a park in the German Village.  Schiller Park.

Schiller Park

I snapped this pic as we were leaving because I love the homes that surround the park but don’t be fooled by my lack of pictures, the park was gorgeous and has an outdoor stage for theatre which was pretty cool.  I was also stoked that I caught an electabuzz while I was there.

Next we drove through the Italian village for a few seconds but not long enough for me to snap pictures or form a real opinion.  We had limited time and the kid really likes Victorian Village and Clintonville and since Mom and I had already stumbled upon the later one we decided to visit Victorian Village.

I’ll spare you my gajillion home pics and share with you a picture of the park that we visited.  They had an awesome running path which was the first thing I saw.  The park is the Scioto Audubon Metro Park.  Apparently there is an obstacle course and all kinds of things but we were pressed for time and didn’t have time to see the entire park.

Scioto Audubon Park

Last we drove through the OSU Campus.

Ohio State University

OSU Columbus

There will be no pictures of the stadium.  The kid wanted me to take some but let’s face it, I’m a diehard Tennessee Volunteer regardless of the fact that I live in Florida.  You will never see another stadium picture on this blog, Ohio State or otherwise.  In my opinion, that’s treason.

After all the parks and OSU we headed back to the Kid’s place and I had to say goodbye.  It was a sad moment but I’ll go back in a few months.

Sometime that afternoon on Sunday Mom and I hit the road for Knoxville so that I could visit my brother and sister for a bit.  Driving through Cincinnati we saw the random rubber ducks again.

random rubber ducks

I googled it and found out it’s for the Rubber Duck Regatta which provides meals for hungry children.  They should do this in every city.  Besides how cute is it to see this while driving along:

find the duck

After a harrowing drive through Kentucky in which we almost got crushed by a rogue car on a trailer we rolled in to Knoxville and I got to spend some time with my brother and sister.

We left Knoxville pretty late and ended up back in Cleveland sometime around midnight.  See, I told you it was an exhausting trip!  That didn’t deter us from getting up yesterday morning and hitting up the mall before I had to get to the airport because, Priorities!

And at around 3:30 in the afternoon on Monday I was on a plane headed home.

CHA the airport

I’ll be making quite a few trips back.  Obviously.  For now, it’s time to try and get back on schedule and get caught up  because we have a storm on the horizon.  I think it’s called tropical depression 9 or something like that.  If it gets a name then we’ll worry.

Have you ever been to the German Village in Columbus?

Who is your favorite college football team?