WTF Wednesday, It’s a shitty one.

You know what time it is, time to go ‘what the what?’

For the last few weeks each time that MacGyver and I have logged into Netflix we’ve noticed that our continue watching shows are all off.  For instance, we were on episode 10 of Schitt’s Creek but it showed that we watched the entire season and that’s just one example.  There were also shows in the continue watching section that we’ve never watched, nor would we want to.

whats going on

Finally I realized that you can log in to your account and see what devices are using your account.  Yes I know that’s probably common sense but I get complacent and forget such things, sue me.  Anywho, apparently MacGyver and I have been supplying loads of enjoyment for a family in Michigan as well as Kentucky.

And not only had they watched our netflix on one device but the family in Kentucky was viewing on 6 different devices.  SIX!

what are you doing

So I changed the password thinking that would solve the problem but guess what, it didn’t.  And it won’t.  It says it takes up to 8 hours but the truth is, if the person who is logged into your account doesn’t log out and try to log back in, they can continue watching your netflix!

are you kidding me

The only way that I’ve found that can actually block someone from using the account is to set parental controls and Jesus Christ is that annoying.  What the hell Netflix?

Do you ever fly Delta, er Shit Airline?  Have you heard about the guy who was forced to sit in shit or get off the plane?  It’s true.

Delta shitYou can read the article by clicking on the image about but basically what happened is a guy got on his plane and sat down and then realized he was sitting in shit.  Literally.  He and the passenger beside him complained and were basically told either sit down or get off the plane.

Because he had to be somewhere the next morning and had no other options he was forced to clean himself off and fly.  That’s unacceptable.

Hey Delta…

Get your shit togehter


WTF?  It must be Wednesday but hey, at least the political ads are over.

Tell me one of your WTF Wednesday moments.