Running and Sales and Kayaks, Oh My

Hey, hey, hey! How’s your weekend going?

I ran 9.8 miles on Saturday and 4 miles this morning. I woulda ran 10 miles on Saturday but I plugged a gazillion fans into the power strip along with the treadmill and around 9.8 miles or 93 minutes, the powerstrip went POP! MacGyver said something about the amps and how I had overloaded the fuse box or fusilage or something. All I know is I was only .2 stinking miles short of my 10, .2, now ain’t that about a bitch. I’ll get over it, eventually.

In other random news, look what I found on the bar when I got up Saturday

Tiny EggsI put my old shoe on the bar so you can see how small they are. Two little eggs. I have no idea what would have laid them?? Maybe a lizard? What do you think? (By the way, I don’t normally leave my shoe on the bar, just sayin).

Today being Sunday, MacGyver and I got our deal huntin on. Yeah, we love a good deal. And since we happen to be looking for some kayaks for our Venice house, today was our lucky day. Let me introduce you to the new toys:


Fishing Kayak



MacGyver’s kayak is a ride on fishing kayak and mine is more of a sport kayak. Mine was on sale at Dicks Sporting Goods. It is normally 299 but it was on sale for 149 and we had a coupon for 10 dollars off. So I got mine for $139.

MacGyver got his at Sport’s Authority. It was originally $499 on sale for $349 with an additional 15% off making it $297 and then we got an additional 20% off making it $238 and because I totally worked my charms, the manager honored my $10 dicks coupon so MacGyver’s fishing kayak was only $228!

So can you guess what we did for the rest of the day?

my kayak

getting in my kayak

Hope you had a great weekend! What did you do?