Long runs, non-sweaters and Daryl Dixon

Ya’ll it’s hot and humid here. I’m so over this weather and I’m a little concerned because I have another half marathon to run on Sunday and this girl just hates running in hot and humid weather. I really do.

I planned on doing a long run on Saturday but it was raining, actually no, it was pouring. I don’t mind running in a little rain but downpours, not so much. Instead I ran on the treadmill but I only pounded out three and a half miles because, let’s face it, I hate the treadmill more than downpours.

Hate It!

Afterwards, MacGyver and I did a little grocery shopping and then spent most of the day emulating our dogs.

Boomer SleepingHank Sleeping






My dogs hate it when it’s raining and they don’t get to go for their walks. Forget that they have a fairly large yard to run around in and lots of toys to play with, they want walks.

This morning the weather was much better, it was still raining a little but it was very light and so I headed out to attempt a long run.

Sunay long run

ream wilson trailpark





I managed to pound out twelve miles and believe me I was shocked I even got that far. I took quite a few walk breaks and I was sweating profusely. It doesn’t bother me but I hate the looks I get from those non-sweating people, as if sweating were some sort of disease and I am seriously contagious.

The Look

If you’re one of those people, I apologize, but you non-sweating creatures are the antithesis of running as far as I’m concerned. You’re abnormal. That’s all.

When I got home today, my dogs were a little peeved at having to wait for me. I got a very similar reaction as this guy got when I walked in the door:

Dog Slap

So I took the dogs on a walk. They are much happier now.

Sunday night is one of the only nights that I look forward to TV since Breaking Bad ended. Why? Uh, Daryl Dixon, that’s why.

Daryl F'in DixonThe Daryl








If I can channel Daryl Dixon for this next race, I should do just fine. I may even kill it, heh he.

What’s one thing you just can’t miss on TV? Why?