My happy place is anywhere I can run

Yesterday I went to the doctor for a follow up visit.  I’m not going to go into all of the details but I thought I would tell you about my neck and my arm and hand.  It’s still jacked up.  The steroids did absolutely nothing for me.


When the doctor asked me if they helped I said, ‘no, not at all and I still wake up several times a night with a burning and tingling pain.’  She just went on to the next subject at which point I had to interrupt her and ask what the next step was in helping me fix the pinched nerve in my neck and alleviating the pain.  After some, let’s call it opinionated diatribe so I won’t come off as an angry bitch, she wrote me a script to see a physical therapist.

I win

Unfortunately, the sports therapist cannot fit me in until Halloween but I’m okay with that because it gives me something to look forward to.

Oh, and also, I’m running again.

crazy runningr

And I’m testing out my new shoes from Mizuno!

new shoes

And if that isn’t enough to be excited about, holy Fall batman, check out our weather.

fall weather

That’s really all I need, great shoes, great weather and a run every day.

How about you?  What makes you happy?

How to take out a mailbox at a 6:43 pace and new shoes.

This morning was my speed development workout and I loved it! Don’t get me wrong it was pretty hard and I didn’t do the entire workout as it was originally planned, but I got really, really close, and my max speed was 6:43! Now, if I could just hold that pace for an entire mile, well then, wouldn’t that be sweet? You bet your ass it would!

Spped Work Rocks

I usually do speed development on the treadmill because it’s easier to see when I need to speed up, slow down, etc but I wanted to do it outside on a normal route with typical terrain. I wouldn’t recommend that unless you really know the route well.

It’s a little difficult to run full speed and also to keep looking down at your Garmin to see when you need to slow down. You could actually run into a parked car or a mailbox…not that I would know or anything. (FYI: It is possible for a 115 lb female to knock over a mailbox and the post with just her body, rendering it completely useless, I assure you, it is.)

mailbox down

(In order to protect the not-so-innocent, this is not the actual mailbox…)

Other than a little scrap on my right hip, there is no proof, well unless you count the city worker that watched me from his truck, but he won’t say anything because I’m pretty sure I provided him with comic relief for the entire year.

Fortunately I didn’t run into anything else before I was finished. I did trip over the curb while avoiding a peacock towards the end of the run but that doesn’t count because that’s pretty much a daily occurrence and I like to think I handle it with a little more grace every time. Pretty soon it won’t even look like a trip it will look more like this:


What? I can be that graceful!

Remember on Tuesday when I told you about the Brooks PureFlow 2’s that were on sale? Well, guess what showed up this morning?

Brooks PureFlow 2's

YES! New shoes are the best thing ever and I am so stoked that they got here already AND before MacGyver got home. Not that he thinks I have a problem with shopping or anything but he’s still making fun of me over my self-imposed Groupon ban that lasted all of 20 minutes. Regardless, this day is turning out pretty good so far…

So, what’s on your agenda for the weekend? Long Run? Race? C’mon, leave me a comment. We’re staying home this weekend so I need to live vicariously through you!

What ya got planned?